Who Are Jeffrey Earnhardt’s Parents? Meet Kerry Earnhardt!

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February 8, 2024 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Jeffrey Earnhardt’s parents are Kerry Earnhardt and René Earnhardt. Jeffrey was born June 22, 1989 (age 34 in 2024) in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Jeffrey Earnhardt’s father, Kerry Earnhardt is the eldest son of the legendary NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Sr., making Jeffrey the fourth generation of the Earnhardt family to compete in NASCAR. This places Jeffrey in the lineage of one of the most iconic families in the sport’s history.

Jeffrey Earnhardt’s Parents

Jeffrey Earnhardt’s parents experienced a dynamic family history marked by changes and expansions over the years. The divorce of Jeffrey’s biological parents occurred when he was young, introducing a period of transition in his early life. In 1999, his father, Kerry Earnhardt, remarried, this time to René Earnhardt. This new union brought together children from their previous marriages and also welcomed a new addition to the family, Kayla Earnhardt.

Kerry, already a father to two sons, Bobby and Jeffrey, from his previous marriage, stepped into this new chapter with René, who brought her daughter, Blade, from a previous relationship. This blended family scenario is not uncommon, but in the context of the Earnhardt racing dynasty, it added another layer to the intricate family tapestry. Kerry and René’s marriage thus created a unique family dynamic, combining the legacies and personal histories of two families into one.

Jeffrey Earnhardt’s Father: Kerry Earnhardt

Kerry Earnhardt, the son of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr., is Jeffrey’s father. With a racing career that spanned across various series, Kerry contributed to the Earnhardt legacy in motorsports. Although his NASCAR career wasn’t as illustrious as his father’s, Kerry made notable appearances in the Cup Series, the Xfinity Series, and the Craftsman Truck Series. His involvement in racing extended beyond the track, as he also engaged in business ventures and outdoor activities, embodying the Earnhardt spirit of versatility and passion for speed.

Jeffrey Earnhardt’s Mother: René Earnhardt

René Earnhardt, less known in the public eye compared to her husband’s famous family, is Jeffrey’s mother. Her life gained attention primarily through her marriage to Kerry and her role as a mother to a NASCAR driver. Despite the spotlight on the Earnhardt dynasty, René has maintained a relatively private life. Her contribution to Jeffrey’s career, though not as publicly documented, is undeniably significant, providing support and stability amidst the high-speed world of NASCAR racing. Her story reflects the often-unsung role of family support in the making of a professional athlete.

Jeffrey Earnhardt, Dale Jr Relationship

In February, Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced that he would be retiring from full-time racing in the NASCAR Cup Series at the end of the 2017 season. His decision sent shockwaves through the sport, as one of its most popular figures was stepping away from competition. While many fans and pundits alike have speculated on the reasons for Earnhardt’s retirement, one thing is certain: it will have a profound impact on his family, including his nephew Jeffrey Earnhardt.

Jeffrey is currently racing full-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and has made sporadic starts in the Cup Series over the past few years. He has long looked up to his famous uncle and they have always had a close relationship. Now that Dale Jr. is retiring, Jeffrey will be tasked with carrying on the Earnhardt name and legacy in NASCAR.

It’s a daunting challenge, but one that he is more than ready for. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Dale Jr.’s retirement and what it means for Jeffrey Earnhardt moving forward. We’ll also examine how their relationship has helped shape both drivers into who they are today.

FAQs: Jeffrey Earnhardt’s Parents

Who Are Jeffrey Earnhardt’s Parents?

Jeffrey Earnhardt’s parents are Kerry Earnhardt, the eldest son of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Sr., and René Earnhardt. They represent a blend of the iconic Earnhardt racing legacy and a more private family life away from the racetrack spotlight.

Who Is Jeffrey Earnhardt’s Father?

Jeffrey Earnhardt’s father is Kerry Earnhardt, who is also involved in racing. Kerry is the first son of the legendary Dale Earnhardt Sr., making Jeffrey a direct descendant of one of NASCAR’s most storied families, continuing the Earnhardt legacy in motorsports.

Who is Jeffrey Earnhardt’s Mother?

Jeffrey Earnhardt’s mother is René Earnhardt. While she keeps a lower profile compared to the Earnhardt family’s public presence in NASCAR, her role in Jeffrey’s life and upbringing forms an integral part of his personal and professional development.

Is Jeff Earnhardt Related to Dale Earnhardt?

Yes, Jeffrey Earnhardt is related to Dale Earnhardt. He is the grandson of Dale Earnhardt Sr., one of NASCAR’s most revered figures. This connection places Jeffrey in the fourth generation of Earnhardt family members to participate in professional racing.


Jeffrey Earnhardt is the son of Kerry Earnhardt and his wife Rene Earnhardt. Jeffrey Earnhardt was born on June 22, 1989, in Mooresville, North Carolina, United States. Jeffrey’s father Kerry was a NASCAR driver who competed in the Winston Cup Series and Busch Series.

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