Can Parent Plus Loan Be Transferred To Student?

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January 3, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

The Parent PLUS Loan is a federal loan that allows parents to borrow money for their child’s education. The loan has a fixed interest rate and can be used for any educational expenses, including tuition, room and board, books, and fees. The loan must be repaid within 10 years, and the borrower can choose to make payments while the child is in school or defer them until after graduation.

If the borrower dies or becomes disabled, the loan will be forgiven.

Refinancing a Parent PLUS Loan into the Student’s Name

If you’re the parent of a college student, you may be wondering if you can transfer your Parent PLUS loan to your child. The answer is no, you cannot. Parent PLUS loans are made in the parent’s name and cannot be transferred to the student.

However, there are some options available if you’re struggling to make your payments. You can contact your lender to discuss repayment options or deferment/forbearance. You may also be able to consolidate your Parent PLUS loan into a Direct Consolidation Loan, which would give you a new repayment term and potentially lower interest rate.

Talk to your lender about all of your options before making any decisions.

Can Parent Plus Loans Be Transferred to Student After Graduation

Graduating from college is a major accomplishment, and it comes with a lot of changes. One of those changes may be the need to start paying back any student loans you have. If you have Parent Plus Loans, you may be wondering if you can transfer them to your student after graduation.

The answer is yes! Parent Plus Loans can be transferred to the student after graduation. This can be done through a process called loan consolidation.

Loan consolidation allows you to combine all of your federal student loans into one loan with one monthly payment. If you are thinking about consolidating your Parent Plus Loans, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consolidation will extend the repayment term of your loans, which could mean more interest paid over time.

Second, consolidating Parent Plus Loans into a Direct Consolidation Loan means that the parent will no longer be responsible for making payments on the loan – that responsibility will fall on the student. Before making any decisions about consolidating your Parent Plus Loans, make sure to speak with a financial aid advisor or other professional who can help you understand all of your options and make an informed decision about what is best for you and your family.

Can Parent Plus Loan Be Transferred To Student?


Can a Parent Plus Loan Go to the Student?

Yes, a parent PLUS loan can go to the student. The Department of Education (DOE) allows parents to take out PLUS loans for their children’s education expenses. However, the loan must be in the child’s name, and the parent must be the primary borrower.

The DOE will not disburse funds directly to the student.

What Happens If My Parents Get Turned down for a Parent Plus Loan?

If your parents are denied a Parent PLUS loan, they may still be able to borrow through a private lender. However, private loans generally have higher interest rates and may not offer the same repayment options as federal loans. Your parents could also consider co-signing for a private loan with you.

If they are unable or unwilling to do either of these things, you may need to look into other financing options, such as scholarships or grants.

Will Biden Forgive Parent Plus Loans?

Since taking office, President Biden has made cancelling student debt a priority. He has proposed $10,000 in forgiveness for all federal student loans and is also looking into ways to cancel up to $50,000 in debt for borrowers who are struggling the most. But what about Parent PLUS Loans?

Will Biden forgive these loans as well? The Parent PLUS Loan program is a federal student loan that parents can take out to help pay for their child’s education. These loans come with high interest rates and can be difficult to repay, especially if the borrower is already struggling with other debts.

That’s why many people are wondering if President Biden will extend his student loan forgiveness proposal to include Parent PLUS Loans. At this time, there is no official word from the White House on whether or not Parent PLUS Loans will be forgiven under President Biden’s plan. However, given the president’s focus on cancelled student debt, it’s possible that he may extend his forgiveness proposal to include these loans as well.

We will continue to update this blog post as more information becomes available.


The Parent Plus Loan is a federal loan that allows parents to help finance their child’s education. The loan has a fixed interest rate and can be transferred to the student if the parent dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled.

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