The 10 Best Stress Balls For Kids To Buy Online

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December 30, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

If you’re like most people, you want the best stress balls for kids available to help you meet your needs. But with so many choices, it can be hard to know where to start. How can you be sure you’re getting the right stress balls for kids for your money? We’ve rounded up the top stress balls for kids on the market so that you can find the perfect one. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide to help you make the best decision for your needs. So keep scrolling and check out our top 10 list.

Our Picks

1Power Your Fun Arggh Mini Stress Balls for Adults and ... Top Pick

Power Your Fun Arggh Mini Stress Balls for Adults and …

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2Pop Ball It Fidget Toys 4 PCS, 3D Squeeze Pop ... Best Quality

Pop Ball It Fidget Toys 4 PCS, 3D Squeeze Pop …

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3KDG Motivational Stress Balls(4 Pack) for Kids and Adults,Stress Relief ... Recommended

KDG Motivational Stress Balls(4 Pack) for Kids and Adults,Stress Relief …

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4Lumarice Stress Balls (5 Pack) for Kids and Adults - ...

Lumarice Stress Balls (5 Pack) for Kids and Adults – …

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5Mydio Set of 24 Stress Balls Stress Reliver Party Favor ...

Mydio Set of 24 Stress Balls Stress Reliver Party Favor …

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6Stress Relief Balls (3-pack) - Tear-Resistant, Non-toxic, No BPA/Phthalate/Latex (Colors ...

Stress Relief Balls (3-pack) – Tear-Resistant, Non-toxic, No BPA/Phthalate/Latex (Colors …

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7Bulk Mini Stress Balls (25 Pack) 2-3 Inch Soft Squeezable ...

Bulk Mini Stress Balls (25 Pack) 2-3 Inch Soft Squeezable …

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8Squishy Stress Balls for Kids Fidget Toys - 6 Pack ...

Squishy Stress Balls for Kids Fidget Toys – 6 Pack …

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9BUNMO Stress Balls - Color Changing Stress Balls for Kids. ...

BUNMO Stress Balls – Color Changing Stress Balls for Kids. …

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10Wang-Data 24 Pack Squeezable World Stress Balls for Kids Mini ...

Wang-Data 24 Pack Squeezable World Stress Balls for Kids Mini …

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Review of Stress Balls For Kids

Top Pick

Power Your Fun Arggh Mini Stress Balls for Adults and ...

1. Power Your Fun Arggh Mini Stress Balls for Adults and …

  • Brand: Power Your Fun
  • Manufacturer: Power Your Fun
  • Color: Blue/Yellow/Pink


  • COLOR CHANGING SQUISHY BALLS: Vent stress, anxiety, anger or use as a form of calming toy to aid in concentration and focus; squeeze these stress relief fidget toys and see them change colors from yellow to orange, blue to green, and pink to purple
  • CALMING SENSORY TOYS FOR KIDS: Each of these stress balls for kids can also be an effective ADHD ADD Autism toy to help kids relax and focus; these fun sensory balls are safe, nontoxic, tactile toys for kids
  • MORE THAN JUST A SQUISHY STRESS TOY: These squeeze balls can also be used for wrist, hand, and finger exercises; each anti anxiety ball is filled with nontoxic gel and measures 2.5 inches in diameter; recommended for ages 8+
  • FUN YOU CAN COUNT ON: These mini fidget stress relief toys make great sensory toys, desk toys, novelty toys and more; We’ll provide a full refund if you’re not thrilled with our mini Arggh! stress balls
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: After frequent usage, we recommend washing these mini stress balls with dish soap and warm water, air dry, and then lightly apply a small amount of baby powder to make the stress balls as good as new

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Best Quality

Pop Ball It Fidget Toys 4 PCS, 3D Squeeze Pop ...

