3 Must-Haves for Your Disney Inspired Birthday Party

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September 2, 2021 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Is your kid a Disney kid? Maybe you’re lucky enough to be a big happy Disney family — with weekly movie nights and vacations to Mickey’s place whenever you get the chance. If so, we all would like to be adopted, please. Just give it some thought.

Whatever the case, every child should have at least one party inspired by their favorite movie from the Magic Kingdom. If not a movie, then just go all out and take your favorite enchanting elements from the Disney experience.

But you’re going to need a few things to turn the day into a brilliant memory.

1. Magic

We’re not talking about rabbits appearing from hats or pulling a coin out of your ear, though we think those are pretty cool, too. We’re talking about turning the party area into a glittering, magical kingdom as if Tinkerbell herself touched down on every surface.

You can pull this off starting with strings of inexpensive fairy lights. Paper lanterns with tea lights, glowing stars hanging down, or a string of fireworks all are fabulous.

If you’re doing a specific film, definitely follow the theme. For instance, snowflake lights are a great choice if your child loves Frozen.  You can also get light-up snowflake necklaces in packs of six from The Oriental Trading Company.

If you’re going with a Tangled theme, you can get a string of the famous lanterns from Etsy. Just decide on the movie and do a little research. There are a lot of great resources out there. I mean, have you seen a balloon garland in Cinderella colors? It doesn’t get any more extra than that.

For even more dazzle, I’m also so in love with these iridescent dot garlands.

With all these decorations, you’ll want to crank up the music and have a ball (the kind with dancing) or at least a good old-fashioned sing-along. If nothing else, you’ve got a cool backdrop for amazing pics.

2. Dress-Up

I absolutely adore dress-up accessories that get everyone in the mood for your fun event but can also double as party favors.

And for a Disney shindig, you know what party essential you can’t do without? Of course, you do. Luckily, the Mickey Mouse Ears from Presley Couture come in every design imaginable.

If you want your daughter to have mouse ears that look like something Snow White would wear, they’ve got them. And every other Disney princess, too. And Star Wars, because that’s a Disney thing now, too.

The folks at Presley Couture say that their ears “are soft and comfortable enough to wear all day, yet cost a fraction of similar mouse ears. All are handmade with the finest quality of non-slip fabric we can find and easily fit most children and adults.”

If you’re having a huge party, maybe only spring for a pair of ears for the birthday girl or boy. They’re a great value but could get pricey if your party is the school event of the year.

While you’re on the website, check out their princess dresses. They’d make a great birthday present for the little princess in your life.

3. The Cake

Okay, it goes without saying that you want a memorable cake. But in case you need it said, go BIG for the cake! Check with your local bakery and see what options they have available.

If you or someone you know is talented, you could always do the baking and decorating yourself. There is help out there too. I just googled “Disney Frozen birthday cake,” and these cute toppers from Amazon popped up. So you definitely don’t have to go at it alone.

This will get you started on a great party. Figure out if you want to have the kids play games, do crafts, or maybe participate in some Disney karaoke if you have enough extroverts in the mix. Whatever you choose, have fun. And happy birthday to your special little person!

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