Why Do Cats Like Windows?

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January 4, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

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There’s something about a sun-drenched windowsill that just beckons to a cat. Perhaps it’s the warm rays of sunshine beaming down, or the chance to people watch from a safe and comfortable spot. Whatever the reason, cats love spending time perched in a sunny window.

And luckily for them, there are plenty of cat-friendly windowsills out there designed specifically with their napping needs in mind.

Why Do Cats Like Looking Out the Window? | Cool Cats & The D.E.V.

There are a few reasons cats like windows. For one, they provide a great view of the outdoors. Cats are curious creatures by nature and love to watch the world go by.

They also enjoy basking in the sun – something that’s not always possible if they’re stuck indoors. Another reason cats like windows is because they offer a little bit of independence. While they may enjoy spending time with their humans, they also appreciate having a space where they can be alone and do their own thing.

A window sill is the perfect spot for this – it’s out of the way but still within sight of everything going on. So why do cats like windows? It could be for any number of reasons – or maybe they just can’t resist a good view!

Why Do Cats Like Windows Reddit

There are a variety of reasons cats like windows, according to Reddit users. Some believe it’s because cats enjoy the sun and fresh air. Others think it’s because they enjoy the high vantage point windows provide or the opportunity to watch birds and other animals.

Some even believe that cats see their reflection in windows and mistake it for another cat, which leads to them wanting to investigate further. No matter the reason, one thing is for sure – cats love spending time at windows!

Why Do Cats Like Windows?

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Is It Good for Cats to Look Out the Window?

Yes, it is good for cats to look out the window. Cats enjoy looking at the world outside and watching the birds and other animals. It gives them a sense of security and helps them stay calm.

Additionally, it provides mental stimulation and can help prevent boredom.

Are Windows Stimulating for Cats?

Yes, windows are stimulating for cats. They provide a great view of the outdoors and allow your cat to watch birds, squirrels, and other animals. Cats also enjoy basking in the sunbeam that comes through a window.

Why Do Cats Lick the Windows?

Cats are natural groomers and they see the reflection of themselves in the window which prompts them to give themselves a good lick. It’s also possible that your cat is licking the window because they can see outside and there are birds or other animals that have caught their attention. If your cat is fixated on licking the window, you should provide them with a scratching post or another outlet for their grooming habits.

Why Do Cats Meow at Windows?

There are a few reasons that cats may meow at windows. One reason is that they see another cat outside and want to interact. If there is no other cat present, your cat may be experiencing boredom and looking for something to do.

Additionally, some cats meow at windows because they enjoy the sound their voice makes against the glass. Finally, it’s possible that your cat is trying to let you know that they want to go outside. If your cat typically doesn’t spend much time near windows, it’s worth taking them to the vet for a check-up to rule out any medical causes for their behavior.


There are a few reasons cats like windows. For one, they provide a great view of the outside world for our feline friends. Cats also enjoy basking in the sunbeam that comes through the window.

And lastly, windows give cats a sense of security since they can see everything going on around them.

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