2. Pop Ball It Fidget Toys 4 PCS, 3D Squeeze Pop …

  • Brand: Genuvi
  • Manufacturer: Genuvi
  • Color: Tie-dye
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.77 Inches Width: 2.77 Inches Length: 2.77 Inches


  • 【 Safe Material Classroom Prizes 】Designed with rainbow color, our squishy party favors fidget toys pack is made of non-BPA and non-toxic silicone, which is durable and 100% safe for all infant children 3-5 to play. Stress balls bulk box figet are not easily deformed, Desk squishies toys for 1 2 3 4 5 6 year old boys push bubbles poppet figit.
  • 【 Release Stress & Anxiety 】The 3d mini pop ball it baby toys will make a popping sound when you pree the fidgits buble button, allowing you to relief. Surprise your kids ages 8-12 month with a unique sesory kids toys birthday gifts packs, entertaining fidgets poppets that will keep them engaged for hours. Figittoys poppit for school party favor supplies.
  • 【 Portable Size Outdoor 】The size of the squeeze poppers toddler toys are 2.77inch/7.05cm, you don’t have to worry about babies eating by mistake. Small size and light weight let you can hold with one hand. Best bath toys for girls kid child teens adult are very easy to store and carry, allowing you to easily relieve squish pressure at any time.
  • 【 Interactive Fidget Toy Set 】Easy interactive sqishys autism sensory toys for toddlers 1-3 0-6 age game, sets your own rules and play bubble games with our big adhd toys for 1 year old boy which can not only improves relationships and increases intimacy with your friends or families but also cultivate logical thinking and train sensory abilities.
  • 【 Use at Any Time 】 Figetget It Pop Set popets Suitable for inattention, hyperactivity, students, girl, adults and teen, office table decompression, fatigue, autistic children’s squishy toys. Fidget pack kids toys months under dollars 10 can use in offices, homes, libraries, stations, physiotherapy rooms and travel to enjoy the fun of antistress.

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KDG Motivational Stress Balls(4 Pack) for Kids and Adults,Stress Relief ...

3. KDG Motivational Stress Balls(4 Pack) for Kids and Adults,Stress Relief …

  • Brand: KDG
  • Manufacturer: KDG
  • Color: 4 Pack
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.362204722 Inches Width: 6.1023621985 Inches Length: 5.511811018 Inches


  • 【Multiple functions】The stress relief ball with inspirational quotes can not only help people focus, relief stress of life, keep the mood relaxed, relieve anxiety and autism, etc.. It can also help people recover and strengthen their hands after surgery and when using computers always.Bringing inspiration to life, a preferred gift for employees, family members, and as a decoration.
  • 【Suitable for all ages】Suitable for children, school teachers, teenagers, office workers, athletes, the elderly, injured people, etc. It can be squeezed and played with almost anywhere to stress relief
  • 【High quality 】stress balls with stain-resistant, tear-resistant, tough, and non-toxic, and because they have a smooth, non-stick exterior, they can be wiped clean with a paper soaked in water. In addition, they are light and easy to Carry it with you.
  • 【Inspirational Quotes】 4 pack stress balls with different inspirational quotes, such as “Yes, I can do it” and so on. When you spend all night studying for exams at school, or have a hard time concentrating at work, the purpose of using these balls to reduce stress is to help you overcome these stressful situations in your life.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Service】To make sure you are 100% satisfied with our products, if you have questions about this product, you can contact us at any time and we will give you a satisfactory answer.

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Lumarice Stress Balls (5 Pack) for Kids and Adults - ...

