The Must-Have Baby Products That Every New Mom Should Invest In

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Moms across the US agree that being a parent is much harder than they originally expected. There are so many more things you need to know than you might be warned about, so it pays to ensure you have all the equipment in place. So, what are some of the most important must-have baby products you might want to pick up?

Below, we run through many of the essential pieces of baby gear that it pays to have in your home. Use this article as a checklist, and if you can afford it, make sure to pick up each one.

High-Quality Crib and Mattress

When you go shopping for somewhere your baby will sleep, make sure what you pick up meets all the safety standards and regulations. With all the research that exists into SIDS these days, you should look for assurances that these items will not increase that risk.

When picking a mattress, also make sure that it fits the crib perfectly. It should be snug against the edges of the bed and not leave gaps for the baby to fall into or trap limbs in. The mattress should also be firm, although some these days have two sides for different ages of the child.

As the baby grows, remember your needs will too. So, if you can get a crib with an adjustable mattress height, all the better.

Changing Table

You need to have a space to dedicate to changing the baby after they fill a diaper. To make it easier on your back and knees, try looking for something that suits your height. If you can, pick something with safety features like side guards or even straps to secure your child when they are very young. 

Also, double up on features and find a table that has storage built into it, to make it easier to access diapers and other changing equipment. If you do not have space for a whole table, then at least pick up a changing mat to protect any surface you change the child on and make it comfortable.

Diaper Trashcan

You want to have a trashcan that not only holds the diaper but keeps any nasty odors from leaking out. Make sure the lid secures after each deposit and is easy to empty when the time comes.

You are likely to also want one that opens via a foot pedal to make it easier to use when changing a baby, or one that has an automated sealing mechanism.

Nursery Furniture

If you choose to install a nursery in your home, you will want it to have everything to help a child feel comfortable. You also need it to have utility, making the first few years of child-rearing as easy as possible.

Consider items such as a dresser to store the baby’s new clothes and any other items you might need every day. You can also think about buying a rocking chair for when you need to hold the baby at night, or if they need soothing for any reason. Also, make sure you have ample storage for when toys start piling up, as otherwise, you may find them underfoot before long.

Baby Product Storage Solutions

As mentioned above, a good storage solution will ensure you prevent damage to both yourself and anything you buy. Think about not only boxes, but shelving, bins, baskets, and other places. You want them to be as easy for you to access as possible, as there may be times when you are too stressed to want to worry about the details.

Another option is to double up. Consider turning benches or other furniture into storage locations. Hollow chairs and tables can become very useful containers that not only hold important things but save space.

WiFi Baby Monitor

These days, one of the best new mom must-haves is something that makes use of the most recent advances in data transmission. Having a baby monitor that connects to your smartphone prevents the need for a dedicated screen. If you might leave your child with your parents or a carer for an evening, it also means you can have eyes on the nursery no matter where you are.

When you look at the reviews for these, make sure the monitor has both clear audio and video. The last thing you want is the sound to cut out before the baby starts crying.

Comfortable Stroller

Picking up something that is both lightweight for your comfort and cushioned for the baby’s enjoyment can offer you both freedom. You can leave the house and continue to experience the outdoors, giving the baby new experiences.

Early in a child’s life, you will also want the stroller to recline all the way backward. This ensures they can still nap even when very small. Options such as the Silver Cross Dune Strollers have bassinets that work well for the smallest baby.

Some strollers even offer accessories such as snack trays for the hungriest babies, as well as a variety of other options to make life easier for you.

Baby Carrier

When you are moving around the house, you will often still need the child on you to keep an eye on them. This is also true if they are in a developmental phase where they do not want to separate from you. This is where baby carriers can be a lifesaver to free up your hands while you look after them.

Look into the many different options available, including wraps, slings, and more robust devices. Pick out something that suits you and your level of physical comfort, and works well for a newborn.

Safe Car Seat

If you intend to drive with your child, then this is not only one of the most important baby essentials but its use is the law. Depending on your region, you may find you have different requirements for how a car seat must attach to your vehicle. As such, find something that meets all these regulations, and gives your child a comfortable ride.

