Where Are The Cheapest Condos In Toronto?

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August 16, 2022 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Most investors buying condos often go to neighborhoods that are slightly affordable in Toronto. With life coming back to normalcy after the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries struggle to kickstart their real estate markets. In Toronto, most of its neighborhoods have bounced back. However, others are gradually rising.

Buying a condo has to do with the neighborhood’s safety and access to public transit, recreational grounds, schools, and other amenities. You do not want to buy a condo in the wrong neighborhood that does not suit your lifestyle. Many homeowners are seeking condominium apartments that are affordable compared to Toronto’s expensive mansions or houses.

Downtown Toronto got some of the finest and most expensive condos. But it does not mean that you cannot find the cheapest condos in that district. On the contrary, you can find affordable and old condominiums that cost less than the newer condominium.

However, the maintenance fee of the newer apartments is cheaper compared to the older apartments with more space.

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For first-time homebuyers often go for the newer apartments. However, you should understand that these apartments have less space. Consider the number of people staying with you, your lifestyle, status, and income before picking a condo in Toronto.

You may want more space if you have a young family. While the cost of these apartments is cheaper, the maintenance fees can be what you may not want.

You should consult the services of a real estate agent who can help you with selecting the perfect and affordable condo in your neighborhood. In addition, you should ask a realtor about the condition of the condo you want to buy. Finally, whether you are paying for a pre-owned condo or a new condo, you should know more about the future of the apartment.

Market trends can affect condos, meaning that you should ask about future developments in your particular area. If the area expects the development of high-rise buildings around your apartment, that could be a challenge.

The value of your apartment will decrease because of this discomfort caused by the new rising developments. Finally, ask about what the apartment came with, like a storage locker and parking spaces.


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