4. Lumarice Stress Balls (5 Pack) for Kids and Adults – …

  • Brand: Lumarice
  • Manufacturer: Lumarice
  • Color: Motivational quotes


  • CRUSH AWAY STRESS AND ANXIETY – Combine a positive affirmation with a fidget outlet for a double dose of stress relief. These stress balls come with happy quotes written on them to help calm your mind and shift your thoughts from stress to positivity. This is also something workaholics can use in the office. It will make a difference in your productivity!
  • HAND RECOVERY KIT – Improve strength, dexterity, endurance, and flexibility of your hands, wrist, fingers, and forearms with these hand therapy exercise balls. Reduce stiffness and joint pain by stimulating blood circulation in the forearm and hand. The squeeze ball is ideal for typists, weightlifters or professionals who involve the use of fingers.
  • POPULAR CLASSROOM GIVEAWAYS – These anxiety relief toys are great gifts for teachers! They’re also great classroom supplies to help stressed-out students to calm down or focus attention. Choose this Stress Toy Assortment for play at home, vacation, camp, or as fun rewards at school. Stress toys also make great game prizes and party favors kids will love!
  • PERFECT GRIP SIZE – These squeeze balls are sized to comfortably fit adult and children’s hands with an outer diameter of 6.3 cm. Each Ball is perfectly sized for grip strength training for men, women, athletes, musicians, office staff and students, as well as those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, phlebotomy grip and rehabilitation needs.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY, DURABLE & SAFE – Our hand grip balls are created with a premium composite material that is odorless and non-toxic. These Stress Balls are tear and split resistant, they will not break open or change shape even after constant use.

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Mydio Set of 24 Stress Balls Stress Reliver Party Favor ...

5. Mydio Set of 24 Stress Balls Stress Reliver Party Favor …

  • Brand: Mydio
  • Manufacturer: Mydio
  • Color: Funny
  • Dimensions: Height: 4.49 Inches Width: 8.5 Inches Length: 9.61 Inches


  • Package included:24 pcs Colorful Soft Balls
  • Each ball is the Same Size:ball diameter approx 2.48”
  • When the mood is not good, you can use these ball to vent
  • Best Toy For Any Party, Goody Bag Toy, Giveaway, Holiday gift, Gag Toy Etc
  • Very good pressure release appliance, also can be used as a toy for fun. Perfect gift for your friends, its fans or yourself to relax

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Stress Relief Balls (3-pack) - Tear-Resistant, Non-toxic, No BPA/Phthalate/Latex (Colors ...

6. Stress Relief Balls (3-pack) – Tear-Resistant, Non-toxic, No BPA/Phthalate/Latex (Colors …

  • Brand: IMPRESA
  • Manufacturer: Impresa Products
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.5 Inches Width: 2.5 Inches Length: 7.0 Inches Weight: 0.375 Pounds `


  • The Ideal Squishy Stress Relief Ball: Whether in search of stress relief toys / relievers or a new fidget toy, our squishy balls will smoosh, squeeze, stretch, pull, toss, bounce and then immediately return to their original shape. Simple squishy stress ball stress relief!
  • No Additives: Made with 100% high-quality thermoplastic rubber, they have no BPAs, phthalates and latex. Our stress relief balls are strong, durable and a great stress ball for kids AND adults. Makes for a great gift!
  • So Many Uses: Ideal for the classroom, home or office, they’re great for teachers, students and anyone else. A great alternative to mesh, bead and other squishies balls. Each ball is 2.25″ in diameter. 3-pack stress balls incl. 1 blue, 1 red, 1 yellow
  • Great For Children Of All Needs: Squishy stress ball relief is useful for all children and adults, but especially those with ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high anxiety levels. These toys help promote a sense of calm, help educe stress / anxiety and can help to increase focus / attention
  • Super Tear Resistant: highly tear-resistant and are designed to not break open. By using unique production methods, we have created a pliable, stretchable 100% TPR ball that is a great alternative to other stress relief balls. Care Instructions: After frequent usage, we recommend washing with dish soap and warm water, air dry and then lightly apply a small amount of baby powder to make them good as new!

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Bulk Mini Stress Balls (25 Pack) 2-3 Inch Soft Squeezable ...

7. Bulk Mini Stress Balls (25 Pack) 2-3 Inch Soft Squeezable …

  • Brand: Bedwina
  • Manufacturer: Bedwina


  • ASSORTED MEGA PACK OF 25 STRESS BALLS: Each order of stress balls includes a total if 25 – 2 and 3 inch Stress balls in a variety of different shapes and colors Includes Happy Face, Football, Star, Basketball, Soccer, Globe And More
  • CALMING FUN SENSORY TOYS: This assortment of 2-inch stress balls for kids is made of soft foam, very fun to squeeze, fidget with at any age and the perfect size to fit in little hands. Stress balls help in lowering levels of stress and tension that can help to improve you and your kids’ quality of life
  • HIGH QUALITY SOFT FOAM: Bedwina stress balls are made from high quality durable foam material, feature an assortment of fun designs perfect for party favors, birthday party gifts, carnival prizes, classroom treasure boxes, games, Non-Candy Halloween Treats and more
  • ULTIMATE VALUE – GREAT FOR PARTY FAVORS: If you’re looking for bulk high-quality stress balls for your kids, then this is the best value deal for you. They are easy to squeeze, keep your hands busy, reduce stress and anxiety while boosting your focus and attention. For Kids Ages 3+

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Squishy Stress Balls for Kids Fidget Toys - 6 Pack ...

