How Did Gabriel Iglesias’ Mother Died? Know Esther P. Mendez!

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February 7, 2024 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Gabriel Iglesias’ mother, Esther P. Mendez, passed away on May 1, 2012, at the age of 77, in her home in West Covina, California​​. Esther P. Mendez was born on August 25, 1934, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America​​. Contrary to some reports that she died in a car accident when Gabriel was young, the actual cause of her death is not mentioned in the provided sources. It’s important to verify facts from reliable sources, as misinformation can often spread.

Esther P. Mendez Celebrity Son Gabriel Iglesias

Esther P. Mendez, born on August 25, 1934, in Los Angeles, California, became widely recognized as the mother of Gabriel Iglesias, one of America’s most beloved comedians. Known for his vibrant storytelling and unique voice in the comedy world, Gabriel often attributes his sense of humor and resilience to his mother. Esther, a strong and influential figure in Gabriel’s life, instilled in him the values of perseverance and positivity. Despite facing personal challenges, including raising Gabriel as a single parent, she ensured a nurturing environment filled with laughter and love. Her legacy lives on through Gabriel’s comedic acts, where he often shares heartfelt stories about his mother, celebrating her life and the profound impact she had on him.

Meet Fluffy, America’s Funniest Comedian

Meet Fluffy, the stage moniker of Gabriel Iglesias, America’s funniest comedian known for his infectious laughter and larger-than-life personality. Rising from humble beginnings, Fluffy has charmed audiences worldwide with his relatable humor and endearing storytelling. His comedy transcends cultural barriers, often touching on his Hispanic heritage and everyday absurdities. Beyond his jokes, Fluffy’s genuine warmth and resilience shine through, making each performance feel like a conversation with a witty friend. His remarkable ability to connect with people through laughter has not only earned him a devoted fan base but also solidified his status as a beloved figure in the comedy world.

Gabriel Iglesias’ Childhood

Gabriel Iglesias had a challenging yet formative childhood that significantly influenced his path to becoming a renowned comedian. Born on July 15, 1976, in San Diego, California, Gabriel was the youngest of six children raised by a single mother, Esther P. Mendez. The family faced financial difficulties, and they moved frequently, living in various cities across California, including Santa Ana, Baldwin Park, Compton, and Long Beach.

Despite the hardships, Gabriel’s childhood was filled with moments that contributed to his development as a comedian. He often used humor as a coping mechanism to deal with life’s challenges and to connect with others. His comedic talent was evident from a young age, as he had a knack for storytelling and making people laugh, often drawing upon his experiences and observations of life around him.

Gabriel has openly shared stories from his childhood in his comedy, discussing everything from his family dynamics to the struggles they faced. These stories resonate with many of his fans, as they are told with a blend of humor and heartfelt sincerity. His upbringing, while fraught with obstacles, played a crucial role in shaping his empathetic approach to comedy, allowing him to relate to a wide range of audiences and bringing a sense of authenticity and relatability to his performances.

Gabriel iglesias wife

Gabriel Iglesias was in a long-term relationship with Claudia Valdez, an actress and producer known for her work in the science fiction thriller “Monsters” (2010). The couple made their relationship public when they appeared together at a Make-A-Wish event in 2008. Claudia and Gabriel shared a strong bond, and Gabriel played a significant role in the life of Claudia’s son, Frankie, from a previous relationship, treating him like his own.

Despite keeping their relationship relatively private, it was clear that Claudia and Gabriel shared a close and supportive partnership. They were occasionally seen together at events and through Gabriel’s social media posts, where he shared glimpses of their life.

However, reports suggest that Gabriel and Claudia have since parted ways, although details about their separation are not widely publicized. Gabriel has always been relatively private about his personal life, and he has continued this approach regarding the end of his relationship with Claudia.


When Did Gabriel Iglesias’ Mom Die?

Gabriel Iglesias’ mother, Esther P. Mendez, passed away on May 1, 2012.

Who Is Gabriel Iglesias’ Mom?

Gabriel Iglesias’ mother is Esther P. Mendez. She played a significant role in Gabriel’s life, raising him as a single parent. Esther passed away on May 1, 2012, but she remains a central figure in Gabriel’s narratives, reflecting the deep impact she had on his life and career.

How much is Mr Fluffy (Gabriel Iglesias) worth?

As of January 2024, Gabriel Iglesias, also known as Mr. Fluffy, has an estimated net worth of roughly $40 Million​​.

Are Enrique and Gabriel Iglesias related?

Enrique Iglesias and Gabriel Iglesias are not related. Enrique Iglesias is a Spanish singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer, known for his success in both the Spanish and English-language music markets. Gabriel Iglesias, on the other hand, is an American comedian and actor, known for his stand-up comedy specials and the moniker “Fluffy.” Despite sharing the same surname, there is no familial connection between the two; their common last name is a coincidence.


The passing of Gabriel Iglesias’ mother, Esther P. Mendez, on May 1, 2012, marked a profound moment in the comedian’s life. Her influence and lessons continue to resonate in his work, reflecting the deep bond they shared. Esther’s legacy lives on through Gabriel’s storytelling, paying homage to her enduring impact.

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