Who Are Rey’S Parents?

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June 6, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Rey’s parents are revealed to be “nobodies” in the star wars saga, according to the latest official explanation given by the film creators. Despite numerous fan theories and speculations, the truth behind her lineage was finally confirmed in star wars: the rise of skywalker.

Rey’s origin story was first introduced in star wars: the force awakens, which left viewers with many questions about her heritage. Fans speculated that she could be the daughter of luke skywalker, obi-wan kenobi, or even the granddaughter of emperor palpatine.

However, in the rise of skywalker, it was revealed that her parents were simply junk traders who abandoned her on the planet jakku. While this revelation may have been disappointing for some viewers, it allowed rey to truly embrace her own identity and rise up as a hero in her own right. Her story serves as a reminder that one’s worth is not determined by their family background.

Who Are Rey'S Parents?

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The Clues Provided In The Star Wars Saga

Who are rey’s parents? : the clues provided in the star wars saga

The star wars movies have finally given us the backstory of rey, a fan-favorite character. But the lingering question of her parentage still haunts us. We will explore the clues provided by the star wars saga as we try to uncover the mystery surrounding rey’s lineage.

Discuss The Key Hints About Rey’S Parentage Provided Throughout The Star Wars Movies, Including The Force Awakens And The Last Jedi.

The star wars series has planted several hints related to rey’s parents throughout various episodes. Some of the most crucial clues include:

  • Rey’s sudden connection with the force, even though she had no formal jedi training. This suggests that she may have some jedi heritage.
  • The fact that rey was abandoned on a desert planet as a child. This is very similar to luke’s abandonment in the original trilogy, indicating a potential family connection.
  • Kylo ren’s obsession with rey in the force awakens makes us wonder why he holds her in such high regard. Could it be that they are related?
  • In the last jedi, kylo ren tells rey that her parents were “nobody.” However, this statement may not be entirely true since he was trying to manipulate her emotionally at the time.

Analyze The Character Traits And Backgrounds Of Characters Like Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, And Rey Herself To Uncover Possible Connections.

The traits and backgrounds of various star wars characters provide additional hints about rey’s parentage:

  • Luke skywalker is the most influential jedi in the series and is rumored to be rey’s father. His exile to ahch-to and rey’s eagerness to find him suggest that there’s a family connection.
  • Kylo ren is one of rey’s biggest rivals and is revealed to be her cousin. The shared skywalker family lineage suggests that rey might have some connection to kylo, as they both possess strong force abilities.
  • Rey’s tenacity, quick thinking, and strength in the force make her a character to watch. However, her humble origins suggest that there might be a dark secret in her family tree.

Explore Theories And Fan Assumptions Based On The Star Wars Clues.

Star wars fans love to speculate and come up with different theories about the characters, so it’s no surprise that countless theories exist about rey’s parents. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • Rey is luke’s daughter or another relative.
  • Rey is the daughter of one of the “knights of ren.”
  • Rey is a clone of luke, anakin skywalker, or emperor palpatine.
  • Rey is a surviving member of the jedi temple massacre or one of the jedi students who fled.

The star wars series provides us with many hints and clues about rey’s family background, but we are yet to know the truth. With more star wars movies on the horizon, we hope to find out more about rey and her family history.

Parallel Themes And Symbolism

Throughout the star wars saga, several themes and motifs have been explored, including family, abandonment, and lineage. These themes play a significant role in the identity and character development of the main protagonists.

  • Family: Family is a critical theme in the star wars universe. Luke skywalker and darth vader’s relationship revolves around the father-son bond. Similarly, the relationship between rey and her parents has significant parallels to vader and luke’s bond.
  • Abandonment: In the star wars universe, characters are often abandoned by their families, which shapes their future. Rey’s parents’ abandonment is similar to how luke and leia were separated as babies.
  • Lineage: In star wars, lineage is a crucial factor that influences a character’s destiny. Darth vader’s relationship with the skywalker family is an example of how one’s lineage can determine their future.

The Symbolism Of Rey’S Journey

Rey’s journey symbolizes many things, including her relationship with her parents and her eventual realization of her true identity.

  • Her journey as a scavenger: Rey’s journey as a scavenger represents her life of hardship, a reflection of the tough life she led without parents.
  • The force: Rey’s encounter with the force symbolizes a connection to her past, present, and future. It is a sign of her potential and her desire to find her parents.
  • Finding her identity: Rey’s journey to find her identity is symbolic of her search for her parents. During her journey, she learns about herself, and eventually realizes that her true identity is not defined by her parents.

