Supplies You Need for Toddler Meals

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August 31, 2021 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Mealtime for your toddler: to say it can be challenging is an understatement. Between the record-breaking messes and the overly picky palates, it can be pretty overwhelming trying to teach your toddler to self-feed and try new things.

Don’t stress it, mama. We’ve all been there, and there are supplies you can stock up on that will make toddler-feeding so much easier. Check out our toddler mealtime must-haves!

A Good High Chair

First and foremost, a good high chair is going to make a world of difference for your toddler. Make sure your youngster has a place to sit that is comfortable and serves its purpose well.

Try looking for a high chair or booster seat with a padded seat as well as a tray. Make sure the tray comes on and off easily. This will make clean up so much easier!

Silicone Place Mat

Next, you’ll want to consider getting a silicone placemat. Even after your little one has learned to pick up their own food and use utensils, you’re still going to see messes all the time. A silicone place mat provides a simple solution for post-meal clean-up.

All you do is take the mat off the table and rinse it off with soap and water. You’ll spend less time cleaning and more time playing with your toddler, which is a major win-win.

Travel Cooler

You’ll definitely want to keep a travel cooler on hand if you’re ever out and about for mealtime. Whether you’re going on a little vacation or you’re eating lunch at the park down the street, keep a travel cooler nearby to store the goods.

If a travel cooler is just too big, there are tons of cute insulated lunch bags that your little one would love to tote around on your adventures together.

On The Go Food Bottle

What if your little one is still eating pureed foods? Or perhaps they’re obsessed with apple sauce? A food bottle is going to serve you well. All you do is put the pureed food in the bottle and your toddler is all set for self-feeding.

It’s a great option if you’re going to be in the car during mealtime, or if you need your hands free and want them to practice some independence with feeding. Click here to check out the cute color options!

Meal Time Smock

Perhaps one of the most annoying parts of mealtime with your toddler is you know that they’re going to need a completely new outfit by the time they’re done eating. Unless you have a mealtime smock!

This water-resistant smock is worn over their shirt and has sleeves that come all the way down to their wrists, making it easier than ever to maintain a clean outfit all day.

Yes, toddler mealtime can be stressful and overwhelming. But having the right tools on hand can make things so much easier for both parent and child, and the benefit of teaching your child to eat is totally worth the effort. Snag the essentials today!

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