When you buy the seat, also ensure you know how to install it to give your child the greatest amount of safety possible. If you can afford it, you might even want to think about an adjustable seat that you can change as your child grows up.

Breast Pump

When you are away from your baby for any reason, or if you find yourself producing more than your child needs, a pump can help you store more for later. Both manual and electric breast pumps exist, so pick up something that matches your needs. Electric pumps often work faster and with less physical work, though they can often be noisy depending on the brand.

Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding can sometimes be a difficult process to start for both the mother’s physical comfort as well as her emotional state. If the baby does not have enough physical support and the mother needs to sit at an awkward angle, it can cause problems for all involved.

As such, try to look for a firm nursing pillow that can withstand repeated use. Also check it has an easily-washable cover, as accidents will occur and you will likely need to clean it often.

Breastfeeding Cover

If you nurse in public in an area that does not accept breastfeeding for any reason, having a cover will ensure your privacy. Not only that, but it prevents the baby from becoming distracted by the sights around them, allowing them to focus on feeding.

Make sure to pick up a breathable and light cover, to make it a comfortable experience for both parties. Many even come in colors that either match what the mother might wear or have patterns and designs that match the mother’s interests.

Baby Bottles

Whether breast or bottle feeding, baby bottles help supplement nutrition and can allow others to engage in feeding the child. Make sure any bottles you pick up are free from BPA, a chemical that can cause harm to children. You will also want to ensure the bottle has anti-colic features that help to prevent gas buildup, ensuring your baby’s comfort.


An important part of baby care is making sure all surfaces are free from germs and other infections. As such, pick up a sterilizer that can accept both bottles as well as other accessories such as pacifiers.

A sterilizer will boil off any dangerous life that exists on any items you fit in it, and only takes a few minutes to work. This means you can always give your child the safest options when eating or playing.

Bottle Warmer

When you keep excess milk or formula in the refrigerator, you will eventually need to heat it to body-heat levels. A bottle warmer does this, with many of the more advanced options using timers or thermometers to ensure the bottle does not get too warm. 

This removes the need to heat anything in the microwave, which can often be hit-or-miss. It also ensures the process completes fast, which is a lifesaver when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night.


Of course, new moms will need diapers. Though, there are still facets of this option you need to consider.

Make sure to have a plentiful stock of diapers that will fit your baby. These should be newborn diapers to match the shape and size of your child. Though, if you know your baby is large or small, adjust accordingly.

Many diapers have extra features, such as color-changing stripes that highlight if the child has urinated. Others use specific securing methods to prevent the baby from removing them. Find whichever works best for you, not only with utility but also with their price.

Diaper Bag

When you are out and about, you want to make sure you have not only diapers but also cleaning products and other helpful objects. Try to find a well-designed bag option that has separate sections for each category of item.

Some even offer insulated pockets to put heated or chilled milk in, or in-built changing pads. Make sure you will use all of these before you decide to invest.

Soothing Rash Cream

Due to the wet surface pressing against their skin, many babies develop uncomfortable skin conditions. A soothing diaper rash cream can help to heal this unfortunate state and protect the child’s skin from further discomfort.

When you pick up a cream, try to find one that is hypoallergenic to prevent a reaction in your child. You might also want to seek out one that uses natural ingredients instead of artificial chemicals. Even if you do not care about them, the other mothers in your circle might judge you if you do not go that extra mile.

Wet Wipes

These are useful for not only cleaning the baby when you change them but also performing simple clean-ups. Food will always go everywhere on a child’s face and hands, and when they are young may get thrown up too. As such, wet wipes can resolve these issues and make your child and you look as good as new.

Changing Pad

When you are out and about, you may not have the luxury of a dedicated changing space. Carrying around a changing pad means you can turn any location into a cushioned surface. It also protects the surface from the ravages of a child’s excretions.

When searching for a good mat, unless you want one to be especially handy when traveling, pick one with contoured sides. This ensures you can place your baby down and have more assurance they are not likely to roll off.

More of the Best Must-Have Baby Products

The above items are the must-have baby products for a newborn, though as your child starts to grow, you might want to pick out more. You might also want more advice on the role you are about to take on. This is where we can help.

We have several articles on what it means to be a parent and what you can do to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. So, take a look at our blog and see what you can find today.

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