Top Winter Baby Items to Add to the Registry

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December 18, 2021 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Expecting a winter baby? If it’s time to start making the baby registry, there are a lot of can’t-miss items to add on. During the winter months, it’s important to make sure the baby has everything they need, including items to help keep them warm no matter how chilly it gets outside. Make sure you add all of the following to your registry.

A Grow-With-Me High Chair

High chairs are perfect for feeding babies once they can sit up and start enjoying solid foods. They help keep the mess down some, too. Unfortunately, they’re only used for a short amount of time. Instead, opt for a baby high chair designed to grow with the baby.

This type of high chair reclines to have a newborn position, then goes upright for babies starting to eat solids, then transitions into a chair for toddlers who no longer need to be restrained in the seat.

An Electric Recliner

There are many things to consider when looking for a nursing chair, but many new parents agree that the ability to recline is crucial. On top of this, opt for an electric one. Having an eclectic one makes it much easier to sit down and recline while holding a baby, ensuring the parent and baby are comfy as fast as possible.

Baby Wipe Warmer

Consider a luxury item by many; a baby wipes warmer is something every new parent should have. A baby wipe warmer keeps the wipes warm, so there’s no shock of how cold they are when they touch the baby’s bottom.

Additionally, baby wipes can be used to clean the baby after a meal, wipe surfaces around the house, and more. A warm wipe cleans better and is more comfortable for the baby, so this item is a must-have.

Car Seat Cover

It’s not safe to have the baby in a coat when they’re buckled into the car seat, as they can slip out of the coat compresses. So how do you keep them warm on the way to the car? Blankets can slip and fall, but a car seat cover might be the perfect option. Since it attaches to the car seat itself, there’s no interference with the car seat, and the baby will stay nice and warm without it falling off.

Stroller Gloves

The baby’s tucked into a warm car seat or stroller, but how about the parent? When going on walks on chilly days, parents need supplies to keep them warm too. Along with a good jacket, consider getting stroller gloves. There are tons of options available today, so new parents are sure to find some that will look fantastic and help keep them as warm as possible.

If you’re creating a baby registry for yourself or a loved one, all of these should make it onto the list. They’re going to make the life of a new parent a little bit easier, help keep the baby comfortable, and will be perfect for just about anyone.

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