Who Are Arch Manning’s Parents? Meet Cooper Manning, Ellen Heidingsfelder

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Arch Manning’s parents are Cooper Manning and Ellen Heidingsfelder. Archibald Charles “Arch” Manning was born on April 27, 2005 (age 18 years in 2024). Arch Manning is a highly regarded high school quarterback and a member of the famous Manning football family.

Cooper Manning, Arch’s father, is the eldest son of Archie Manning, a former NFL quarterback, and the older brother of Peyton and Eli Manning, both of whom are former NFL quarterbacks and Super Bowl champions. While Cooper Manning was a talented high school football player, his career was cut short due to a spinal condition.

Ellen Heidingsfelder, Arch’s mother, is not as publicly known in the sports world as the Manning family but has been a supportive figure in Arch’s life and development as an athlete.

Arch Manning’s Parents

Archibald Charles “Arch” Manning is the latest scion of the Manning football dynasty to capture the attention of sports enthusiasts and media alike. As the son of Cooper Manning and Ellen Heidingsfelder, Arch was born into a family with a rich legacy in American football. Understanding the influence of Arch’s parents is key to appreciating his potential and the expectations placed upon him. Below, we delve into the lives and backgrounds of Cooper Manning and Ellen Heidingsfelder, providing insight into the environment that is shaping Arch Manning as an athlete and a person.

Arch Manning’s Father: Cooper Manning

Cooper Manning, the eldest son of Archie and Olivia Manning, was himself a promising football talent during his high school years, playing as a wide receiver. His football career was cut short due to a medical condition known as spinal stenosis, which forced him to end his playing days before he could follow in his father’s footsteps into college football and potentially the NFL. Despite this setback, Cooper did not stray far from the world of sports; he pursued a successful career in finance and remains closely connected to the football community through media engagements and commentary.

Cooper’s experience with his own football career’s premature end has undoubtedly shaped the way he approaches his role as Arch’s father. He is known for emphasizing the importance of education, and character, and enjoying the game above the pressures of legacy and performance. His unique perspective as the Manning brother who navigated a life away from professional football offers Arch a holistic view of success and fulfillment, both on and off the field.

Arch Manning’s Mother: Ellen Heidingsfelder

Ellen Heidingsfelder, a New Orleans native, comes from a background distinct from the sporting world that the Mannings are synonymous with. She pursued her education at the University of Virginia, where she earned a degree in law, and has since worked as an attorney. Ellen brings a grounding presence to the Manning family, emphasizing the importance of a balanced life, education, and personal integrity.

Ellen’s influence on Arch extends beyond the typical parental guidance; she instills in him the value of hard work, discipline, and the significance of maintaining a well-rounded identity that is not solely defined by athletic prowess. Her emphasis on education and personal development complements the sporting guidance Arch receives, ensuring he grows into a well-rounded individual capable of handling the pressures and expectations that come with being a Manning in the football world.

Did Cooper Manning Play Football? But Why?

Yes, Cooper Manning did play football during his high school years at Isidore Newman School in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was a talented wide receiver and showcased promising skills on the field. Cooper’s football career, however, was cut short due to a medical condition. He was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal, which can cause significant pain and neurological problems. This diagnosis came during his freshman year at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), where he had planned to play football alongside his father Archie Manning’s alma mater. Due to the risks associated with this condition, particularly in a contact sport like football, Cooper had to end his playing career prematurely for his health and safety.

FAQs: Arch Manning’s Parents

Who are Arch Manning’s Parents?

Arch Manning’s parents are Cooper Manning and Ellen Heidingsfelder. Cooper is part of the renowned Manning football family, being the oldest son of Archie Manning and the brother of Peyton and Eli Manning. Ellen Heidingsfelder, while less known in the sports world, plays a crucial supportive role.

Who is Arch Manning’s Mom?

Arch Manning’s mom, Ellen Heidingsfelder, is a private figure compared to her famous husband and sons. She is a lawyer by profession and has been instrumental in managing the balance between public attention and normal family life for Arch and his siblings.

Who is Arch Manning’s father?

Arch Manning’s father is Cooper Manning, the eldest son of the legendary Archie Manning. Unlike his younger brothers, Peyton and Eli, who enjoyed successful NFL careers, Cooper’s promising football path was halted in high school due to a medical condition.

Who Are Arch Manning’s Siblings?

Arch Manning has two siblings, a sister named May Manning and a brother named Heid Manning. The family maintains a relatively private life, with occasional glimpses into their world through social media and public appearances with their famous relatives.

Peyton Manning, the former NFL quarterback and two-time Super Bowl champion, is Arch Manning’s uncle. Arch is the son of Cooper Manning, making Peyton his uncle. The Manning family is known for their football legacy, with Archie, Peyton, and Eli all having had successful careers in the sport.


Archibald Charles “Arch” Manning is an American football quarterback, being the son of Cooper Manning and Ellen Heidingsfelder. Cooper, part of the illustrious Manning family, carries the legacy of football greatness, despite his career being cut short. Ellen, though less known in the sports realm, provides a strong foundation and support for Arch’s upbringing and development.

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