How Old Are Jay Wright’s Kids? Age, Wife, Net Worth

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February 8, 2024 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Jay Wright is married to Patricia Reilly Wright, and they have two songs, Taylor Wright and Collin Wright, and a daughter Reilly Wright.

Jay Wright, the former head coach of the Villanova University men’s basketball team, is known for his accomplishments in college basketball, leading the team to two NCAA championships. However, when it comes to his personal life, particularly about his children, information tends to be less public. Jay Wright’s family has generally kept a low profile, with Jay Wright keeping his personal life relatively private and separate from his public persona as a basketball coach. There isn’t a wealth of public information about his children, as they have not been as publicly visible as their father.

Jay Wright’s Wife: Patty Reilly

Patty Reilly Wright, the spouse of renowned basketball coach Jay Wright, has been a pillar of support throughout his career. Married for over two decades, Patty has played a crucial role in Jay’s life, providing stability and support behind the scenes. While Jay Wright garnered public attention for his coaching achievements, Patty has maintained a relatively private life, focusing on her family and personal interests. Her partnership with Jay is often celebrated for its strength and resilience, highlighting the importance of family in the high-pressure world of collegiate sports.

Jay Wright’s Wife, Patty Reilly Age

Patricia Reilly Wright, aka Patty Wright, was born on January 23, 1961, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She graduated in 1983 from Villanova University; she was a member of the cheerleading squad in college.

Jay Wright’s Son: Taylor Wright

Taylor Wright, the eldest son of Jay Wright, has grown up under the spotlight of his father’s illustrious coaching career. Unlike his father, Taylor has charted a path away from the basketball court, pursuing interests and a career outside of sports. The Wright family, including Taylor, has been known for their close-knit bond, often seen supporting Jay during major games and events. Taylor’s personal and professional life has been kept relatively private, with a focus on maintaining normalcy away from the media attention that comes with being part of a well-known sports family.

Jay Wright’s Son: Collin Wright

Collin Wright, one of Jay Wright’s sons, has lived a life influenced but not defined by his father’s basketball legacy. The Wright family values have always emphasized personal development and finding one’s path, principles that Collin seems to embody. Details about Collin’s career or personal pursuits are limited, as the Wright family has successfully kept their personal lives discreet. Collin, like his siblings, has been a figure of support for Jay Wright, often seen at games and Villanova events, showcasing the strong familial ties that bind the Wrights.

Jay Wright’s Daughter: Reilly Wright

Reilly Wright, the daughter of Jay Wright, shares a special bond with her father, often highlighted during family appearances at basketball events. The youngest Wright, Reilly has grown up with the unique experience of being part of a family deeply entrenched in the world of college basketball. Her upbringing, filled with the values of teamwork and dedication, mirrors the ethos Jay Wright instilled in his teams. While much about Reilly’s personal and professional life remains private, her presence at Villanova functions alongside her family underscores the close relationships within the Wright household.

Jay Wright’s Net Worth

Jay Wright’s net worth in 2024 is reported with some variance across different sources. One source estimates his net worth to be $12.1 million with an annual salary of $4 million, highlighting his impressive career as an American college basketball coach and his achievements, including leading his teams to significant victories and earning numerous accolades​​. Another projection suggests that his net worth could reach $14 million by 2024, taking into account his salary, endorsements, public speaking engagements, and real estate investments, alongside his commitment to charitable work​​. However, a different estimate puts his net worth at $7 million, with an income of about $3 million, underscoring the variability in such financial assessments​​. These discrepancies highlight the challenges in pinpointing an exact figure, as net worth can fluctuate based on various factors including investments, market conditions, and personal spending.

Jay wright sister

Jay Wright is the head men’s basketball coach at Villanova University. His sister, Debbie, is the head women’s basketball coach at the University of Pennsylvania. Both Wright and his sister have had successful collegiate coaching careers. His sister, Debbie, is the head women’s basketball coach at the University of Pennsylvania. She has been at Penn since 1988 and has led the Quakers to nine NCAA Tournament appearances. Both Wright and his sister have had successful collegiate coaching careers. They have both been named National Coach of the Year and have each won multiple conference championships.

FAQs: Jay Wright’s Kids

How Old Are Jay Wright’s Kids?

Jay Wright has two sons, Taylor Wright (33) and Collin Wright (32), and a daughter Reilly Wright (27). Taylor Wright was born on April 27, 1990.

Is Jay Wright married?

Yes, Jay Wright is married. He has been in a long-standing marriage that has been a significant part of his personal life, complementing his successful career as a basketball coach.

Who Is Jay Wright’s Wife?

Jay Wright’s wife is Patty Wright. She has been a steadfast partner throughout his career, offering support while maintaining a relatively private life away from the spotlight of college basketball.

How Did Jay Wright Meet His Wife?

Details of how Jay Wright met his wife, Patty, are not widely publicized. Their relationship has been kept personal, focusing on their family and life together away from Jay Wright’s public persona as a coach.

What Happened To Jay Wright Of Villanova?

Jay Wright retired from coaching Villanova’s men’s basketball team. His departure marked the end of a significant era, with Wright being celebrated for his contributions to the team and the sport.

What Is Patty Wright’s Maiden Name?

Patty Wright’s maiden name is Reilly. She is often referred to as Patty Reilly Wright, blending her maiden and married names, especially in contexts related to her husband’s public life and career.


Jay Wright has two sons, Taylor Wright (33) and Collin Wright (32), and a daughter Reilly Wright (27). Each has charted their path, reflecting the values and principles imparted by their parents, Jay and Patty Wright. Despite the prominence of their father in the world of sports, the Wright children have managed to keep their personal lives discreet, focusing on their pursuits and interests. The Wright family’s close-knit nature is evident in their support for one another, showcasing a bond that extends beyond the basketball court into their personal lives.

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