Revealing The Top Kitchen Trends That Will Dominate in 2024

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January 23, 2024 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

New year, new kitchen. Just when we are getting tired of kitchen trends from 2023, 2024 brings exciting trends that might stick around for a bit longer. Timeless pieces are sometimes the best investment, but trendy pieces are bound to get the occasional Aww from your guests. 

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you are reading this, you must be looking for a way to revamp your most important space. No worries! Wondering what’s going to be big this year? We have everything from moody colors to statement hood ranges, functional solutions, and custom fixtures. 

Mixed Fixtures: Look Intentional

The old-fashioned rule that you can’t mix it up is simply that – old-fashioned. When you play by the rules every single time, the fixtures that were once the beams of your kitchen become tired and worn out. Adding a bit of personality to your kitchen rather than settling for a matching fixture makes for a fresh look. 

You would be surprised by why eclectic and vintage hardware paired with the perfect amount of lighting can do for your kitchen. 2024 is the year when simply blending in will not do anymore. This trend is all about looking intentional. Go monochromatic with a touch of character to end up with a one-of-a-kind design. 

Functional Storage: Undeniably Beautiful and Versatile Enough

When it might seem simple, the art of designing the perfect kitchen can be challenging to master. Conventional cabinetry has had a solid run. Bye bye. In 2024, functional storage solutions could make for a flashy statement beyond cluttered cabinets. 

The kitchen of 2024 will have a designated place for everything. An appliance garage, spice pullout, and even a chef’s pantry: organization will be front and center. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets could become commonplace. The kitchen will morph into a hyper-organized space.  

Moody Colors: Every Season Has Its Color Palette

Gone are the days of all-white kitchens. It is time to embrace the dark side. The spotlight is on the dark hues that can deliver weight, depth, and a calming atmosphere to a kitchen. From moody blue to mossy green, there are so many ways you can embrace this trend. 

Moody colors don’t have to be all-consuming. You can have your cabinet in, say, green or red, and even midnight blue while having your countertop in dark charcoal, green, or burgundy. The kitchen of 2024 will not be committed to a single paint job. It will feel modern instead of gloomy.

Statement Range Hoods Black is the Name of the Game

Statement Range Hoods: Black is the Name of the Game

From maximalism to neutral decor and everything in between, every kitchen needs a focal point. Range hoods are a sure winner in 2024 as the standout feature for your kitchen. There are a chunk-load of ideas you can play with that are excellent alternatives to plain hoods. 

Custom black range hoods result in a cohesive atmosphere for your kitchen. It makes for the perfect eye-catching element that serves a practical purpose and makes a statement. Range hoods let you showcase your personality, style preferences, and commitment to your kitchen. 

Asymmetry: The Secret to Creating Cool Interiors

It is entirely possible for a kitchen to look too perfect. 2024 brings with it the art of crafting balanced-yet-assymetrical kitchen spaces. Symmetrical spaces are too literal, mirror-equilibriums – if you will. Asymmetry brings with it balance in abstract terms. The look is balanced. 

The secret to creating a balanced-yet-assymetrical space is to have everything carefully considered. You can use color, pattern, and negative space to add more visual weight to your space. Asymmetry could also mean only incorporating shelves on one side of the kitchen island.

Warmer Earth Tones Put an End to Impersonal Design Cues

Warmer Earth Tones: Put an End to Impersonal Design Cues

All-white kitchens have been the low-hanging fruit of interior design. Welcome warm, neutral color palettes have been an easy go-to, but there has come a time when this design choice is off-putting. Warmer earth tones are more personal and make for a cozy atmosphere. 

Creamy white and dark forest green make any space feel inviting and homey. Opting for natural wood cabinetry and open shelves or cutting boards made from reclaimed wood are some of the most helpful tricks in the book to create a cozy atmosphere while providing a connection to the beauty in the natural world. 

Layered, Understated Lighting: Switch Up the Ambience

Sometimes, a dull, builder-grade kitchen just needs a moody touch. In 2024, the hottest trend in the kitchen is layered, understated lighting. A healthy dose of proper light layering–ambient, task, and accent lighting adds even more eye-catching color and pattern to your space. 

Rather than replace outdated features in your kitchen, you can balance out the look with lighting. Homeowners are adding under-cabinet and toe-kick lighting for chic, edgy furnishings. It adds functionality and a touch of glow to the kitchen — and the end result is a show-stopper. 


That’s your scoop on all things kitchen trends that will dominate in 2024, Safe to say that the minimalism’s reign is officially over. Color, pattern, and boldness are taking its place. The best kitchens of 2024 will be a perfect blend of distinctive style and individuality, visual calmness, and a serene ambiance.

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