Is 50 50 Joint Custody a Good Thing?

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March 24, 2021 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Joint Custody refers to the legal decision-making rights that each parent has for the child. Joint custody indicates that both parents deserve to make decisions about the institution, religious beliefs, and so on.

The term 50/50 is generally utilized to define a placement schedule, additionally referred to as shared placement.

These 2 terms are frequently misconstrued. Having joint custody does not necessarily suggest that a 50/50 placement schedule is applied; nevertheless, the courts assume that it remains in the child’s best passion for having as much time as possible with each parent.

Alternating every 2 days schedule
Alternating every 2 days schedule

Placement time can be granted in various schedules; a typical instance is 60/40, which can be applied with an every-other-weekend schedule.

50 50 Joint Custody deals with crucial benefits to children and parents. With joint custody, child assistance is still paid. If a parent has less than 25% positioning, that parent will need to pay the other a percentage of their gross earnings.


That percent would certainly be 17% for one child, 25% for two children, and so on. See all conventional percent prices right here. If there’s a shared positioning schedule in place where both parents have at the very least 92 days or a minimum of 25% of placement, the Wisconsin court uses a shared placement formula.

Children who live in a common treatment plan, particularly 50:50 joint custody, appreciate higher living criteria because of it. Poverty risks are reduced considering that children live across 2 homes. 50 50 custody schedule has a few good benefits and has a few limitations you may need to consider.

If living criteria are reduced in one house, a child’s minimum might offset it in the other. For example, in the poorer house, a child may invest their time analysis, enjoy TELEVISION, and do other low-cost activities.

When remaining with the better-off parent, they could rather play a video game, shop, and eat out at restaurants. Overall, the child appreciates an excellent standard of living.

In many conditions, custody could be eliminated from a parent who willfully and frequently breaches the other parent’s joint legal custody rights. The court will certainly have to identify if the violation was actually willful and if the offense was significant enough to necessitate joint custody discontinuation.

Custody refers to the legal choice-making rights that each parent has for the child. Wisconsin presumes that Joint custody is the most effective scenario for the child. It is very challenging to get sole custody, and the parent arguing for sole custody has to demonstrate why the other parent is unsuited for joint custody.

Positioning describes the physical positioning for the child. Wisconsin laws restrict Judges and Commissioners from considering sex when making custodial decisions. The courts run under the presumption that it is in the child’s most effective rate of interest to maximize the time with each parent.

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