Why Did Itachi Kill His Parents?

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October 13, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

There are many reasons why Itachi Uchiha killed his parents. The most obvious reason is that he was ordered to by the village elders. However, there are other theories as to why Itachi committed such a heinous act.

Some believe that Itachi was trying to protect his little brother, Sasuke, from a life of misery and pain. Others believe that Itachi was simply insane and that the massacre was just another one of his many crimes. No matter what the true motives were, there’s no doubt that Itachi’s actions had a profound impact on both himself and those around him.

Itachi Uchiha killed his parents for many reasons. The most predominant reason was to protect his little brother, Sasuke. Itachi was ordered by the village elders to do this “Bloody Mission” as they called it.

He didn’t want to do it, but he had no choice. If he didn’t kill his own family, then the village would have done it for him and made him watch. This way, he at least spared them that pain.

Another reason for why Itachi killed his parents was because of the Kyuubi attacked Konoha. In order to save as many people as possible from the demon fox’s rampage, the Uchiha clan planned on sealing it away using their Sharingan eyes. However, Madara Uchiha had other plans and convinced the clan that if they did this then they would be able to control the Kyuubi and become invincible.

Realizing that Madara was only after power and not actually trying to help anyone, Itachi decided that killing his clan was best so that Madara couldn’t get what he wanted. Last but not least, a big factor in Itachi’s decision was simply because he loved Sasuke too much to let anything happen to him – even if it meant going against everything he believed in. When push came to shove, there was no denying that family meant more to Itachi than anything else in the world which is why in despite of everything…he still chose them in the end.

Itachi shows Sasuke the truth behind the Uchiha massacre

Why Itachi Killed His Entire Clan?

Itachi Uchiha was one of the most mysterious and powerful ninja of his time. He was an elite shinobi who served as an Anbu Black Ops member and later as a secret operative for the village hidden in the leaves. He was also the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha, whom he cared for deeply.

So why did Itachi kill his entire clan? There are many theories out there, but the most likely reason is that Itachi was ordered to do so by the village’s leaders. The Uchiha clan had become a threat to Konoha’s stability due to their growing power and influence.

In order to prevent a civil war, Itachi was tasked with eliminating them. It’s possible that Itachi didn’t want to kill his own kin, but he saw it as necessary for the greater good of Konoha. He may have even believed that Sasuke would one day be strong enough to avenge their family.

Whatever his reasons were, Itachi’s actions changed the course of Naruto history forever.

Who Ordered Itachi to Kill Clan?

It is still unknown who exactly ordered Itachi to kill his clan. There are many theories out there, but nothing has been confirmed. The most popular theory is that it was the village elders in an effort to prevent a war.

Another theory is that Danzo ordered the hit in order to take control of the village. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Itachi was under a lot of pressure when he made the decision to kill his clan.

What Episode Does Itachi Cry While Killing His Parents?

In the anime, Itachi cries while killing his parents in episode 85. In the manga, Itachi cries while killing his father in chapter 340 and while killing his mother in chapter 347.

What Did Itachis Parents Say to Him?

Itachi’s parents, Fugaku and Mikoto, were both highly skilled ninja who loved their son dearly. They were very supportive of Itachi’s decision to become a ninja and did everything they could to help him achieve his dream. Fugaku was especially proud of Itachi and often bragged about his son’s skills to other villagers.

He would often tell Itachi that he was destined for great things and that he would make the Uchiha clan proud. Mikoto was also very supportive of Itachi, but she was more concerned with his wellbeing than anything else. She constantly worried about him getting hurt during missions or training and would always try to get him to take a break from time to time.

Despite their different personalities, both Fugaku and Mikoto loved their son deeply and were incredibly proud of everything he accomplished.

Why Did Itachi Kill His Parents?

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Why Did Itachi Kill His Girlfriend

Itachi Uchiha was one of the most complex characters in the Naruto universe. He was a brilliant ninja who loved his village and would do anything to protect it, but he was also willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. So, why did Itachi kill his girlfriend?

The answer is two-fold. First, Itachi was ordered to do so by the village elders. They believed that she was a liability and that her death would motivate Itachi to work harder on their behalf.

Second, and more importantly, Itachi loved his village more than anything else. He knew that if he didn’t kill her, she would eventually be used against Konoha. In order to protect those he cared about, he had to make the ultimate sacrifice.


Itachi Uchiha was one of the most controversial characters in Naruto. He was an S-ranked missing-nin from Konohagakure and a member of the Akatsuki. He was also the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha.

Why did Itachi kill his parents? According to Itachi, he killed his parents because they were planning on attacking the village. He didn’t want them to be branded as traitors, so he decided to kill them himself.

This way, their deaths would serve as a testimony of their loyalty to Konoha. It’s possible that there’s more to Itachi’s story than meets the eye. After all, he did spend years working undercover for the village before finally betraying it.

It’s possible that he felt conflicted about killing his own parents but ultimately decided that it was necessary for the greater good.

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