How To Look Your Best At A Baptism

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August 28, 2020 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Baptism is a formal event, and just like weddings, the dress code is quite tricky. Although there’s a lot into selecting what to wear during such events, it’s not something you cannot tackle. One good thing about christening and Baptism ceremonies is that they are not that formal, and so there aren’t colors you can’t choose.

But it’s always essential to consult with the hosts about the current traditions of the day, the event, and ask if there are any family preferences when it comes to guest dress code. Some people include these instructions in the baptism invitations.

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With that information, you’re all set to choose the Color, type, and style of your clothes as a guest. With a little planning, it’s possible to blend your own preference into that of the hosts and have maximum respect for the occasion. Use the tips below to look the best for a baptism occasion.

Be Conservative

Baptism is a religious ceremony, and for that reason, it’s vital to ensure the outfit is sufficiently conservative and in line with the church tradition. All churches have different traditions and rules that must be adhered to strictly by the members about the dress code.

For men, this is plenty simple, but women have to choose styles that show the arms or the legs but not the two of them at the same time. Don’t go for dresses that reveal too much of the cleavage or mini-dresses.

Color And Pattern To Blend Well With The Occasion

It’s actually important to make sure you understand the occasion if the baptism is for children below five years, it’s imperative to adopt a color and pattern that blends well with the day at hand. For baby baptism, it’s good to wear dresses that have softly colored patterns to portray the gender of the kid. For adults being baptized, you can go for sophisticated patterns.

The Fabric

Although the fabric is not a very serious factor to consider when choosing clothes for baptism occasions, it’s important to be fussy with it. Choose a fabric that will be perfect for the occasion at hand. Always avoid materials that will crease easily in case you will be traveling for a long time or will spend the better part of the day sited.

If it’s a baptism celebration for kids, there is a likelihood that many children and babies will be in attendance and so choosing clothes that would need expensive cleaning is not a good idea.

Choose Accessories Wisely

When choosing accessories for weddings and other similar occasions, it’s very different from the Baptism occasion. Choose something chic and understated to match the conservative style you picked above. It’s also wise to wear necklaces with cross symbols or other items of faith, but it’s not compulsory.

Choosing The Shoes

Many people make a mistake when choosing shoes for a religious event. Although there’s no big difference between your Sunday service shoes, they should be very suitable for such a conservative event. Avoid open-toe styles, sling-back styles, and very high heeled shoes for this occasion.

That will spare you a lot of hustle walking on the grass and playing with the kids. It’s also important to avoid narrow heels because they’re likely to sink into the ground. The shoe material should be equally important; materials like suede that may easily stain should be equally avoided.

What Should You Wear To A Baptism?

Two things determine what to wear to a baptism: are you a guest or host?  As a guest, you may have to choose dark clothes because thin and light clothes are revealing and very inappropriate for such occasions. Some people can also consider changing clothes before going to the worship service. You can change in the restroom found in the church.

Is It Ok To Wear Black To A Baptism?

People always think that Black is not appropriate for Baptism or Christening. The fact is there are fewer color-related superstitions in a baptism ceremony, and for that reason, Black should be fine. But always make sure the outfit affects the occasion. Some people even go for white, and it doesn’t cause a stir like it would in wedding or Graduation ceremonies.

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Can You Wear White To A Baptism As A Guest?

Yes, wearing white in a Baptism as a Guest is a good idea. White or Black does a good job as long as the outfit itself is perfect for such occasions. It shouldn’t be light and revealing because you will definitely spend the most time with people. Again light and revealing clothes are not perfect for religious events.

The Color of the dresses you choose for this special occasion shouldn’t be a big bother, but it shouldn’t be too shouting. Be careful with the pattern and the fabric, as well as the accessories and the shoes for the baptism celebration.  For more information, visit christening invitations.


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