The Best Property Investment Opportunities in Antalya, Turkey

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Investment is no small feat; especially when you are a new entrant and have a couple of options to choose from. There are always alternatives promising higher incomes, and varying projections according to the sellers. It takes wisdom, industry knowledge, and proper information to be able to step back away from all the noise and hype and see the best property options, knowing the ones that will move the market and the ones that are not likely to yield good returns.

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The favorite property types in Turkey for 2023

Now, what are the favorite types of properties according to buyers’ purchasing habits? Here are the top 5 best property types to invest in Antalya, Turkey:


Condominiums are one of the most popular property types in the world in 2023. The word Condominium is a combination of two Latin derivatives – Con (together with others) and Dominium (ownership). They refer to apartments that people own jointly with others as a part of a larger building. They date back to the 1800s when they were first legitimized in Europe. Since then, it has spread across continents and is now being built in many parts of the world today. Condos are simple apartments that form part of a building. They are splendid options for those who cannot afford to have their bungalows or independent properties and comes in various room sizes. The perk to using condos in the current day is their affordability – students, small families, and singles find it as a viable rental option. It also allows residents to live in the center of the city (in prime places), while paying for or owning a small unit.


The next most common and favored property type is bungalows. These are simple ground-floor buildings with triangular roofs, ideally built for families. These buildings were imported from America, and have varying numbers of rooms. Sometimes, they come with a basement and a car garage with sliding doors. Bungalows are a cost-effective option for families who cannot afford elaborate villas. They give ample space and are easy to access on all levels. There is also a lesser likelihood of accidents among children and aged generations since all of the floors are level. The most common purchasers/patronizers of Bungalows are family people who need ample space for their homes. They often come with a front yard, gardening options, and a chimney in most cases.


Lastly, it is time to mention the most common property type amongst the wealthy and the middle class. Nothing beats living in a Villa with your private suites, pools, a wide porch yard, and aesthetically pleasing interior decorations. Villas may be in private fenced areas, and the highest class have pools, barbecue corners, gyms, and sitting right beside a beach, or waterway. Or they could be situated as part of a condominium, in semi-detached duplex forms. Villas are by far, one of the highest in-demand properties in Turkey.

Meanwhile, the larger and more expensive a house, the fewer the market range (because only the wealthy will be able to afford such an apartment, and the wealthy are relatively fewer than the rest. So, for turnover, smaller units are preferred by the general populace.

Investor’s note

Investors and builders have focused on these types of properties mostly since the early points of the 21st century. As such, there are many of them available, both old and new designs. What is uncommon, however, is the inclusion of some of the sought-after facilities such as pools, WiFi services, gyms, and gardens. As an investor or an intending purchaser, you should look into these property types more than the others. They may be contained in a standalone unit or may be part of a mansion, or skyscraper. But what to truly search for is how modern the apartments are, the incorporation of technological designs, and AI assistants, and the presence of pools, and other desirable amenities.

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