Influence Of Empowerment, Individualism, And Redemption

The themes of empowerment, individualism, and redemption play a significant role in shaping the story of rey and her parents.

  • Empowerment: Rey’s journey to find her true identity is an example of empowerment. She takes the initiative to find her parents, and this strengthens her character.
  • Individualism: Rey’s story shows how one can shape their destiny, irrespective of their family. Her journey represents individualism and the power to rise above one’s circumstances.
  • Redemption: The redemption angle in star wars is often associated with family and lineage. Anakin’s redemption as darth vader was achieved through luke skywalker’s determination and love. Rey’s story may lead to redemption for her family, who abandoned her.

The mystery surrounding rey’s parents is an engaging thread throughout the star wars universe. Understanding the parallel themes and motifs, the symbolism of rey’s journey, and the role of empowerment, individualism, and redemption helps us appreciate the significance of rey’s story in the franchise.

The Reveal And Its Implications

After years of speculation and anticipation, the revelation of rey’s parents was a significant moment in star wars history. The rise of skywalker brought answers to lingering questions, but it also raised new ones. Let’s analyze the reveal of rey’s parents in the rise of skywalker and its implications on the franchise’s future.

Analyze The Reveal Of Rey’S Parents In The Rise Of Skywalker And How It Affects The Previous Theories And Speculations.

  • In the last jedi, kylo ren revealed to rey that her parents were “nobodies,” which ignited a wave of speculation about her origin. However, the revelation in the rise of skywalker was that rey’s grandfather was none other than emperor palpatine.
  • The reveal provided a cathartic moment for fans who had been speculating for years. At the same time, it proved to the world that the sequel trilogy could surprise even the most obsessed and critical followers.
  • The revelation also created a divide in the star wars community. Some felt that it was a cheap cop-out, while others appreciated the unexpected twist.

Discuss The Impact This Revelation Has On Rey’S Personal Journey And How It Concludes Her Story Arc.

  • The revelation of rey’s roots filled in a blank page in her personal journey, giving a sense of belonging to a character that felt lost.
  • It provided rey with a newfound sense of agency, empowering her own self-discovery over her heritage.
  • The discovery that her grandfather was the most notorious dark side user in the galaxy, earned rey a major obstacle to overcome, highlighting her strength and resilience.
  • While the ending left some questions unanswered, this revelation concluded rey’s story arc in an emotional and satisfying way.

Evaluate The Fan Reaction And Overall Implications Of The Reveal For Future Star Wars Installations.

  • The reveal generated mixed reactions. Some fans were disappointed and felt that the revelation was cheap and manipulative, while others appreciated the film taking risks.
  • As far as implications go, disney has yet to announce the franchise’s next direction. However, the rise of skywalker’s ending opened the door for future storytelling, and fans are excited about the possibilities.
  • The reveal gave the franchise a new antagonist, emperor palpatine’s granddaughter, a new storyline and gave star wars fans something to look forward to.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Who Are Rey’S Parents?

Who Are Rey’S Parents?

Rey’s parents are revealed to be junk traders who sold her for drinking money.

Did Rey’S Parents Abandon Her?

Yes, rey’s parents abandoned her on jakku when she was just a child.

Who Raised Rey?

Rey was raised by unkar plutt, a junk dealer on the planet jakku.

Why Was Rey Left On Jakku?

Rey’s parents left her on jakku to protect her from kylo ren and the first order.

Is Rey Related To Luke Skywalker?

No, rey is not directly related to luke skywalker, but was trained by him in the force.


After years of speculation and an intense debate among star wars fans, “who are rey’s parents? ” Has finally been answered. In the latest installment of the franchise, the rise of skywalker, it was revealed that rey is the granddaughter of emperor palpatine.

This revelation was both surprising and controversial for many fans who have been theorizing about her parentage for years. However, the mystery of her parents is not the only thing that makes rey such a compelling character. Her courage, determination, and selflessness have captured the hearts of viewers around the world.

Her rise from a scavenger on jakku to a powerful jedi master is a testament to her character’s inner strength and resilience. We may now know who gave rey life, but the legacy she creates for herself will continue to inspire star wars fans for generations to come.

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