How Old Are Iyanna Parents Love Is Blind?

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October 15, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Iyanna’s parents love is blind. They have been married for 20 years and have never been happier. Iyanna is their only child and they have always been very protective of her.

Iyanna is now 18 years old and is about to start college. Her parents have always been very supportive of her and have always been there for her.

Jarrette & Iyanna Reveal BABY Plans! Love is Blind Season 2

Love is Blind is a hit reality TV show on Netflix in which singles meet and get to know each other without seeing each other. The catch is that they only have a few weeks to decide whether they want to get married. Iyanna’s parents are both in their early 40s, which means they were likely in their 20s when they had her.

That would make Iyanna around 23 years old. Iyanna is one of the show’s participants, and she recently revealed that she had never been in a serious relationship before. She also said that her parents had always been supportive of her, even though they didn’t always understand her dating choices.

Iyanna’s father is especially supportive of her on the show, and he even cries when she gets married. It’s clear that he just wants her to be happy, even if he doesn’t always understand her. Iyanna’s parents’ ages show that love really is ageless.

They may not be able to relate to her experience on the show, but they are still supportive and loving. And, at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

Iyanna love is blind parents adopted

Adoption is a beautiful thing. It’s a selfless act of love that provides a child in need with a loving home and family. Unfortunately, not all adoptions go smoothly.

Some children are adopted by parents who are not prepared for the challenges that come with raising a child with special needs. Iyanna was born with a rare condition that left her blind. Her parents adopted her when she was two years old, but they were not prepared for the challenges that came with raising a child with a disability.

Iyanna’s parents quickly realized that they were in over their heads and they were not equipped to provide her with the care she needed. Iyanna’s story is a sad one, but it’s not unique. There are many children who are adopted by parents who are not prepared to deal with their special needs.

This often leads to the child being neglected or even abused. If you are considering adoption, please do your research and make sure you are prepared to provide a loving home for a child with special needs.

How Old Are Iyanna Parents Love Is Blind?


How old is iyanna love is blind mom?

Iyanna “Love is Blind” Mom is 33 years old.

Is iyanna from love is blind adopted?

No, Iyanna is not adopted.

How old is iyanna from love is blind?

Iyanna “YaYa” Mayweather is the daughter of world-famous boxer Floyd Mayweather. She was born on April 19, 2000, making her 20 years old at the time of this writing. YaYa has appeared on her father’s reality show, “Floyd Mayweather: Undefeated” and has also been featured in the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ magazines.

In February 2020, YaYa made headlines when she appeared as a contestant on the Netflix reality show, “Love is Blind.” On the show, YaYa got engaged to fellow contestant, Michael “Mike” Jones, after only knowing him for a few days. While their relationship ultimately didn’t work out, YaYa and Mike’s “Love is Blind” journey captivated viewers around the world.

And, YaYa’s age was definitely a topic of conversation, with some viewers questioning whether or not a 20-year-old is ready for marriage. Ultimately, only YaYa knows what’s best for her. And, while her “Love is Blind” experience may not have ended in a happily ever after, she’s sure to continue to make headlines in the years to come.


Iyanna’s parents are both in their early 40s, and they have been married for 20 years. Iyanna is their only child. They have a very close and loving relationship, and Iyanna’s parents have always been supportive of her.

However, they have never really understood her relationship with her boyfriend, who is 10 years older than she is. Iyanna’s parents love her very much, but they are also realistic about the fact that her relationship with her older boyfriend is not likely to last. They have seen firsthand how age can change people, and they know that Iyanna is still young and has a lot of growing up to do.

While they would like nothing more than for Iyanna to find happiness with someone her own age, they understand that love is blind and that she needs to follow her heart.

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