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How To Become A Foster Parent In Ohio?

October 17, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Anyone who has a heart for children in need and wants to make a difference in their lives can become a foster parent in Ohio. The process of becoming one is not as complicated as one might think. All it takes is completing an application, attending training, passing background checks and being licensed by the state.

The first step to becoming a foster parent is completing an application. The application will ask questions about your personal life, work history, health and finances. It is important to be honest on the application as any misrepresentation could disqualify you from being a foster parent.

After the application is complete, the next step is attending training. Training will teach you how to care for children with special needs, how to deal with difficult behaviors and how to navigate the child welfare system. Attendance at all trainings is required in order to become a licensed foster parent.

Once you have completed training, the next step is passing background checks. Background checks are completed on all adults in the household over 18 years of age. These checks include criminal history, child abuse and neglect registry check and fingerprinting through BCI&I (Bureau of Criminal Investigation & Identification).

After successfully completing the above steps, you will then be licensed by the state of Ohio as a resource family (foster home). A licensing worker will complete an inspection of your home to ensure it meets all safety requirements set forth by the state.

  • Research the requirements
  • Each state has different requirements for foster parents, so it is important to research what is required in Ohio specifically
  • Some general requirements may include being at least 21 years old, having a stable income, and passing a criminal background check and home study
  • Complete necessary training
  • Once you have determined that you meet the basic requirements to be a foster parent in Ohio, you will need to complete mandatory training courses
  • These courses are designed to help prepare you for the challenges of fostering and provide you with essential information about the foster care system in Ohio
  • Apply to become a licensed foster parent
  • Once you have completed your training, you can then apply to become a licensed foster parent in Ohio through the state’s Department of Job and Family Services (DJFS)
  • The application process includes an interview, home inspection, and reference checks
  • Be matched with a child or children in need of placement
  • If your application is approved, you will then be matched with one or more children who are in need of placement in a foster home
  • The DJFS will take into consideration your preferences and needs when making this match
  • Welcome your new child or children into your home! After all paperwork has been finalized, you can then welcome your new child or children into your home and begin providing them with the love and care they need during this difficult time in their lives

Process of becoming licensed Foster Parents in Ohio!

What Disqualifies You from Being a Foster Parent

In order to become a foster parent, there are a few qualifications that you must meet. First and foremost, you must be at least 21 years of age. You also need to have a regular source of income and stable housing.

Additionally, you must be able to pass a criminal background check and drug test. There are also several things that can disqualify you from becoming a foster parent. If you have been convicted of a felony, or have any pending felony charges, you will not be eligible.

Additionally, if you have been convicted of certain misdemeanors, such as child abuse or domestic violence, you will also be disqualified. Other reasons for disqualification include having an active substance abuse problem or having a history of mental health issues.

How To Become A Foster Parent In Ohio?


How Much Do Foster Parents Get Paid Per Child in Ohio?

Foster parents in Ohio receive a daily rate for each child in their care, plus a per-child clothing allowance and reimbursement for other expenses. The daily rate ranges from $17 to $30 per day, depending on the child’s age and needs. The clothing allowance is $200 per year for each foster child, and other reimbursable expenses include medical and dental care, transportation, and educational supplies.

What Disqualifies You from Being a Foster Parent in Ohio?

The process of becoming a foster parent in Ohio starts with an inquiry. After the initial contact, potential foster parents must participate in an orientation, followed by training. They also must pass criminal background and child abuse/neglect checks, as well as a home study.

There are several things that could disqualify someone from being a foster parent in Ohio. These include: • A history of domestic violence or child abuse/neglect

• A felony conviction within the past 10 years (unless it was for a nonviolent offense) • A drug-related offense within the past 5 years • An active substance abuse problem

How Long Does It Take to Get a Foster License in Ohio?

In Ohio, the process of becoming a licensed foster parent generally takes between two and six months. The first step is to attend an orientation meeting, which provides potential foster parents with information about the requirements and expectations of the program. After attending the orientation, interested individuals must submit an application packet, which includes criminal background checks and references.

Once the application is approved, applicants must participate in a home study conducted by a social worker. The home study assesses the applicant’s readiness to provide a safe and nurturing environment for a foster child. Finally, once all requirements have been met, the applicant will be issued a foster care license.

Who Might Qualify to Be a Foster Parent?

Foster parenting is a process where an individual or couple takes in a child who is not their own into their home. The foster parents provide care for the child until he or she is either placed with another family or returns to his or her birth family. There are many different types of foster care, and each state has its own specific requirements for becoming a foster parent.

However, there are some general requirements that all prospective foster parents must meet in order to be considered for the position. Prospective foster parents must be at least 21 years of age and have a stable income. They must also pass a criminal background check and a home study conducted by a licensed social worker.

In addition, they must complete training on topics such as child development and abuse/neglect prevention. Some states also require that prospective foster parents have experience caring for children, although this is not always necessary. Individuals who have been convicted of certain crimes, such as child abuse or neglect, violent crimes, or sexual offenses, are typically not allowed to become foster parents.

People who are currently using illegal drugs or abusing alcohol are also ineligible to fostering children . Lastly, those with a history of mental health issues may also be disqualified from being able to provide care for children in need .


If you have ever considered becoming a foster parent in Ohio, there are a few things you need to know. The process can seem daunting, but we will walk you through everything you need to do in order to become a licensed foster parent in the state of Ohio. The first step is attending an orientation meeting.

These meetings are typically held by the county children services agency or a private child placing agency. At the orientation, you will learn about the different types of fostering, what the expectations are of foster parents, and what kinds of support and training is available to you. The next step is completing an application.

This application will ask questions about your background, your home life, and your motivation for wanting to become a foster parent. Once your application is complete, it will be reviewed by someone from the agency you applied with. If they have any questions for you or would like to set up an interview, they will contact you at this time.

After your application has been approved and an interview has been completed successfully, the next step is taking part in required training courses. The number of courses required varies by state, but in Ohio all potential foster parents must complete at least 27 hours of Pre-Service Training before being licensed. These courses cover topics such as child development, cultural competence, trauma-informed care, and more.

Once all required coursework has been completed and passed with flying colors, congratulations! You are now ready to begin caring for children as a licensed foster parent in Ohio!

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