Toddler with a sprained ankle!

Toddler with a sprained ankle

Just when I thought life can’t get any more complicated- my 2 year old sprained her ankle during an adventurous hike in a local park. Thank goodness it was at the end of the walk- because as you may already know she is #2 of 3 and we were pretty deep into the woods at one point during the walk.

Not to mention she is all drama on top of the fact that a sprained ankle does really hurt! I do have to say that she took it very well. So well that at first I honestly thought she just had something stuck in her sock from the leaf pile she was jumping in.

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Actually, the only time she really had an issue is when she tried to walk and when the incident occurred it wasn’t swollen yet. That was until she woke up from her nap.

My daughter Aryanna is a very independent 2 year old little girl. So, when she refuses to get out of bed from a nap and walk out on her own you know there is something wrong.

That is when I called her ped. and explained that “My 2 year old was taking a hike today in the woods and twisted her ankle. It didn’t appear swollen at the time, however, after she passed out in the car and…………” At that moment the nurse stopped me as she shuttered “Passed Out? Why did she pass out!”  Being the calm cool sarcastic woman that I am, I simply replied: “uh she was tired from the hike so she took a nap.”

However, I really wanted to say “Well, she fell from a cliff, slammed her head, twisted her ankle and then passed out. I thought that it would be good to wait 3 hours later to place a phone call” -but I held back! I mean really. Anyway, she wanted x-rays just confirm there was no break. I was fine with that and my daughter was thrilled that her ankle was going to get a photo-op.

3 hours later- 5 stickers (because the nurses couldn’t get over how cute she was being), and 15 trillion times I had to remind her that she can’t stand on her leg to run around and play- we get the diagnosis: a sprained ankle. I left you (the reader) out there on the cliff, didn’t I. Hey this posting isn’t mystery diagnosis.

The outcome: plenty of rest, Children’s Ibuprofen, stay off the foot, keep it elevated, ice for first 2 days and then heat after that if needed. Can we say milk it? “Mom, I can’t stand can you hand me my milk cup” (which is located right in front of me.) Ok, so at times it is cute, looking at her little foot with an ace bandage wrapped around it and the fact that she is extra cuddly.

We did get to spend some extra alone time together in the ER, and she was pretty cute when she told everyone the story on how it happened.

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What really gets me excited is that I can put to use all of the Singleton socks that I have been collecting for months!

Update (4 days later)- She is finally walking on her leg with a limp;-( My poor little girl. I am going to give her 2 more days and then I will call her ped. once more if she continues. I know a sprained ankle can take some time to heel- so parent’s if you come across this post and are going through the same thing- stay calm and patient- but, if you feel that something is not right to call your doctor!

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