Animal Alphabet Art- A is for Ants on a Anthill

Animal Alphabet Art-A is for Ants on a Anthill

This is a fun way to incorporate the letter “A” while getting your preschooler’s fine motor skills working!

What you need:

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What to do:

Prep- cut a long narrow green rectangle for grass and a brown A for the anthill.

1. Have your preschoolers practice their cutting skills by cutting slits on to the top of the green rectangle to make grass. Once complete. have them glue into place at the bottom of the Aa Alphabet page.

2. Glue the anthill A on top of the grass.

3. Show them how to make an ant by using three fingertip dots. Allow them to make as many ants as they wish. Allow drying.

4. Once completely dry, discuss the parts of an ant (how may- Antennae, legs) and illustrate how to draw them onto the ants.

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Please Note: The above project is just the art and craft behind each letter of the alphabet. What do we do with each letter? We celebrate each letter of the alphabet with free printables like these. Want more? Check out this Website as well!

We also go on alphabet scavenger hunts, read alphabet books, play alphabet games, flashcards and sign language with each lesson.

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