Why Are Womens Water Polo Suits Thongs?

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October 10, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Women’s water polo suits are often designed as thongs for increased flexibility in the water and to minimize drag and resistance while swimming. Whether you’re a professional athlete competing in top-level tournaments or a recreational player enjoying a game with friends, the right equipment is crucial for optimal performance.

In women’s water polo, one particular aspect of the equipment that has raised some eyebrows is the design of the suits worn by female players. Unlike the traditional one-piece swimsuits commonly worn by women in other water sports, women’s water polo suits are often designed with a thong-style back.

This unique design serves a purpose beyond aesthetics. By minimizing fabric and coverage on the rear end, thong suits provide increased flexibility in the water and help reduce drag and resistance while swimming. We will explore the reasons why women’s water polo suits are often designed as thongs and the benefits they provide in the sport.

The History Of Water Polo Suits

Water polo is an intense, dynamic sport that dates back to the late 19th century. Originating in England, it quickly gained popularity and became an Olympic event in 1900. In its early days, water polo players wore regular swimsuits that offered minimal coverage and provided little support during the intense physical activity in the water.

Introduction To The Sport Of Water Polo And Its Origins

Water polo is a team sport that combines elements of swimming, soccer, and basketball. It’s played in a pool with two teams of seven players each, who try to score goals by throwing a ball into the opposing team’s net. The sport was first played in the rivers and lakes of England, where it was initially known as “water rugby.”

Evolution Of Water Polo Suits Over Time

As water polo grew in popularity and became a more competitive sport, the need for specialized swimwear became apparent. Players needed suits that would allow them to move freely in the water while also providing necessary support and coverage. This led to the development of water polo suits that were specifically designed for the sport.

In the early 20th century, water polo suits started to resemble traditional swimsuits, with full bottoms and modest coverage. However, as the sport became more physically demanding and players sought greater freedom of movement, the design of water polo suits started to change.

During the 1970s, a new trend emerged in water polo suits: the introduction of thongs. This design innovation aimed to minimize water resistance and increase agility in the water. By reducing the amount of fabric and creating a more streamlined silhouette, thong-style water polo suits became popular among female players.

Introduction To The Different Types Of Water Polo Suits

Today, there are various types of water polo suits available for both men and women. These suits are specifically designed to withstand the physical demands of the sport while also providing comfort and support. Here are some of the different types of water polo suits:

  • Jammers: These are popular among male water polo players. Jammers are tight-fitting, knee-length shorts that offer a streamlined fit and increased leg coverage.
  • Classic One-Piece: This is the most common type of water polo suit for women. It offers full coverage and support, allowing for ease of movement in the water.
  • Thin Strap: This is a variation of the classic one-piece suit with thinner straps for added comfort.
  • Thong: Thong-style water polo suits, although less common today, are still preferred by some female players for their minimal coverage and increased agility.

Water polo suits have come a long way since their inception, evolving to meet the needs of the sport and its players. Whether it’s the streamlined jammers for men or the classic one-piece for women, these specialized suits contribute to the intense and competitive nature of water polo.

The Importance Of Functionality In Womens Water Polo Suits

When it comes to water polo, the functionality of womens water polo suits plays a crucial role in the performance of athletes. These suits are not just about aesthetics; they are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of this intense sport. Understanding the importance of functionality in womens water polo suits is essential for both players and spectators.

Discuss The Importance Of Functionality In Water Polo Suits

Functionality is key in water polo suits as it directly impacts the players’ comfort and performance in the pool. Water polo is a high-intensity sport that involves dynamic movements, quick transitions, and physical contact. To excel in such a demanding sport, athletes need suits that provide them with a range of functional benefits.

Highlight The Key Features That Make Womens Water Polo Suits Functional

Womens water polo suits are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of the sport. The following key features make these suits functional:

  • Streamlined Design: Water polo suits are designed to minimize drag in the water, allowing players to move swiftly and efficiently. The sleek and tight fit reduces resistance, enabling players to maintain higher speeds.
  • Durable Materials: Water polo suits are made from durable and resilient materials that can withstand the harsh pool environment. They are chlorine-resistant, fade-resistant, and ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Padded Protection: Since water polo involves physical contact, womens water polo suits often incorporate padding in key areas such as the chest, back, and hips. This padding provides additional protection and reduces the risk of injuries.
  • Secure Fit: Water polo suits feature secure straps and closures to ensure they stay in place during intense movements. These secure fits prevent any distractions or discomfort while playing.
  • Flexibility: Water polo suits offer excellent stretch and flexibility, allowing players to move freely in the water. This flexibility is crucial for executing swift kicks, powerful throws, and quick changes in direction.

