Why Does Baby Stop Moving When Someone Touches My Belly?

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November 21, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

As soon as you become pregnant, you can’t wait to feel your baby move. It’s such a special moment when you first feel those little flutters. So, why does baby stop moving when someone touches my belly?

It’s actually quite common for babies to stop moving when they are touched. It’s called the Moro reflex, and it is a primitive reflex that starts in utero. When baby feels a sudden touch or movement, they will often startle and their arms and legs will extend out.

Then they will quickly bring their limbs back in and curl up into a tight ball. This reflex is completely normal and nothing to be concerned about. In fact, it’s a good sign that baby is developing normally.

The Moro reflex usually disappears by the time baby is 4-6 months old. So, if you’re ever feeling worried that your baby has stopped moving, just give them a little nudge and see if they respond!

There are a few reasons why your baby may stop moving when someone touches your belly. One reason could be that they are startle reflex. When babies are first born, they have a startle reflex which makes them jerk or move in response to sudden noises or movement.

This reflex usually goes away by the time they are 4-6 weeks old. Another reason could be that your baby is sound asleep and was not disturbed by the touch. Lastly, it is also possible that your baby is not feeling well and is trying to stay still so that they do not feel any pain.

If you are concerned about your baby’s movements, it is always best to consult with your healthcare provider.


Does a Baby Know When Their Father Touches My Belly?

When it comes to prenatal bonding, there is a lot of debate surrounding how much physical contact is needed between father and baby. Some fathers feel a strong need to be involved in every aspect of their child’s life from the very beginning, while others are content to wait until after the baby is born. So, does a baby know when their father touches my belly?

The answer is likely yes. Studies have shown that fetuses can hear and respond to voices starting around week 24 of pregnancy. This means that they are able to recognize their father’s voice by the time he speaks or sings to them during pregnancy.

Additionally, research has shown that babies prefer their father’s smell over any other scent after birth. Therefore, it’s likely that your baby will be able to recognize and respond to their father’s touch even before they are born. So why is it important for fathers to bond with their babies prenatally?

For one, it helps establish a sense of security and attachment between father and child. Additionally, studies have shown that babies who have a strong bond with their fathers are more likely to be emotionally secure and independent later in life. Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to strengthen your relationship with your unborn child, consider touching and talking to them frequently during pregnancy.

Can My Baby Feel Me Touch My Stomach?

Yes, your baby can feel you touch your stomach. In fact, your baby will often move away from your touch. This is because the pressure of your touch on the uterus can be uncomfortable for the baby.

However, if you keep your hand light and gentle, your baby should be able to tolerate it. If you’re ever concerned that your baby is uncomfortable, you can always ask your doctor or midwife for advice.

Can My Baby Sense My Hand on Belly?

Yes, your baby can sense your hand on their belly. They will feel the pressure of your hand and may even move their body in response to it. This is because they are reacting to the stimuli of being touched.

It is beneficial for you to touch your baby’s belly as it can help them to feel more comfortable and can also provide them with a form of stimulation.

How Can I Get My Baby to Kick for Dad?

There are a few things you can do to encourage your baby to kick for dad! First, try sitting down next to your partner with your legs crossed at the ankles. Gently rest your hand on your partner’s leg and wait for your baby to kick.

You may want to talk to or sing to your baby while you’re waiting, too. If your baby doesn’t seem interested in kicking, try lightly stroking their foot or rubbing their back. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of physical contact to get them moving!

Another way to get baby kicking is by playing music that has a strong beat – this can help stimulate movement. Finally, try not to worry too much if it takes a little while for baby to start kicking. Every pregnancy is different and some babies take longer than others to start moving around.

Just be patient and keep trying – eventually you’ll feel those precious kicks!

Why Does Baby Stop Moving When Someone Touches My Belly?

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Does Baby Know When Dad Touches Belly?

It’s no secret that dads love to get in on the action when it comes to pregnancy. They may not be the ones carrying the baby, but they still feel a strong connection to their unborn child. So, it’s only natural that they want to give their little one a gentle touch now and then.

But what does baby know when dad touches belly? Does this simple act of affection have any special meaning for them? As it turns out, research suggests that babies can actually sense when their father is touching their mother’s stomach.

In one study, fetal heart rates were monitored while fathers either rested their hand on the mother’s stomach or simply stood close by her side. The results showed that when fathers touched their wives’ bellies, the babies’ heart rates increased significantly. This finding suggests that babies are aware of their father’s touch even before they’re born.

And it’s not just because they can feel the physical sensation of his hand on their mother’s stomach; they may also be able to sense his emotional presence and love for them. So next time you’re feeling inclined to give your partner’s belly a little rub, go ahead and do it! You might just be making a lasting connection with your little one in the process.


When someone touches your belly, it can cause the baby to stop moving. This is because the baby is trying to figure out what is going on and whether or not it is safe. If the person touching your belly is not familiar, the baby may be more hesitant to move around.

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