How to Help Your Child Make Healthier Choices at School

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August 23, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Making healthy choices for meals doesn’t always come easy, especially for kids. If there’s an unhealthy option, chances are, they’re going to go for it. Parents who want to encourage healthy eating at school do have options, though. It is possible to help kids learn to make healthier choices and ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need to learn and grow.

Opt for Delivered, Healthy Meals

Schools often offer meals for students to eat, though they may not offer the healthiest options. When they opt for food delivery for schools, the school can choose a meal plan that is healthier for the kids to enjoy.

When healthy foods are the only option, kids are more likely to eat them and may learn how to eat healthier as a result. Make sure the meals do have options, so kids can eat healthier and enjoy a greater variety of foods throughout the week.

Offer Fruits and Vegetables

Many kids love fruits but aren’t too excited about vegetables. Fruits are sweeter, so they’re an excellent option for those that have a sweet tooth instead of a piece of candy or other sugary snacks. Offer more fruits and vegetables instead of unhealthy snacks.

If there is easy access to vegetables when a kid’s hungry, but they can’t get to unhealthy foods, they’re going to eat the vegetables. They may end up finding new favorites, too.

Teach About Healthy Eating

Kids need to learn about healthy eating. Younger kids learn through play, so opt for a fun curriculum to learn about nutrition and how to choose the right foods to eat. As they play, they’ll learn a lot about why it’s important to eat healthy foods, and what types of foods are healthy.

There are plenty of options online to learn more about how to teach kids about nutrition, which allows them to learn what they need to make the right choices every day.

Create a Well-Balanced Meal

Whatever meal kids eat should be well balanced so they get the nutrients they need. This is especially important for school lunches, as kids use a lot of energy playing and learning throughout the day.

Meals should provide more energy, boost the brain, and have the nutrients needed to help kids grow. Use a guide to make sure meals are well-balanced and to help kids learn what a well-balanced meal looks like.

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Limit Ability to Pick Unhealthy Choices

If there’s the option of chocolate milk or low-fat milk, most kids are going to choose chocolate. It may not be as healthy, but it tastes better, and that’s likely what they’re worried about. Removing unhealthy choices as much as possible encourages kids to eat healthier choices since they don’t have any other option.

Opt for whole-grain bread instead of white, fruits and vegetables instead of crackers or chips, and fat-free or low-fat milk choices instead of chocolate milk or juices.

Are you worried about the nutrition of the meals your kids eat at school? Whether you’re packing a lunch or they’re eating at the school, there are a number of ways to encourage healthier eating. Use the tips here to start teaching them about healthier eating habits, encourage them to try new foods, and help them make the right choices when they have options to pick from at school.

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