Kid’s Craft: Teaching Preschooler About Shapes~ Clown Face


This is a very simple project that your preschooler can get very creative with. Teach younger toddlers basic shapes and colors by creating a clown face. Teach preschoolers more complex shapes and how to create a pattern using shapes.

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Classified: Very Easy and great for ages 2-5!


  1. 9×12” Construction Paper: White, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple
  2. White glue or glue stick
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors
  5. Coffee can lid or larger to trace a circle for the face
  6. Google Eyes (optional)

Steps #1

  • Trace around a coffee can lid (or large circle template) onto a white sheet of paper and cut out for the face of the clown.
  • Cut a large triangle out of another sheet of construction paper (your choice of color) to make the clown’s hat.
  • Cut various shapes out of the remaining pieces of construction paper. Make them different sizes and colors.
  • Using red construction paper, cut 6” x ¼” strips for clown hair (optional).

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Step #2

Glue hat (large triangle) to the top of the white circle (clown’s head). Allow your child to use their imagination to make the clown’s face and decorate the clown’s hat. Discuss the different shapes and colors they see and emphasize patterns and facial features. Add google eyes if desired.

Step #3

To make clown hair, wrap red strips around a pencil and glue to the sides of the clown’s head.

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