What You Should Know About A Mobility Scooter?

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November 9, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

There are many people that suffer from the disease of multiple sclerosis, a condition that can become detrimental as far as 15 years after their diagnosis which can prevent them from walking properly. I personally was diagnosed 30 years ago, but I was able to locate a mobility scooter that allowed me to gain independence back in my life, something that MS had taken from me.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis can vary from person to person, but in almost every case, mobility becomes an issue. It was because of my own problems with walking around, I realized that I needed a mobility scooter to simply do things every day.

Here are some advantages of using mobility scooters if you have MS:

Physical comfort

Many of these are going to have good suspension systems, and pneumatic tires, and moving about becomes much easier even as MS progresses. You can move to each location while sitting in comfortable seats that can help you complete your daily tasks without too much effort.

Traveling safely to different locations

Foot drop is an indication that people are suffering from MS which simply means that one of their feet is going to cause them to trip from time to time. When you are using a scooter, can prevent a person that has MS from falling over and hurting themselves.

These are also ideal for people that have balance problems such as vertigo. I personally am glad that I have a scooter which has prevented me from becoming injured.

Go further than ever before

When I do try to walk, I can only go a short distance using a walking stick, yet the scooter will allow me to go as far as 10 miles if it is fully charged. Having this ability to travel independently makes it possible for me to experience opportunities that would have been far beyond my reach.

As a form of public transport, you can bring your mobility scooter to many different locations, allowing you to travel even further. Essentially, you will experience the freedom of being able to move about despite having MS, making the world a much nicer place to be.

Additional options you should have on your mobility scooter

There are a few additional features that you may want to have on your mobility scooter so that it will be fully functional and provide you with a comfortable daily experience:

Extra legroom: if you struggle with spasms in your legs, or if your legs are extremely long, having this extra room is beneficial.

Tiller-style controls: if your MS is making it difficult to control things with your hands, these controls can certainly assist you when moving about.

Swivel seat: some of these will turn 90°on either side, making it easier to get on and off of the scooter.

Quick dismantling option: some of the more advanced scooters are very easy to dismantle which you will need to have if you are traveling in a vehicle and place your scooter in your car boot.

A basket: if you do shopping, or if you are bringing items to someone that you know, it’s nice to have a basket in front. Click here for additional advice for selecting the right scooter if this is your first time purchasing one.

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