Decor tips for people who love to travel

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June 4, 2021 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Who does not love to travel? Although the pandemic has delayed many people’s plans, some objects can make us travel anytime and anywhere. Much more than a ticket or even a suitcase, these items make the experience happen inside your home. Best of all, you can use them as part of the decoration.

What was your favorite trip ever? Do you know that it is not necessary to hold on only to photos to relive your favorite moments? You can choose the best iPhone case, for example, referring to that destination.

Check down below some items that everyone who loves to travel should have as a souvenir at home. Be sure to compose your decor with practical objects that make a difference. 

1. Personalized phone cases

You may be asking yourself: what does a case have to do with a trip? As previously mentioned, it is possible to purchase objects that refer to the place you want to visit. For example: if you want to travel to France, you can buy a personalized case with the Eiffel Tower.

Thematic accessories are a great way to show your personality to others and have fun with your look. Have as many as you want to match your mood of the day.

2. A world map

You can have a world map in your room, for example, to symbolize your love for traveling. Besides being able to highlight which places you already visited, with this item, you can make your plans for the future even more visible and palpable.

In addition to the traditional version, which we all know and love, there is a variation that allows you to scratch off the places in the world that you have already visited. This is a great way to remember such unique moments forever.

3. Glass globe

The glass globes are known worldwide, mainly for housing in a small space the characteristics of the place visited. If you go to a country with snow, for example, it is possible to have it inside these globes, which makes the whole memory even more positive.

This object is also a great souvenir if you visit the place on a special date, such as Christmas. Think of the one where you will leave a moment recorded forever inside the round object.

4. Handcrafted items

How about having a handmade souvenir from somewhere you have visited? In addition to a visual memory, you will have a unique object in your home decor. The world has wonderful works of art, which can be transported into our room, for example.

It can be a picture, a mini statue, or even something embroidered. It is up to you! The important thing is to make sure that this craft will bring back good memories. If possible, also bring it to people that you love.

5. Postcards

For almost two centuries, postcards were an integral part of the stories, intertwining the world and people. Today, they are rarities replaced by social networks but, without a doubt, they are an irreplaceable part of our history.

We may have lost the custom of the postcard, but this is a great way for you to remember the view of some important monument, as well as to write to someone (or yourself) about how you were feeling at the time of your trip. So, the next time you visit a place where you can buy a postcard, do not miss the chance!

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