How To Install A Safety Gate For the Top Of The Stair

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If you have a baby and coincidentally live in a mansion, apartment, or any other kind of storied building, you inevitably have to care for the baby appropriately. Installing a safety gate is definitely one of the safest and most reliable ways of attaining this awesome end.

For a start, a safety gate is basically a physical barrier that works to keep your child within a safe zone in your home. Thus, it shields your child from getting into direct contact with fireplaces, staircases, and other potential hazards within a typical homestead. Knowing how to install one is definitely a great thing to do.

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How To Install A Safety Gate

Our step-by-step guide and discussions hereunder endeavor to demonstrate how to install a safety gate for the top of the stairs:

Step I: Acquire the right safety gate

Your first and foremost task will be to acquire the right safety gate for your home. These gates come in diverse shades, sizes, colors, and configurations. You definitely want to settle on the one that closely mirrors your own preferences and circumstances of use.

Step II: Read the Directions of Installations

Next, read the instructions that accompany the gate you have settled on. Just like gates differ with regards to their colors, shapes, configurations, and looks, they similarly require varying installation approaches. It is important that you read and familiarize yourself with these directions before setting out.

Step III: Ascertain the compatibility

The gate you choose no doubt has to be compatible with the space that you have set aside for its installation. That means you have to ascertain the compatibility of the two before starting to install the same. But how can or might you do this, if you may ask?

You have to measure the dimensions of the gate you have in mind versus the space you have set aside for its installation. In case of any inconsistencies, you may have to chip away portions of the gate to make it measure up as nearly as possible to the space you set aside for the installation.

Step IV: Install the safety gate

Have marked out the dimensions and ascertained the compatibility of the gate with the space that is set aside for its installation, you now have to install the gate. To do this, you have to follow the procedures and steps we outline here below:

Drill holes appropriately on the walls or the wooden structures that you intend to fix the gate onto.

Slot the gate within the space that is set aside for the installation.

Place the gate in such a way as its door swings away from the staircase of the potential source of the hazard.

Add some pieces of hardware that the gate requires to operate optimally upon installation.

Fasten the installation tight. This may require fixing a pressure bar or any other locking mechanism that has the potential to wedge the gate firmly in place.

Test the installation to see to it that it is intact and capable of discharging the purposes for which it is intended.

Step V: Re-fill the drilled holes

With the core exercise of installing the safety gate complete, you now have to refill the holes you had initially drilled on the walls, wood, plaster, and the drywall. This may require the use of the putty as it is the one that seals the said areas well to prevent the emergence of ugly marks.

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Step VI: Lay some final touches

You are almost good to go! Before you go, you have to lay some final touches on the gates and the surfaces on which you install them. Laying the final touches here implies sprucing the area accordingly. This may take the forms of painting the affected area with the same colors to make the area appear beautiful.


As you may have already deduced, the task of installing the safety gate at the top of the stairs is not really that strenuous or complicated. Nonetheless, it requires a great deal of attention and effort on your part. For your own safety as well, you want to pay close attention throughout the entire process.

So, when are you planning to install yours? We are always keen on noting the progress of the readers of our posts. Kindly let us know about that in the comments section below. Best of luck as you set out for purchase!

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