Tips For A Career Change After Embracing Motherhood

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December 20, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Restarting your career after becoming a mother is a difficult move that requires a lot of contemplation. You face a lot of dilemmas and even if you get past them, it is tough to get yourself reacquainted with working in an official space.

It is also not easy leaving your child behind and this often gives rise to guilt. Society still views mothers as the primary caregiver and enhances this guilt.

In such a setting, thinking of a career change post-pregnancy is an extremely precarious decision.

Here are some tips that would help you in this journey and hopefully make your life easier.

Have a Vision for the Future

Planning is key.

Before you make a career change, map your thoughts out. Be clear about what you want to do, and how you want to do it. 

Having a well-thought-out plan will help you manyfold. 

Remember, a lot of things may demand your time. You are responsible for another human. You cannot afford to go into a career change without a clear vision.

Don’t take decisions based on impulses. Make a plan and follow the basics. 

Your time for improvising will come, just not at the beginning.

Do Thorough Research

You will be stepping into a completely new world while carrying a lot of baggage with you. You won’t have the opportunity to navigate these uncharted territories with the amount of freedom you had before.

So, before going into it, thoroughly research the field you’ll be entering. Lay the groundwork and do your homework.

One way of doing it might be getting part-time jobs in these sectors before you start working full-time. Or you could read about these jobs and ask other moms employed in that particular sector about their experiences and the problems they face. 

You could also get hold of training resources that will prepare you for working again after embracing motherhood.

There can be no substitute for this homework. It will only equip you for the future.

Save Before You Quit 

It is extremely important to have some savings before you quit and change careers.

Financial security is always of paramount importance, but even more so when you have a child. 

You need to keep a safety net that will take care of your child’s needs and secure their future in case the plunge you have taken to change your career requires some time to take off. 

Be mature with your financial management. Save for your child and invest in financial schemes for their future.

Also, look out for prospects in your current sector in case the change in career doesn’t quite work out.

Take Care of Yourself

This is perhaps the most important tip. Post-pregnancy, there are a lot of demands on your body and time, even more so if you go through a career change.

All of these can prove to be quite taxing and harm your already fatigued body, slowing the process of postpartum healing.

You need to take care of yourself. 

Don’t skip meals. Keep having nutritious food at regular intervals.

Don’t take part in activities that are physically demanding, like lifting heavy objects or walking long distances.

Take some time off to care for yourself and give your body the time to heal.

Most importantly, stay in touch with your doctor and consult them for any difficulties you face.


Motherhood turns your life upside down. A career change after so much has changed in your life can’t be easy, no matter how much you plan and persevere. 

You will have to give it all you’ve got if you want to make it work. 

Always remember, why you took this plunge and how the future will change with your efforts.

While contemplating a career change after becoming a mother is undoubtedly difficult, you can go through it if you put your mind to it and keep the tips mentioned in this article in mind.

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