Preschool “Get Movin’ ABC Game” with Free Printable!

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My 3-year-old daughter is by definition a kinesthetic learner. She can only learn if it is completely hands-on- on top of it, she has the “I can do it myself!” mentality which makes it more of a challenge when it comes to teaching her basics such as the ABC’s, shapes and colors.  I taught her how to spell her name by having her sing the letters and march around the house.

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To help her with her completely different learning style than her older brother, I created this “Get Movin’ ABC Game” to keep her engaged as she learns her lower case letters.

Please note: After printing the Get Movin’ ABC Game I strongly urge cutting out the shapes and laminating them. They will be jumped on, sat on and danced on! Cut playing cards on the lines and laminate as well.

Ways to Play:

Game 1: You can use this as an introduction to the lower case letters. Arrange all the letters on the floor out of alphabetical order. DO NOT use the blank shapes/colors.  Have the preschoolers select their own playing cards and find the corresponding lower case letter to the upper case letter; or the shape; or the color that is on the card. If you are playing with more than one player and a color or shape card is drawn then all players find that specific shape or color.

Game 2: For older children learning to spell. Arrange all the letters on the floor out of alphabetical order. DO NOT use the blank shapes/colors. Have them hop from letter to the corresponding letter to spell their name or a list of words that they are learning to spell.

Game 3: Arrange all the letters on the floor out of alphabetical order and in a line. Use the blank shapes/colors as well. This is like a large scale Candy Land Game. Chose a starting point and an endpoint of the row of lower case letters and blank shapes/colors.

Have each player flip a card. Just as in Candy Land have them move to that corresponding floor piece (whether it be a color, shape or lowercase letter). They may move forward or backward depending on the card that is drawn.

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For example, if they select the color “red” from the card deck, they would then move forward to the first red piece they see. If they then select the letter “b” and it is 3 pieces behind them- they move back three pieces. The first player to make it to the finish line wins.

I hope you enjoy playing these games with your children/class.

Enjoy the Free Printable created by me for you! Please feel free to share and print off as many as you like- just give credit where credit is due!

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