From Tourist to Investor: Leveraging Travel Experiences in Indonesia Property Market

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Indonesia is an island country with more than 17,000 islands located between Southeast Asia and Australia. The country is a favored tourist goal due to its stunning beaches, volcanoes, rainforests, and amazing cultural attractions. However, Indonesia also suggests a variety of properties for those looking for accommodation abroad.

Deciding to buy an apartment in Indonesia in 2023 could prove to be a lucrative move, given the steady rise in costs, the land’s economic prospects, and improved need for properties. Today, Indonesia’s commercial and residential property market is one of the most dynamic and attractive in Southeast Asia. In recent years, there has been a constant growth in need for real estate in the country and an expansion in asset in this sector.

Market Study

According to some information, by the end of 2023, the Indonesian real estate market is predicted to increase from $61.22 billion to $81.24 billion by 2028. The development rate is predicted to average 5.82% during the prediction time.

Over the past 15 years, Indonesia has done significant work to enhance its macroeconomic and structural approaches. With high and steady growth speeds, its economy is now on par with other regional countries, allowing it to prioritize its most important growth challenges.

You should pay attention to such trends:

  • Accommodation: One of the main directions in the Indonesian real estate market is the steady cost rise. Housing and commercial real estate demand continues to grow thanks to a growing scrimping and improved living standards. Main municipalities, including Jakarta and Bali, especially appeal to investors, driving up belongings importance in these areas;
  • Retail Properties: Another important trend is the growing need for commercial property. Due to the growth of industry and tourist flows, more and more companies and entrepreneurs are interested in renting offices, shops, and other commercial premises. This creates new possibilities for commercial property acquisition and presents the potential for additional rental revenue. Therefore, you can visit Savills who will help you do a property search in Australia.

Expert forecasts

The outlook for the property in Indonesia is generally optimistic. With steady economic development and growing tourism, the country remains an attractive destination for businessmen and end consumers. Infrastructure development, including new airports, roads, and railways, also creates favorable conditions for real estate market development.

Nevertheless, some risks need to be taken into account. In addition to possible changes in legislation and restrictions for foreign investors, it is also worth paying attention to possible fluctuations in the economy and political situation in the country. These factors can affect the demand and cost of properties.

Touristic attractions in Indonesia

Indonesia is an exotic country famous for its fabulous islands, coral beaches, and ancient temples. This is one of the largest island states in the world with ancient history and culture. Many tourists love Indonesian resorts, among which the island of Bali especially stands out.

Prambanan Temple One of the main attractions and even the country’s calling card is the Prambanan temple complex. This memorial of medieval rock architecture is striking in its monumentality and grace.

As a result of earthquakes, which are not uncommon in these parts, many shrines were destroyed. However, even the ruins of majestic buildings are an impressive sight. Of course, the tourist charm of Pramban would not be complete without the romantic legends associated with it. Local guides are happy to tell tourists about them.

Tirta Ganga Palace On a freshwater spring that supplies rice fields in the area, the local king built an elegant palace surrounded by fountains and sculptures in the mid-20th century. The complex is dedicated to the famous Ganges River, and its name translates as “Water Temple”. This huge park area on the water, with bridges and statues of gods, invariably attracts many tourists. Here, you can swim in healing springs and feed golden carp living in numerous ponds.

Gunung Batur Volcano The volcano, which is still active today, attracts extreme sports enthusiasts worldwide. The height of the mountain is 1700 m, and climbing it takes more than 2 hours. Intrepid travelers climb to the top on specially designed tracks for a thrilling experience. The last time the volcano erupted was in 2000. Since then, small streams of steam and minor tremors can be observed above it.

Sulawesi and the “Island of Love” The island of Sulawesi is famous for its intricate curved shape, unique natural features, and original human creations. Near the island, small islands of various shapes are scattered like pearls.

It was decided to use this extraordinary miracle of nature “for its intended purpose,” resulting in an unusual hotel. The complex includes more than a dozen detached villas connected by bridges on stilts. The entire composition is also heart-shaped.

Tanjung Puting National Park Biosphere Reserve, located along the banks of the small Sekonyer River, is a unique and extremely interesting place. Moreover, everyone here is curious – both tourists and animals. Several species of funny monkeys live here, including orangutans and other equally striking representatives of the local fauna. Notably, a tour of the park is carried out only by boat, which moves slowly and almost silently along a narrow river. During the trip, you can observe families of monkeys, and at several feeding areas, you can even feed them.

Property in Indonesia

Today, many people dream of purchasing property in Indonesia profitably and safely. Indonesia-real.Estate will assist you do this. Beachfront property in Indonesia suggests amazing advantages and prospects. From the affordability and variety of seaside towns to the possibility of extra revenue and luxury living, these advantages make beachfront properties particularly appealing to numerous investors and tourists.

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