Prayers For Hope In Times Of Difficulty

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February 17, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Say these heartfelt prayers for hope to God when challenges seem to overwhelm you, to receive strength and renewed vigour for your life.

Life can sometimes be overwhelming and filled with challenges, not all sunshine and rainbows. In times like this, your heart may feel like its about to explode. The light at the end of the tunnel is difficult to see, and you may likely want to give up on everything and turn into a shadow of yourself.

A heartfelt Prayer to God saying, “God give me strength..”is likely what you’ll hear your heart whisper to the heavens, and He will surely hear you. He will always want you to choose faith over fear, hope over bleakness.

When the going gets tough, what assures you victory is turning to scripture and lifting up a prayer for strength during difficult times. Your father wants you to call out to him so he can endue you with hope, comfort and courage to take on your challenges. You are not alone.

Say these prayers for strength and healing whenever it feels like your burdens are too heavy to lift. He assures you that you can cast all of that on him and be free (Psalm 55:22).

You can also pray them over your family members and loved ones for a surge of help and strength in difficult times.

10 Prayers For Hope

1. Prayer for Strength

O Lord, You are the light that guides my feet. You are the map that gives me direction. You are the peace that makes me strong. You are the very air I breathe. Right now, I feel so overwhelmed and scared. I stumble and shake under this weight on my shoulders. I feel hopeless. But in your hands, I find strength. Under your gaze, I gain renewed hope. And in your presence, I remember your plans for me. 

Let your light illuminate my life once again, and your guidance brings full direction. Strengthen me with your hands and fill my spirit with fresh vigour. May I find inspiration in your word and peace in my heart as I follow you?


2Prayer For Hard Times

Lord Christ, you came into the world as one of us and suffered as we do. As I go through the trials of life, help me to realize that you are with me at all times and in all things; that I have no secrets from you; and that your loving grace enfolds me for eternity. In the security of your embrace I pray.


3. Prayer For Strength And Healing

Lord, I’m weary. My energy is sagging, and my motivation is lagging. And I am so in need of you. I need your strength and your fresh touch to get back on track again. Your Word says the joy of the Lord is my strength.

Lord, help me not to quit, to keep running the race faithfully, and to find strength in that safe, secret place of yours, under the shadow of the Almighty.


4. Prayer For Comfort and Strength

Lord, like David, I need your encouragement in a time of trial and anguish. Thank you that you are always on the throne, always my God, ready to save. Thank you for being the same God to me that you were to David. Thank you for always being near and always rescuing me from my fears and hurts. Lord, help me remember that daybreak might be just ahead, that this trial will not last forever.

Fill me with hope that daybreak is coming and that your love will always prevail! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

5. Prayer For Strength And Guidance

 Lord, I reach out to you for your guidance.

Please show me which way to turn.

Calm my anxious thoughts, come speak into my mind.

Strengthen me as I falter and feel weary.

May I feel strength rising up within my heart.

Bring clarity into my visions and dreams.

I trust that you are with me, no matter where I go,

Or what I decide to do.

You journey with me always. 


6. Prayer For Difficult Times

Father, this world sometimes bewilders me and is beyond my understanding.

I see poverty and disease, storms and earthquakes, war and killing.

Many hearts are bound by ego and fear.

Please strengthen my faith in your higher purpose and open my mind to the truth that everything is unfolding according to your divine plan.

Let compassion and love for my brothers and sisters flow from me and may we all be uplifted by your glory.


7. Prayer For Comfort 

Heavenly Father, I feel alone, beaten up, tears fill my eyes, I toss and turn at night.

Words can’t express the ache in my heart. I feel pain every day.

I pray to you as I am desperate for help.

I need to know that you care, that you love me, be my refuge from pain, replacing my distress with peace, and be my strength when I feel weak and find it hard to carry on.

Help me not to fear the future but to boldly trust that you are in control when my emotions plunge me down, and when I am in despair. And times when I can’t talk and don’t know what to say, help me to “Be still, and know that you are God”.

Be my comforter, my healer and bring me peace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

8. Heartfelt Prayer For Peace

God I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep putting one foot in front of the other. Can you take over, strengthen me, give me wisdom and help me make it through? Help me remember that you will never leave me.

Please help me get some peace. Give me peace that doesn’t make sense, the peace that I can’t produce. Give me the peace of knowing you are with me and that you love me.

May your peace guide my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Amen.

9. Prayer For Help

Father Lord, I feel like a million tonnes of weight is hanging over my head right now.

I feel exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed, even though I have just woken up. 

Lord, I need you now more than ever. I can no longer pretend I can help myself alone.

Lord, help me safely anchor myself to you.

Help me recognise and accept your divine help when I see it today. Amen.

10. Prayer For Strength

My Lord! I’m so weak and discouraged to stand the situation in my life. God, please give me some strength only you have. Make me be able to hold and take all the trials I face in my life. Lord, please never let me stay alone, be always with me. In the name of Jesus. 


Final Thoughts

Going through hard times does not mark the end of your life. Rather, it’s an indication of a breakthrough right about the corner.

The world isn’t perfect. Trials and the storms of life will surely come your way but once you place your faith in God, you will push through and come out even better than you were (Psalm 37:23-24)

Don’t give up. Keep praying, keep trusting, keep fighting the good fight of faith and keep your heart in the Lord’s bosom. You will be alright. 

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