How Functionality Contributes To Performance In The Sport

In water polo, functionality directly contributes to the overall performance of athletes. Here’s how:

  • Enhanced Range of Motion: The streamlined design and flexibility of water polo suits enable athletes to achieve a wider range of motion. This freedom of movement allows players to perform agile maneuvers, better control the ball, and effectively defend against opponents.
  • Reduced Resistance: Water polo suits with a streamlined design minimize resistance in the water, enabling swimmers to reach higher speeds and maintain better control. This reduction in resistance supports quick transitions, explosive turns, and efficient strokes.
  • Added Protection: The padded protection in womens water polo suits provides athletes with an extra layer of safety during physical encounters. This allows them to focus on the game without worrying about potential injuries.
  • Comfort and Confidence: Functionality ensures that water polo suits fit securely and remain in place, providing players with optimal comfort and confidence. When athletes are comfortable in their suits, they can fully focus on their performance, leading to improved results.

The Rise Of Thongs In Womens Water Polo Suits

The Rise Of Thongs In Women’s Water Polo Suits

Over recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in the design and style of women’s water polo suits. No longer limited to traditional one-piece swimsuits, thong-style suits have gained popularity and established a strong presence in the world of water polo. This rise can be attributed to various factors, including their functional benefits, evolving fashion trends, and the desire for enhanced performance in the pool.

The Emergence And Popularity Of Thongs In Women’s Water Polo Suits

The emergence of thongs in women’s water polo suits marks a departure from conventional swimwear styles. These suits feature a design that exposes more skin, with the backside typically composed of narrow straps or minimal fabric coverage. This distinctive style has gained traction due to its striking appearance and the confidence it instills in athletes.

Moreover, the popularity of thong-style suits in women’s water polo can be attributed to the influence of fashion trends. Swimsuit designers and brands continuously seek innovative styles to cater to athletes’ demands while keeping up with the evolving fashion scene. Thongs have become a bold and fashionable choice for women who want to make a statement both in and out of the water.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, thong-style suits have several functional benefits that contribute to their rise in popularity among women water polo players:

The Benefits Of Wearing Thong-style Suits In Water Polo

  • Enhanced Mobility: Thong-style suits offer a minimalistic design that reduces drag in the water, allowing athletes to move more freely. With less fabric coverage, swimmers experience less resistance, enabling improved speed and agility in the pool.
  • Streamlined Performance: The snug fit and reduced fabric of thong-style suits help athletes maintain optimal body alignment while swimming. This streamlined design minimizes drag, enhancing performance and efficiency in the water, especially during intense water polo matches.
  • Improved Comfort: Thong-style suits are often designed with comfort as a priority. They typically feature lightweight and stretchable materials that conform to the body’s natural curves, ensuring a comfortable fit without sacrificing performance.
  • Increased Confidence: The bold and empowering nature of thong-style suits can boost an athlete’s confidence in the water. By embracing their bodies and choosing a style that makes them feel empowered, women water polo players can focus more on their game and less on self-consciousness.

Exploring The Controversy And Opinions Surrounding Thong-style Suits

The rise of thong-style suits in women’s water polo has not been without controversy. While some athletes and supporters embrace these suits as a symbol of body positivity and personal choice, others raise concerns regarding appropriateness, uniformity, and the sexualization of the sport.

It is important to recognize that the debate surrounding thong-style suits centers on individual perspectives and cultural norms. Each water polo team and organization may have its own rules and guidelines regarding appropriate swimwear. However, it is essential to foster an inclusive environment where athletes have the freedom to choose what makes them feel comfortable and confident, as long as it aligns with the sport’s regulations.

The rise of thong-style suits in women’s water polo represents a dynamic shift in swimwear design and fashion trends. With their unique style, functional benefits, and controversy surrounding them, these suits have become a popular choice among athletes seeking enhanced performance and empowerment in the pool.

Why Are Womens Water Polo Suits Thongs?

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Frequently Asked Questions For Why Are Womens Water Polo Suits Thongs?

Why Are Women’s Water Polo Suits Thongs?

Women’s water polo suits are designed as thongs to reduce drag in the water and provide maximum freedom of movement for players.

Are Thong Suits Required In Women’s Water Polo?

No, thong suits are not required in women’s water polo. It is an optional choice made by some players for performance reasons.

Do All Women’s Water Polo Players Wear Thongs?

No, not all women’s water polo players wear thongs. It is a personal preference and not a requirement for participation.

Are Thong Suits More Comfortable For Women’s Water Polo?

Thong suits are designed with comfort in mind and allow for a greater range of motion in the water, making them a popular choice among some women’s water polo players.

Do Thong Suits Offer Any Advantages In Water Polo?

Thong suits can provide an advantage in water polo by reducing drag in the water and allowing players to move more freely, facilitating better performance in the game.


To sum up, womens water polo suits that feature thongs are designed with practicality and functionality in mind. With minimal fabric coverage, these suits allow for maximum movement in the water, helping athletes perform at their best. While some may question their appearance, it is important to prioritize the needs of the sport and the athletes who wear them.

In the end, the focus should be on celebrating the athleticism and dedication of female water polo players.

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