Why Do Men Look At Other Women?

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June 5, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Men look at other women because it is in their nature to be visually stimulated and attracted to other females. This behavior is often a reflection of basic human biology and evolutionary instincts.

It’s natural for men to admire a passing woman and look at her in awe. However, when men seem to be in a trance looking around for other women, it can lead to feelings of insecurity, jealousy, and hurt in their partner.

Women tend to ask themselves questions like, “am i not attractive enough? ” Or “is he not happy with me? ” This can lead to an erosion of trust and create problems in relationships. While it’s difficult to stop a man from looking at other women, it is possible for couples to have open communication and trust so that this behavior doesn’t cause damage. In this article, we will explore the reasons why men look at other women and what can be done about it.

Why Do Men Look At Other Women?

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The Psychological Need For Attention

The Need For Male Validation In Society

Despite the changes in societal norms and values, women are still perceived in some cultures as inferior. Men have always been expected to be the breadwinners, the providers, and the protectors of their families. This cultural expectation has put men in a position where they need to prove their worth in society constantly.

They need validation that they are doing something right or that they are indeed desirable. Getting attention from women, especially other women, is one way they seek validation.

The Connection Between Attention And Self-Worth In Men

Being attractive to women is often associated with high self-esteem, confidence, and status. Men who attract the attention of other women believe that they are better than those who don’t. They feel like they have achieved something, or they have something other men don’t have.

It’s as if being desired by other women is a sign that they are successful, powerful and worth taking note of. Their self-worth is validated by their desirability to women.

  • Men feel good when they receive attention from other women.
  • They take it as a sign of their attractiveness.
  • Their confidence gets a boost when they feel desired by women.

How This Need For Validation Influences Behavior

Men who need attention and validation seek it out in various ways. Some go to the gym, build big muscles, and flaunt them. Others dress to impress, and others still show off their wealth. Men will go to great lengths to prove their desirability to other women.

In some cases, this need for validation can become toxic and lead to infidelity. Men who need constant validation may seek it out from other women through cheating, even if it puts their marriages or relationships at risk.

  • Men seeking validation may become unfaithful.
  • Need for attention can lead to toxic behavior.
  • Men go to great lengths to boost their attractiveness.

The need for male validation can be destructive if not kept in check. Men who don’t feel validated or firmly believe that they need continuous attention from women need to seek help. They can work on themselves, their relationships and pursue personal growth activities to fill the void instead of seeking fleeting validation from others.

Biologically Hardwired Instincts

It’s not uncommon to see men glance at other women while they’re in a committed relationship. Although it might upset their partners, this behaviour is driven by biologically hardwired instincts. The appeal of other women sparks certain reactions in men’s brains that can be hard to resist.

Let’s take a closer look at the evolutionary rationale driving men’s wandering eyes and desire to mate with multiple partners, the research on how men’s brain processes information visually, and the role of testosterone in driving sexual attraction.

The Evolutionary Rationale Behind Men’S Wandering Eyes And Desire To Mate With Multiple Partners:

  • The reproductive strategy of men historically depended on maximising the number of offspring they produce.
  • Pursuing multiple partners allowed them to increase their chances of successfully reproducing and spreading their genes.
  • Natural selection mechanisms had a role in shaping men’s proclivity towards having more than one sexual partner.

Research On How Men’S Brain Processes Information Visually:

  • Men’s brains react differently to visual stimuli than women’s, with heightened brain activity in response to physical attractiveness.
  • The activation of reward centers in men’s brains when they view attractive women is similar to that associated with drug use.
  • Men are more drawn to specific physical traits, such as a low waist-to-hip ratio or symmetrical features, which are believed to be indicative of fertility and good health.

The Role Of Testosterone In Driving Sexual Attraction:

  • Testosterone plays a critical role in driving men’s sexual desire and attraction towards women.
  • Men with higher testosterone levels show a greater interest in engaging in extramarital affairs.
  • Men with lower testosterone levels demonstrate lower levels of sexual desire.

Men’s wandering eyes and the desire to mate with multiple partners are rooted in biologically hardwired instincts shaped by the forces of natural selection. Men’s brains process visual information differently from women’s, and testosterone plays a crucial role in driving their sexual desire and attraction towards others.

While it is natural for men to be drawn to attractive women, it is important to respect the boundaries of their committed relationships.

Cultural And Social Norms

Societal Expectations For Men To Constantly Seek Out New Experiences And Sexual Partners

In many cultures around the world, men are expected to be the provider, protector, and conqueror. This expectation includes the pressure to seek out new experiences and sexual partners outside of their committed relationship. Here are some key points to consider:

  • The idea of a man constantly seeking new experiences and multiple sexual partners is often glorified in popular culture, reinforcing societal expectations.
  • Men can feel pressure to fulfill these expectations, leading to an increased likelihood of cheating or being unfaithful.
  • This expectation can also have an impact on men’s mental health, causing feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.

Media And Advertising’S Influence On Men’S Behavior Towards Women

The media and advertising have a significant impact on shaping societal norms and attitudes towards women. Here are some key points to consider:

  • The portrayal of women in the media is often sexualized and objectified, perpetuating the idea that women are solely objects for male pleasure.
  • Advertising often reinforces the societal expectation that men should be dominant and aggressive, leading to toxic behaviors towards women.
  • The constant exposure to these messages can desensitize men to the harmful impact of their actions towards women.

The Impact Of Toxic Masculinity On Men’S Attitudes Towards Women

Toxic masculinity can have a negative impact on men’s attitudes towards women, perpetuating harmful behaviors and attitudes. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Toxic masculinity reinforces the idea that men must be dominant, aggressive, and unemotional, leading to a lack of empathy towards women.
  • Men who conform to toxic masculinity are often more likely to engage in violent behavior towards women or uphold harmful patriarchal attitudes.
  • Toxic masculinity can also lead to men feeling like they must prove their masculinity through sexual conquests, reinforcing the societal expectation mentioned earlier.

Remember, these societal norms and media influences are not acceptable excuses for men to act in harmful or disrespectful ways towards women. It is important to challenge and reject these toxic attitudes and behaviors in order to create a more equal and respectful society.

Frequently Asked Questions For Why Do Men Look At Other Women?

Why Do Men Look At Other Women?

Men are visually stimulated and it’s natural to look at attractive people.

Is It Normal For Men To Stare At Women?

It’s normal to glance, but staring for prolonged periods is inappropriate and disrespectful.

Does Looking At Other Women Mean He’S Not Happy In The Relationship?

Not necessarily. Men can look without cheating or feeling unfulfilled in their relationship.

How Can A Woman Address Her Partner’S Wandering Eye?

Communication is key. Express how it makes you feel and find a solution together.

Can Women Also Look At Other People While In A Relationship?

It’s not just a behavior specific to men, women can also look at other people, but it’s important to respect your partner and maintain healthy boundaries.


Understanding why men look at other women is a complex issue. It’s not just about their sexual desires or lack of satisfaction in the relationship. It could also be tied to their biological programming, psychological makeup, or their current emotional state.

However, as we’ve discussed, communication is the key to resolving this issue. If you’re bothered by your partner’s wandering eyes, it’s important to express your feelings without blaming or shaming him. By having an open and honest dialogue, you can understand his perspective and work together to find a solution that makes both of you comfortable.

Remember, being in a committed relationship doesn’t mean that you lose your attraction to others. But it’s important to be mindful of your partner’s feelings and set healthy boundaries to maintain a happy and fulfilling relationship.

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