8. Squishy Stress Balls for Kids Fidget Toys – 6 Pack …

  • Brand: BAUTVAS
  • Manufacturer: BAUTVAS
  • Color: 6set
  • Dimensions: Height: 6.299212592 Inches Width: 2.362204722 Inches Length: 5.511811018 Inches


  • 【STRESS BALLS SET】: This ball set comes with 6 different styles of colorful stress balls, including 1 crystal stress balls ,1 spiky water bead ball, 1 color water beads balls, 1 squishy purple ball, mesh grape balls, 1 rainbow stress ball . Playing these stress balls fidget toys can help people calm and increase focus. What’s more, bright colors can help children acquire a strong sense of color, enhance their color cognition.
  • 【SENSORY TOYS PACK FOR KIDS ADULTS】: Our fidget balls set is designed for ADHD, autism, anxiety to help them calm down and release their stress. When you squeeze the squish ball of pressure, the squish ball of pressure in the ball flow, during which they constantly want to pinch the water beads bursts psychology, thus achieving the role of releasing pressure and relieving stress. Stress ball fidget toys are an excellent tool to exercise the hands of children and adults.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS】: The material of these squish balls is very safe for kids and adults. These stress balls are made of durable TPR rubber which is of great elasticity. Our fidget stress balls are of smoothest feeling, no matter how you smoosh, squeeze, stretch, pull, toss them, they will return to their original shape.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE】: The small size and the 0.2 lbs weight makes it easy on the hands and can be placed around the house, in the kids’ bedroom, living room, office, and can be brought to school or while traveling. Place it in your bag and carry it anywhere. It’s sharable between siblings, friends, and officemates.
  • 【WONDERFUL STRESS RELIEF GIFT】: The stress fidget toy is an ideal gift for teens, adults, even the elders. Suitable for home, office, school, Preschool educational games, family gatherings and other occasions in people’s daily life. 6 packs in this stress ball set enough for people to play with their family, friends and officemates together. Everyone could benefit from the stress ball fidget toys.

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BUNMO Stress Balls - Color Changing Stress Balls for Kids. ...

9. BUNMO Stress Balls – Color Changing Stress Balls for Kids. …

  • Brand: BunMo
  • Manufacturer: BUNMO
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.5590551155 Inches Width: 2.5590551155 Inches Length: 7.2834645595 Inches
  • Edition: Pink, Green and Blue


  • Extremely durable stress ball: Our color-changing stress balls are the thickest in the market. Our Chameleon squishy balls are made from more concentrated casting TPR, so you know the three-pack squishy balls fidget toys for kids or stress balls for adults are the most durable you are going to find anywhere!
  • Color-changing stress balls: When you squeeze the Chameleon stress ball, it transforms into another color. The squishy toys are great for having fun and relieving any stress or tension. The fidget ball colors are gorgeous and easy to hold on to, making them perfect fidget toys or sensory toys.
  • Bang for your buck fidget pack: Our Chameleon stress balls are affordable, stronger, and incredibly fun. Squeezing our squishy fidget toys will help you focus in school, work, or at home! This makes these fidget balls the ideal fidget toy, sensory toy, ADHD fidget toys, autism toy, anxiety toys, or stress toy.
  • Safe squishy ball for everyone: Our Chameleon stress balls for kids and adults are quality tested for durability and safety, so anyone can gladly use this fidget toy. This sensory toy produces no noise, making it the perfect quiet fidget toys and sensory toys for autistic children. Increase hand and arm strength by simply squeezing any one of the included stress balls.
  • Happiness-focused stress balls: BUNMO creates fidget toys & sensory toys that everyone can enjoy. This three-pack of nontoxic and chemical-free stress balls adds flawlessly to your collection of other stocking stuffers. Keep hands busy, tackle anxiety, and have limitless fun using our stress toys. If you have an issue, reach out to us. We promise happiness.

