Best Baby Activities For 12-18 Months

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February 14, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

These indoor activities are going to be a life-changer for your toddler. We have gathered ten amazing plays that can boost your kid’s mental and physical growth. All these are tried and tested methods and lots of parents are doing these activities to bring up creativity and better concentration.

So, let’s begin:

1. Card drops

Card drop has been listed 1st in popularity and it is one of the best activities that kids just love doing it. To begin the activity all you need is a deck of cards and an old container with a slit of opening on the top. Now you can tell your kid to drop the card one by one into the box through the slit. You can open the container and repeat it again since kids enjoy keeping doing it.

Isn’t it a good exercise to create patience and concentration in your child? It is also great for developing fine motor skills.

2. Playing with water

A fun to-do task that builds creativity in your child. All you need for this activity is construction paper, a paintbrush, and water. They can make their own imaginations and since water is a harmless liquid, it is one of the best ways to keep your child busy. 

3. Magnetic letters

Another activity that kids really do love is picking magnetic letters. Some of our families have magnetic letters stacked on the refrigerators and kids are always curious to touch them and get them out. So, you can use the same or buy them from any online store and help them learn the alphabet. They can even play while the mothers cook around the kitchen. 

4. Peek a boo

Peek a boo is one of those activities that even we enjoyed in our childhood so why not our kids have the same fun? This can be a learning tool as well. There is a variety of books available with different pictures of animals, fruits, vegetables, etc. You can buy these books and add a sticky note to them, so when you say peek a boo, your kid can remove one and find out what’s hidden behind it. 

Since pictures are a better source of building memories hence their memory can even increase. Many of the kids have sharpened their memory by playing with a kind of peek-a-boo.

5. Drawing on the serial of wheat

Your toddler can draw their imaginations on the cereal of wheat. Take a wide plate and spread some cereal of wheat on it. Now give them a stick or they can draw using their fingers. It is one of the coolest ways of drawing and helps develop creativity and hand movements.

6. Shapes 

You can draw different types of shapes on the cardboard such as circles, triangles, rectangles, etc, and cut a few of each out. Now draw one big each shape on a drawing sheet or chart paper and tell your kids to put the right cut out in the right box of shapes. This will improve their coordination and improve their thinking process. 

7. Storytelling

The most effective way of making your child grow and learn will always be those stories that they hear and understand and try to adopt one of the characters of those stories. So, you should pick and chose the one that they can adapt something from. Communication is the biggest source of learning always.

8. Jam sessions

play some music aloud so that your child can pick some words and would start their communication. It helps in learning languages as well.

9. Take them on a nature walk

Take them out in natural air and just have some walk that is really good for their healthy being

10. Bubble poking

Take some detergent in water and make bubbles through the bubble maker and ask your kids to poke them. It is really fun to do.

11. Pick and collect 

You can take a basket and ask your kids to pick the leaves that have fallen out or some berries on the plants. This will build cleanliness and decorum in their lives. Also, they will start respecting their mother nature.

12. Squishy sponges

Take a sponge and dip in water till it absorbs the most, then give it to your child and tell them to squeeze. This will indeed build up their physical skills in their hands and feet.

13. Roll a ball

Take them in a garden barefoot and give them a soft spongy ball to roll back and forth. It is a great foot massager that will boost circulation in the body, improve the focus of your kid. 

14. Dance party

Dance is a form of art that relaxes every muscle of your body and mind. Hence take an hour off for your kids and just dance over some great music. This will be a great booster for your kid because dance gives energy and keeps your metabolism intact. 

Final Words:

These are the best activities that you can easily practice with your kid when he is 12-18 months old. Kids just love them and in return, they learn that keeps them ahead.
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