7 Things To Consider When Redoing Kids’ Room

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November 15, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

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Sooner or later every mom wants to redo their kid’s room.

Maybe your kid is getting older and you want to remove all their old things. Or you just want to declutter and revamp its appearance.

Either way, there are a lot of things you can do to make your child’s room both functional and aesthetic. If your kids are old enough, you should take their opinions, ideas and interests into consideration as well.

Let us take at 7 things to consider when redoing your kid’s room.

Eliminate The Clutter

Are you tired of taking ten minutes alone to reach the other side of your kid’s room?

Too many toys and random trinkets can make the room messy, unorganized and difficult to navigate. It can get pretty frustrating especially if you are a busy mom with a million things to do!

Eliminate unnecessary toys including the ones which your child doesn’t play with anymore. Consider investing in things that will help you keep your children’s belongings organized like shelving units, racks and drawers.

Teaching your kids to put their belongings in place can also help keep clutter out of the room.

Patterns & Textures

Children’s rooms should look fun and inviting – not bland and boring. You can incorporate patterns and textures with the help of wallpaper – child-friendly decor, artwork, baskets and accent chairs.

Have your children help in picking them out. 

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, simple things can help elevate the room’s appearance.

Art & Craft Station

Every kid’s room should have a corner dedicated to arts and crafts. It will help the children get away from their screens and engage in something creative.

Have basic stationary, colorful papers, glitter and other crafty items for your kids to experiment with.

Make sure you accommodate space for proper organization otherwise, things can get really messy.

You don’t want to be waking up to glitter all over your floor!

Reading Corner

A reading corner with books should be at the top of your list if you plan to redecorate your kid’s room. Make it cozy and comfortable with the help of blankets and throw pillows.

You can even use lights and curtains to take it to another level!

Ask your kid what style of reading corner they would like and involve them in decorating the space.

Color Combinations

Make sure you use color appropriately – it shouldn’t be overpowering or plain.

Today neutral colored kid’s rooms are a huge trend as opposed to the usual colorful rooms. It can help lend a more refined and modern appearance without compromising on the aesthetic.

However, if your child prefers a colorful room – don’t hesitate to incorporate color. Many parents are led by their own visual preferences instead of their child’s and this can make the kid feel like they aren’t involved.

If you want a more professional opinion consider hiring an interior stylist and work with a good Painting Contractor.

Play With Lights

Not many parents experiment with lights in their kid’s room so now might be a good time to start! Make sure the lights you get are safe and installed at a safe distance away from the reach of little children.

You can utilize wall lights for a soft glow, table lamps and even fairy lights for a whimsical feel.

Make It Personal

Make your kid’s room more personal and intimate with photographs and other keepsakes.

It can be pictures of your kids when they were babies or other memorable moments.

You can do this in the form of a photo wall with multiple photos or a few photo frames of your favorite pictures.


Make sure your kids are happy with the final design idea and they feel comfortable with the whole change.

Your kids’ comfort should be your top priority and make sure all the changes accommodate them.

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