10 Best Newborn Gifts in 2021

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April 14, 2021 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

The best baby gifts are the ones that are the most useful. Not only do they get your money’s worth with each use, but they also make life convenient and easier for the new parents-to-be. Personalized items also make the best gifts because they’ll always hold a special place in their hearts and memories.

When trying to shop for the best gifts, you may be thinking that the more expensive, the better. However, this is far from the truth. The smallest, most inexpensive gifts can be the best. For example, a simple bottle brush is something every newborn parent will use.

When you pair a bottle brush with a grass drying rack, some baby dish soap and a few bottles, that’s the best, if not, the most useful gift set you can give. Below is a list of the best newborn gifts of 2021.

Birth Announcements at Sandstone Avenue

What parent doesn’t want to announce their new addition to the world? Birth announcements are a popular way to show off your new addition. These types of announcements can be personalized to have the baby’s name engraved, while others parents can just fill out with the baby’s birth weight, length and time of birth.

If you’ve been on Instagram, chances are you have seen these cute pictures with the announcement sign next to a sleeping baby at the hospital. (And, they are so much better than the typical letter board.)

Baby Sleep Sacks from Ergobaby

Nighttime sleep is particularly worrisome for some parents. Concerns such as SIDS, whether the baby is too hot or too cold, or if the baby is swaddled properly are all on every parent’s mind at night. One item that comes in handy is a sleep sack.

A sleep sack is a way to keep a baby warm and cozy at night without having to worry about a swaddle coming undone. Sleep sacks may be used at birth or can be a great transition once the baby grows out of the swaddle stage.

Hatch Rest Sound Machine, Night Light & Time-to-Rise

Most babies need some kind of white noise to get some rest. Maybe it’s because they are used to hearing all kinds of sounds while in the womb. The Hatch Rest Sound Machine allows parents to control the type of sound from their phone.

Along with the sound, it also functions as a nightlight that allows parents to choose the color and brightness. If you’re familiar with nighttime feedings, then you will know why a nightlight in the nursery is a must.

Owlet Smart Sock Monitor

As mentioned previously, nighttime is a major concern for parents. The Owlet Smart Sock Monitor is a gadget that provides parents with a little more peace of mind. By simply placing the sock on the baby’s foot, the sock monitors the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. If the monitor suspects potential danger by low oxygen level or heart rate readings, it will notify the parents through their phones, and an alarm at the base station, so you can check on the baby right away.

Boppy Newborn Lounger

A newborn lounger is a great way to allow a newborn to lay next to parents while they’re awake. This pillow is designed to cradle the baby so mom and dad can have a hands-free moment when they need it. It cradles the baby at an angle so that they can somewhat sit up like a rocker, while keeping them fully supported. It’s also a great way to keep the baby sitting up after a feeding for better digestion.

Formula Dispenser

If you know the parents are planning on feeding their baby formula either right away or later on, this is one of the best gifts that you can give them. Just like what a Keurig does with coffee, this machine is able to mix the formula with warm water automatically.

A great feature about the Baby Brezza formula dispenser is that it works with all bottles and all formulas. Another convenient feature is that it allows parents to use their WiFi to make a bottle from their phone.

Portable Bottle Warmer

Speaking of formula, there’s also a bottle warmer available for moms on the go. This bottle warmer does not need a power outlet to warm the baby’s bottle. Whether it’s breastmilk or formula that needs to be heated for baby’s mealtime, this gadget is so convenient because it doesn’t matter where mom goes, mealtime can be anywhere.

Baby Carrier

There’s nothing worse for parents than being in the middle of something while their baby is having a meltdown. A baby carrier is a great gift because it allows them to keep the baby close when they need to have their hands free for cooking, that Zoom meeting or helping an older child.

It’s great for traveling as well because it allows parents to carry their baby while walking through the airport rolling luggage or while on a trip sightseeing with family.


Another great way to travel with a baby is with a DockATot. It allows the baby to safely sleep, play and lounge in this “dock.” Babies can safely sleep in the bed with their parents while in the dock at times when a crib isn’t available. Because a pack-n-play may be too much to pack or too heavy to lug (especially in the newborn stage when it’s not as needed), the DockATot is a better option.

Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

Baby monitors are more on the pricier end but are totally worth it knowing that parents will use them every night and for naptime for the upcoming years. Even at the toddler stage, parents are choosing to use a baby monitor until their little ones are old enough to feel comfortable without one.

The more convenient monitors are the ones that come with a wall mount so that the camera is pointed from a bird’s eye view so they can see the entire crib and surrounding area instead of just the side view.

Some items to steer clear from when choosing baby gifts are hygiene items such as shampoos, lotions and soaps. Because a lot of newborns are born with sensitive skin, parents won’t know what kind of soap their baby will need until their little one is here.

Through trial and error, they will know what their baby’s skin reacts to. Therefore, these types of gifts may go unused. However, the good news is that it’s a simple purchase once the parents know what items their baby will need.

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