7 Plant Trends to Bring Nature Indoors

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If you live in a place like Toms River, New Jersey, you might be tired of the extremely humid climate in the township. However, you need not worry since we have some great news for you! The latest trend taking the world by storm is bringing the jungle indoors, and you will absolutely love it. 

Indoor plants are the ultimate humidity killers. Not only will they keep your house cool during the summer, but they can also turn the most mundane corner into a lush, tropical escape. No need for expensive renovations. Just add some greenery, and voilà, you’ve got a room makeover fit for an interior design magazine.

So, say goodbye to dull and dreary spaces and make your room come alive with indoor plants. You can even add some in the bathroom. So, buckle up your garden gloves and prepare to turn your house into a sanctuary for plants. Keep reading to discover all the latest plant trends! 

Indoor Plants in the Bathroom

Indoor plants in the bathroom are the secret to turning your morning routine into a tropical spa getaway. It is the ultimate way to bring a breath of fresh air and a touch of nature into your private space. 

If you live in a location with a humid climate, such as Toms River, it would be best to choose plants that thrive in low to medium light conditions. You can make some necessary renovations to create a suitable environment for the plants and also add green elements to your bathroom. We recommend hiring professionals for your renovation or remodeling needs to make sure that the job is done flawlessly. Look up Toms River bathroom remodeling companies to find the right experts for the job. These professional bathroom remodelers can help you turn your bathroom into a nature-inspired space, which is not only relaxing but also practical.

The Bigger, the Better

Big indoor plants are your go-to actors if you want to add some drama and flair to your decor. They steal the show with their majestic presence, making your space look like a stunning botanical theater and taking your decor game from “meh” to “magnificent” in an instant.

Gone are the days of tiny, timid plants hiding in the corners. It’s time to make a statement with some serious greenery. We’re talking about #jungalicious, a trend that celebrates “The bigger, the leafier, and the more eye-catching, the better.” Imagine stepping into your living room and being greeted by a majestic, jungle-inspired oasis where you can escape the mundane and bask in a green wonderland.

Even in the world of minimalism, big indoor plants shine. A single large plant can make a bold, elegant statement, proving that less is more when it comes to green beauty.

An Upcycled Urban Jungle – Greenery with a Twist

Who says your jungle has to be predictable? The Upcycled Urban Jungle idea is all about sustainability and reducing waste. Transform discarded objects into artful displays, proving that beauty can be found in unexpected places.

By repurposing everyday items as planters, you will be saving the planet one step at a time and adding a touch of eco-chic magic to your space. From vintage teapots to quirky old shoes, the possibilities are endless. The best part is that there are no rules! Let your creativity run wild, and watch your indoor garden bloom with character and charm.

Being a plant parent is fulfilling, but being an eco-conscious plant parent is even better. So, combine your love for plants with your commitment to sustainability, making your urban oasis truly green in every sense. You also do not have to splurge on expensive planters while going green.

High-Tech Horticulture

Why let your plants miss out on all the fun in this digital age? Learn the art of blending technology and nature. Your indoor plants are no longer just passive greenery. Thanks to smart sensors and IoT technology, they’re connected to the digital world. From smart irrigation systems to plant-care apps, you can now manage your indoor jungle from the comfort of your couch. Say hello to a new era of communication between you and your leafy companions.

Gone are the days of guessing when to water or fertilize your plants. The smartphone has now become your ultimate plant parenting sidekick. Get real-time updates on your plants’ needs and nurture them like a tech-savvy green guru. These apps can even communicate with you through emojis and animated icons.

Gravity-Defying Elegance

Why limit your indoor garden to the floor when you can install it vertically? Hanging gardens introduce an exciting dimension to your space, turning walls and ceilings into living canvases of lush greenery. Hanging gardens take plant decor to new heights, quite literally. These botanical beauties, suspended in mid-air, exude an elegant and ethereal charm that captivates anyone who enters the room.

Living in cozy luxury apartments or having limited floor spaces? No problem. Hanging gardens make the most of vertical real estate, turning even the tiniest nook into a green haven. They’re perfect for urban dwellers craving a touch of nature in limited space. They maximize your room’s potential by utilizing the often-underutilized vertical space, creating an enchanting oasis without sacrificing floor space.

Herbs in the Kitchen

No more last-minute grocery store runs for fresh herbs. With a kitchen herb garden, you have an array of flavors right at your command. All the top chefs swear by the power of fresh herbs, and now you can too. Elevate your culinary skills to gourmet levels as you add aromatic basil, zesty mint, and earthy rosemary to your masterpieces.

The best part of an herb garden in the kitchen is the aromatic symphony of scents. Each herb releases its unique perfume, turning your cooking space into a heavenly oasis of fragrance. Also, you can say goodbye to wasteful store-bought herb packages. With a kitchen herb garden, you reduce plastic waste and save money by growing your fresh herbs.


Variegation is like nature’s own brush, creating intricate patterns on leaves that are nothing short of living masterpieces. In a sea of green, variegated plants stand out like stars in the night sky. Their eye-catching colors and patterns draw attention, making them a stunning focal point in any indoor or outdoor space. From delicate splashes of white to bold strokes of yellow, every variegated leaf is a unique work of art. 

Also, these plants add a touch of playfulness to the plant world. Each leaf seems to have its unique personality, as if Mother Nature herself indulged in a joyful paint party.


Life can be stressful, but big indoor plants are here to the rescue. Their calming presence and soothing vibes will turn your home into a place of relaxation. Not just that, but it can also effortlessly trap pollutants and toxins. Sure, you could buy one of those fancy air purifiers. However, the easier and more sustainable option would be to let nature do the job in style. So, follow the aforementioned plant trends to bring the beauty of nature indoors today!

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