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Wang-Data 24 Pack Squeezable World Stress Balls for Kids Mini ...

10. Wang-Data 24 Pack Squeezable World Stress Balls for Kids Mini …

  • Brand: Wang-Data
  • Manufacturer: WUTR
  • Color: blue


  • PACKAGE INCLUDE:24 pack 2.5″ in diameter World Map Squeeze Globe Stress Balls.
  • TENSION | STRESS RELIEF: Relieves tension associated with carpal tunnel, anxiety and other muscle and nerve injuries. Rolling and massaging the ball also eases away stress and anxiety from a long day of school or work.
  • INCREASED BLOOD FLOW: Squeezing the ball with a pumping action encourages blood circulation and oxygen flow throughout the hands and arms, which rehabilitates pain; helping you to feel more energized and lively.
  • EXCITING: The stress balls are bundles of joy at children’s parties and they keep those busy bodies occupied all day. Your kids can engulf themselves in essential hours of healthy play and exercise with the squeezable balls.
  • REHABILITATIVE: Can be used as a therapeutic treatment for people recovering from injuries to the arms or hands. Promotes the growth and the strengthening of damaged, worn out muscle tissue in the hands and arm regions.

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Keep In Mind When Shopping stress balls for kids Online

A few things to remember when buying stress balls for kids online: Make sure the website is reputable. There are a lot of scams out there, so it is important to research the website before making a purchase. Check the return policy. Most reputable websites have a return policy, but it is always good to double-check. Finally, make sure the website is secure.

How To Choose The Right stress balls for kids?

Here are some essential factors which help you select stress balls for kids.


There are many factors to consider when purchasing stress balls for kids. One important factor is price. It is essential to compare the prices of similar items before making a purchase. Prices can vary significantly between brands and stores. Additionally, sales and coupons can save you money on your purchase. Therefore, it is important to consider cost when buying stress balls for kids to get the best value for your money.

The Brand

It is important to consider the brand when making a purchase. With so many stress balls for kids on the market, deciding which one to buy can be overwhelming. However, by considering the best stress balls for kids brand, you can narrow down your choices and make a more informed decision. Additionally, considering the brand can help you determine the item’s quality.


Features are important considerations to make when purchasing items. Evaluating the features of stress balls for kids before buying can save time and money. Different stress balls for kids have different features that may be more or less important to consumers. It is important to read reviews and compare before making a purchase. By taking into account the features of stress balls for kids, buyers can be more informed and satisfied with their purchases.

Customer Reviews

Before buying on Amazon, it is important to read customer reviews. By reading reviews, customers can get an idea of the pros and cons of stress balls for kids, as well as whether or not it is worth the price. Additionally, reviews can provide insights that the description may not mention. For example, a review might mention that a certain book is poorly written or that a piece of clothing runs small.

5 Simple Questions To Ask Before Buying stress balls for kids

When it comes to buying stress balls for kids, there are a few simple questions you should always ask yourself:

  • Does the stress balls for kids have any special features or benefits?
  • Can I afford this stress balls for kids?
  • Do I really need this stress balls for kids?
  • What are the reviews saying about this stress balls for kids?
  • What are the return/exchange policy for the stress balls for kids?

Why Trust Classified Mom?

Our review is trustworthy because the author Marjorie Rogers is a review writer experienced in the field and has looked at all aspects of the stress balls for kids. We believe that it is important to be objective and unbiased in our reviews so that consumers can make the best decision possible. Thank you for taking the time to read our review!

One Last Thought

It is important to buy the best stress balls for kids that you can afford. By doing this, you will get the most use out of it and it will last longer. This will save you money in the long run and help you to avoid problems down the road. After reading the review and buying guide, you get a clear idea of which one is best for you. If still confused, leave a message here.

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