What Do Baby Earthworms Look Like?

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August 1, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Baby earthworms look a lot like their adult counterparts, though they are much smaller. They have the same long, slender bodies with no legs. Their skin is pink or red and translucent, so you can often see their internal organs.

Baby earthworms also have the same type of mouthparts as adults, which they use to burrow through soil and eat decaying organic matter.

If you’ve ever wondered what baby earthworms look like, wonder no more! These small, segmented creatures are actually quite cute, in a wiggly sort of way. Baby earthworms are typically born white or pale pink in color, but they quickly develop the characteristic brown hue of adult worms.

They have the same basic body shape as adults, with a head and tail end, and their bodies are covered in tiny setae (bristles) that help them move through the soil. Baby earthworms are generally smaller than adults, but they can grow up to be just as long – up to about four feet in length!

Baby Worms Hatching Live – Red Wiggler Babies

What Colour are Baby Earthworms?

Baby earthworms are small and red in colour. They have a smooth, cylindrical shape and no legs. Their bodies are covered in a thin layer of mucous which helps them to move through the soil.

Baby earthworms breathe through their skin and feed on organic matter in the soil. As they grow, they change colour to brown or black.

What Do Earthworms Babies Look Like?

When most people think of earthworms, they picture the long, thin, segmented creatures that are often seen burrowing through dirt. What many people don’t know is that earthworms go through a process of metamorphosis, much like butterflies or frogs. When they are first born, earthworm babies (or larvae) look very different from their adult counterparts.

Larvae are small and white, with no obvious segments. They have a mouth and rudimentary digestive system, but no eyes or other senses. As they grow and develop, they begin to develop the characteristics of adults: more clearly defined segments, eyespots, and setae (bristles).

The transition from larva to adult takes several weeks to months, depending on the species of earthworm.

Do Baby Worms Look Like Maggots?

While it is true that both baby worms and maggots are small and white, there are several key differences between the two. For one, baby worms are born from eggs while maggots hatch from larvae. Additionally, baby worms eat solid food while maggots feed on decomposing organic matter.

Finally, baby worms eventually grow into full-sized adults while maggots transform into flies.

How Many Babies Do Earthworms Have?

Earthworms are hermaphrodites, meaning that each individual worm possesses both male and female reproductive organs. However, they still need to mate in order to produce offspring. During mating, two worms line up side-by-side and exchange sperm.

Each worm then produces a cocoon in which its eggs develop. The number of eggs in a cocoon varies depending on the species of earthworm, but can range from just a few to several hundred. After about four to six weeks, the baby earthworms hatch from their cocoons and are ready to start life on their own.

These young worms look very similar to their parents, although they are much smaller in size. Earthworms typically live for three to seven years and can have multiple mates during their lifetime.

What Do Baby Earthworms Look Like?

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Baby Earthworms White

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing baby earthworms: Many people think of earthworms as gross, slimy creatures that live in the dirt. However, these wiggly invertebrates play an important role in keeping our environment healthy.

They help aerate and fertilize soil, which allows plants to grow. Additionally, earthworms consume organic matter, such as leaves and dead insects, which helps break down these materials and recycles them back into the soil. Interestingly, earthworms are not born from eggs like many other animals.

Instead, they hatch from cocoons that are produced by the adults. Each cocoon can contain up to 20 baby earthworms! These young worms look like miniature versions of their parents and will grow to be about 4-6 inches long when fully mature.

If you see baby earthworms wriggling around in your garden or yard, don’t be alarmed! They are harmless and are actually helping to make your plants happy and healthy.


In their early stages of life, baby earthworms look very similar to their adult counterparts. They are long and slender, with a smooth, segmented body. Their skin is a light brown or cream color, and they have a small mouth located at the end of their head.

Baby earthworms also have two tiny black eyes on either side of their head. As they grow older, earthworms will darken in color and develop more pronounced markings on their body.

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