Who Are Jewel’S Parents?

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December 11, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Jewel Kilcher, better known mononymously as Jewel, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, producer, actress and poet. She has received four Grammy Award nominations and has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. Jewel was born on May 23, 1974 in Payson, Utah to Atz Kilcher and Lenedra Carroll.

Her parents divorced when she was eight years old and she was raised by her mother and father in Homer, Alaska. Jewel’s paternal grandfather Yule “Bill” Henry Kilcher was born in 1932 in Switzerland. He emigrated to the United States in 1950 with his parents (Jewel’s great-grandparents) at the age of 18.

Bill changed his name to “Atz” after being teased about it as a child. He is of Swiss-German descent. Atz has three sons: Shane (born 1953), Atz Jr. (born 1957), and Nikos (born 1967).

All three have been featured on the reality television series Alaska: The Last Frontier.

It’s no secret that Jewel is one of the most talented and beloved singers of our time. But who are her parents? Jewel was born in Payson, Utah to Nedra and Atz Kilcher.

Her mother was a singer-songwriter herself, and she encouraged Jewel to pursue her musical dreams. Jewel’s father is an Alaska Native, and he instilled a love of the outdoors and nature in his daughter. Jewel has said that her parents were always supportive of her career, even when she was struggling in the early days.

They believed in her talent and helped her to stay focused on her goals. Thanks to their encouragement, Jewel went on to become one of the most successful singers of our generation.

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What is Jewel’S Real Name

Jewel’s real name is Jewel Kilcher. She was born on May 23, 1974 in Payson, Utah. Her mother, Lenedra Carroll, was a singer-songwriter who had Jewel and her two brothers when she was just 19 years old.

Jewel’s father, Atz Kilcher, is a folk musician and reality television star. He appeared on the Discovery Channel show Alaska: The Last Frontier. Jewel began singing and writing songs at a young age.

She released her first album when she was only 21 years old. The album, Pieces of You, went on to become one of the best-selling debut albums of all time. Jewel has since released nine more studio albums and has sold over 30 million records worldwide.

She has won four Grammy Awards and an Emmy Award.

Who Are Jewel'S Parents?

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Who is Jewel’S Father?

Jewel’s father is Atz Kilcher, an Alaska Native and reality television personality. Jewel was born in Homer, Alaska to Atz and his then-wife Natalie. She has two brothers, Shane and Nikos, and a sister, Atzlee.

Atz Kilcher is best known for his role on the Discovery Channel reality show “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” He is also a singer-songwriter and musician, with several albums to his credit. Jewel’s parents divorced when she was just a few months old, and she was primarily raised by her mother in Homer.

She did spend summers with her father on his homestead in the remote Alaskan wilderness – an experience that would later inspire her song “Diamonds & Rust.” In recent years, Jewel has reconciled with her father and they have developed a close relationship. In fact, it was Atz who introduced Jewel to her now-husband Ty Murray!

Who was Jewel’S Mother?

Jewel’s mother, Nancy Lee Anderson, was born in 1954 in Payson, Utah. She is of English, Scottish, and Danish descent. Nancy met Jewel’s father, Atz Kilcher, while she was working as a cook at a lodge where he was staying in Alaska.

They married in 1969 and had three children together: Jewel, Shane, and Atz Lee. Nancy is a homemaker and the primary caretaker for her grandchildren. She also helps out on the family’s homestead when she can.

In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and reading.

Who is Jewel’S Family?

Jewel’s family consists of her parents, Atticus and Blythe; her sister, Olivia; and her brother, Ian. Jewel was raised in a small town in Alaska called Homer. She has said that growing up in Alaska had a big impact on her music and songwriting.

What was Jewel’S Childhood Like?

Jewel’s childhood was far from easy. She was born in Utah to a family of Mormon fundamentalists, and her parents were extremely strict. Jewel was not allowed to watch television or listen to pop music, and she was homeschooled until she was 14.

When she wasn’t doing schoolwork, she had to help with the family’s business – a mink ranch. It wasn’t until Jewel ran away from home at age 15 that she finally got a taste of freedom. She ended up living on the streets of San Diego, where she struggled to survive.

However, it was during this time that Jewel discovered her love for music. She began busking (playing music for donations) on the streets and eventually caught the attention of a record label executive. The rest, as they say, is history!


Jewel’s parents, Atz Kilcher and Nedra Carroll, were both artists. They met while Atz was working as a musician and Nedra was working as a dancer. They eventually moved to Alaska, where they homesteaded on a remote island.

Jewel was born in Homer, Alaska. Her parents divorced when she was eight years old and she lived with her father during the summers and her mother during the winters. She has two half-sisters from her father’s second marriage.

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