Who Are Putin’S Parents?

Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, Russia. His father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin (1911–1999), was a factory worker and his mother, Maria Ivanovna Putina (née Shelomova; 1911–1998), was a housewife. Putin’s parents were both natives of the Soviet Union and had little education; his father only finished 4th grade while his mother completed middle school.

Who Are Putin’s Parents? This is a question that has been on my mind for a while now. I was curious about who Putin’s parents are and what they did for a living.

Here is what I found out. Putin’s father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, was a factory worker who worked in the Komunarskiy factory in St. Petersburg. He met his future wife, Maria Ivanovna Shelomova, while she was working as a nurse at the same factory.

They got married in 1918 and had three children together; Vladimir, Viktor, and Yelena. Maria died of complications from diabetes in 1937 when Putin was only eleven years old. After her death, Vladimir Sr. remarried to Anna Mikhailovna Smirnova-Putin in 1938 and had two more children with her; Irina and Anatoly.

Vladimir Sr. passed away in 1960 when Putin was fourteen years old. Anna Smirnova-Putin raised all five of her children by herself after her husband’s death. She worked as a cleaner at Lenin’s tomb until she retired in 1972.

She passed away in 1999 at the age of 85 years old. So there you have it! These are the people who raised Vladimir Putin; a hardworking factory worker and his devoted wife/second mother figure.

Even though they were not wealthy or high up on the social ladder, they instilled good values in their son which he has carried with him throughout his life and career.

The Mystery Of Vladimir Putin’s Mother Explained

Are Putin’S Parents Alive

It is not known for certain if Russian president Vladimir Putin’s parents are alive. His father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, was a conscript in the Soviet Navy and died in service in the early 1950s. His mother, Maria Ivanovna Shelomova, was a factory worker and died in 1986.

Putin has two older sisters, Viktoria and Maria.

Who Are Putin'S Parents?

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Who is Vladimir Putin’S Real Mother?

Vladimir Putin’s real mother is believed to be Maria Shelomova. She was a factory worker who married Putin’s father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, in 1918. Maria gave birth to Vladimir in 1924, and the family lived in poverty in Saint Petersburg.

What is Putin’S Family Background?

Vladimir Putin was born on 7 October 1952 in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union (now Saint Petersburg), to a working class family of mixed Russian and Ukrainian ancestry. His parents were Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin (1911–1999) and Maria Ivanovna Putina (née Shelomova; 1911–1998). Vladimir Putin’s paternal grandfather, Spiridon Ivanovich Putin (1879–1965), was cook to the boyar Mikhail Romanov in Moscow.

After the 1917 Revolution, he served in the White Guard and later fought as a partisan against the Bolsheviks. Later he worked as a driver for an aristocrat family and then for Joseph Stalin’s NKVD secret police. Putin’s mother worked at a factory during World War II and later at a nursery school.

She died of cancer in 1998. Her father was wounded in the war but returned home after being demobilised from the Red Army. He ran several collective farms before moving to Leningrad to work as foreman at an automobile plant.

What Nationality was Putins Parents?

Vladimir Putin was born on 7th October, 1952 in Leningrad, Russia. His parents were Maria Ivanovna Putina (nee Shelomova) and Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin. Maria was a factory worker and Vladimir was a conscript in the Soviet Navy.

Putin’s father passed away when he was ten years old and his mother then worked two jobs to support her family – as a cleaner at a hospital and at a food market stall. Putin has two older brothers, Viktor and Albert, and a younger sister named Natalya. He grew up in a communal apartment block with several other families.

As a child, Putin wanted to become an intelligence officer like his idol Yuri Andropov. He attended the local secondary school No 194 from which he graduated in 1970 before going on to study Law at Leningrad State University, graduating in 1975. In his youth, Putin was an avid sportsman and boxer; he even considered becoming a professional athlete at one point.

However, he ultimately decided to pursue a career in politics instead. After graduation, Putin began working for the KGB where he rose through the ranks to become a Lieutenant Colonel before retiring in 1991. He then went into business for himself before being appointed as Prime Minister of Russia by President Boris Yeltsin in 1999.

What are Putin’S Bodyguards Called?

The Putin’s bodyguards are an elite special forces unit within the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). The group is officially known as “Special Purpose Unit 29155”, but is more commonly referred to by its nickname, “The Kremlin Guard”. The Kremlin Guard was formed in 2000 and is responsible for the security of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The group is composed of highly trained military and law enforcement personnel, and is equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry and equipment. In addition to providing personal security for Putin, the Kremlin Guard also protects other high-ranking government officials and foreign dignitaries visiting Russia. The unit has been involved in a number of high-profile operations, including the rescue of a kidnapped child in 2013 and the capture of suspected terrorists in 2016.

The Kremlin Guard is a highly respected organization within Russia, and its members are considered to be among the best bodyguards in the world.


Vladimir Putin’s parents, Maria Shelomova and Vladimir Putin, were humble beginnings. His father was a conscript in the Soviet Navy, stationed in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). His mother was a factory worker.

They married young and had two children: Vladimir and his younger brother, Viktor. The family lived in a communal apartment with several other families. It was cramped and they didn’t have much, but they were content.

The highlight of their week was going to church on Sundays. Putin’s parents instilled strong values in him from a young age. He was taught to be honest, hardworking, and patriotic.

These values would shape him into the man he is today – one of the most powerful leaders in the world.

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