How To American An Immigrant’S Guide To Disappointing Your Parents?

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October 13, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

As an immigrant, you may feel like you have to work twice as hard to make your parents proud. You want to show them that despite all the odds, you can succeed in America. However, there are some things that you can do that will probably disappoint your parents.

How to American | Jimmy O. Yang | Talks at Google

  • Start by becoming an immigrant
  • This is the first and most important step
  • Next, move to America
  • Again, this is a crucial step that cannot be overlooked
  • Once you’re in America, begin disappointing your parents
  • This can be done in a number of ways, such as: not getting good grades, getting into trouble with the law, or using drugs or alcohol
  • Finally, continue to disappoint your parents on a regular basis until they are no longer part of your life

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How To American An Immigrant'S Guide To Disappointing Your Parents?


How Do You American an Immigrant’S Guide to Disappointing Your Parents Summary?

If you’re an immigrant to the United States, there’s a good chance your parents are disappointed in you. Here’s a guide to disappointing them even more: 1. Get a job that pays less than they think you should be earning.

Immigrant parents usually have high expectations for their children’s careers, so don’t let them down by getting a job that doesn’t pay well. 2. Live in a smaller house or apartment than they think you should be able to afford. They’ll be even more disappointed if you’re living in someone else’s basement or sleeping on a friend’s couch.

3. Drive an older car than they think you should be driving. Again, it goes back to career expectations – if you’re not doing as well as they thought you would, your car shouldn’t reflect that success. 4. Don’t have any kids, or wait longer than they think is appropriate to have them.

This one will really disappoint them, especially if they were hoping for grandkids sooner rather than later. 5. Date someone outside of your culture or religion.

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In this blog post, the author gives a light-hearted guide on how to disappoint your immigrant parents. The tips include things like getting bad grades, not going to church, and dating someone your parents don’t approve of. While the author is clearly joking, there is some truth to the idea that many immigrants come to America with high hopes for their children, only to be disappointed when they don’t meet all of their expectations.

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