Who Are Elon Musk’S Parents?

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June 6, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Elon musk’s parents are errol musk and maye musk, who are both south african. Errol musk is a electromechanical engineer and maye musk is a model and dietitian.

Elon musk is arguably one of the most well-known and innovative entrepreneurs of our time. From co-founding paypal to launching spacex and tesla, musk has made a name for himself as a visionary in the tech industry. However, not much is discussed about his upbringing and family background.

Elon musk was born in south africa in 1971 and was the oldest of three siblings. His parents, errol and maye musk, were both prominent figures in their own right. Errol was an electromechanical engineer and maye was a model and dietitian. With this background, it’s easy to see where elon musk’s love for science, engineering and innovation might have come from.

Who Are Elon Musk'S Parents?

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Early Life And Family Background Of Elon Musk

Overview Of Elon Musk’S Family History And Upbringing

Elon musk is a well-known entrepreneur, business magnate, and inventor. He was born to a canadian mother and a south african father in pretoria, south africa, on june 28, 1971. He grew up in a diverse household with a passion for technology and science from an early age.

His upbringing played a significant role in shaping his attitude and approach to life, instilling a desire to create something groundbreaking.

Details About His Parents – Their Names, Occupations, And Family Background

Elon musk’s parents are errol musk and maye musk. Errol is a south african electromechanical engineer, while maye is a canadian model and dietician. Errol grew up in south africa and became an engineer, working mainly in the aviation industry.

On the other hand, maye’s family ancestry hails from canada, the u. s. , and europe, with a history of entrepreneurship and ingenuity.

Immigration To South Africa And The Challenges They Faced As A Family

Elon’s parents were both intelligent and ambitious, but their journey to success was not easy. Errol and maye met in pretoria, south africa, where they fell in love. Maye moved to south africa after completing her studies, and the couple got married in 1970.

Together, they started a family, of which elon was the first born. Shortly after elon’s birth, the family relocated to various cities in south africa due to errol’s job changes.

The musk family faced challenges with apartheid, south africa’s apartheid regime’s political and social persecution of black and colored people. Errol spoke out against apartheid and was known for supporting nelson mandela’s anti-apartheid efforts. Unfortunately, this put a strain on their family, as they faced constant harassment and even violence.

It was challenging for them to settle down due to the political climate and the restrictions placed on them.

Despite the challenges, elon’s parents provided a supportive and nurturing home environment, with a focus on education and exploration of ideas. They encouraged their children to read widely, especially science fiction and non-fiction books, and tinker with electronics. Elon’s parents shaped his formative years, inspiring him to pursue his passion for innovation and technology.

A Closer Look At Elon Musk’S Parents

Elon musk is known for his ambitious endeavors in the technology and space industries. His entrepreneurial spirit and drive for innovation have earned him worldwide recognition. But who are the people that raised the man behind these feats? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at elon musk’s parents – errol musk and maye musk.

Errol Musk – Elon’S Father: Early Life, Education, And Career

Errol musk was born in south africa and grew up in the town of pretoria. Here are some key points about his early life, education, and career:

  • Early life: Errol musk was born in 1946 in south africa. He was the middle child of three boys.
  • Education: He graduated from pretoria boys high school and went on to study electrical engineering at the university of pretoria.
  • Career: After completing his studies, errol musk worked as an engineer for various companies in south africa. Later on, he went on to become an entrepreneur and founded several companies, including a technology consulting firm and a medical equipment company.

Maye Musk – Elon’S Mother: Early Life, Education, And Career

Maye musk is a model and dietician who has also made a name for herself as a wellness advocate. Here are some key points about her early life, education, and career:

  • Early life: Maye musk was born in 1948 in canada. Her parents were both models, and maye and her siblings would often help them on photoshoots.
  • Education: She earned a degree in dietetics from the university of pretoria and went on to complete her master’s degree in the same field at the university of the orange free state.
  • Career: Maye musk’s modeling career began in her late teens, and she has since been featured in several major advertising campaigns. She is also a sought-after speaker on the subject of wellness and healthy living.

Their Relationship And Influence On Elon’S Life And Career

Errol and maye musk divorced when elon was young, and he spent much of his childhood living with his father. Here are some key points about their relationship and influence on elon’s life and career:

  • Despite the divorce, both of elon’s parents remained a strong presence in his life. They both nurtured his talents and encouraged his interests in science and technology.
  • Errol musk’s work as an engineer and entrepreneur played a significant role in shaping elon’s interest in technology and innovation.
  • Maye musk also had a strong influence on elon. Her career as a model and advocate for wellness likely contributed to his interest in aesthetics and design.
  • Elon has publicly acknowledged the impact that both of his parents have had on his life and career, stating that they instilled in him a passion for learning and a drive to achieve his goals.

Overall, errol and maye musk’s combined influence likely helped shape elon musk into the ambitious tech innovator he is today.

Frequently Asked Questions On Who Are Elon Musk’S Parents?

Q1. Who Is Elon Musk’S Father?

Elon musk’s father is errol musk, a south african electromechanical engineer and a pilot.

Q2. What Is Elon Musk’S Mother’S Name?

Elon musk’s mother’s name is maye musk, a canadian model and dietitian.

Q3. What Did Elon Musk’S Parents Do?

Elon musk’s parents both had successful careers; his father was an engineer and his mother was a model and dietitian.

Q4. How Did Elon Musk’S Parents Meet?

Elon musk’s parents met in pretoria, south africa, where they both lived at the time.

Q5. What Influence Did Elon Musk’S Parents Have On Him?

Elon musk has said that his parents instilled in him a strong work ethic and a desire to create and innovate.


Elon musk is one of the most prominent figures in the world of technology and innovation. While the spotlight often shines on him, we must not forget the individuals who instilled in him the drive and determination that set him apart.

Elon musk’s parents may not be as famous as he is, but they have played a critical role in his success. Maye musk, a canadian-born model, and dietitian, instilled in young elon a love for reading and learning. Meanwhile, errol musk, a south african electromechanical engineer and entrepreneur, showed him the ropes of business and engineering.

Together, they provided elon with a unique and rich upbringing that shaped who he is today. Knowing who his parents are allows us to better understand elon’s story and provides inspiration for those seeking to achieve their dreams. Even at a young age, elon had the support and guidance he needed to become the visionary leader we know him as today.

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