What Do Baby Gopher Snakes Eat?

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November 23, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Gopher snakes are a common type of snake found in North America. They get their name from their habit of burrowing underground. Gopher snakes are non-venomous and can grow to be quite large, up to six feet in length.

Baby gopher snakes eat a variety of small animals including rodents, lizards, and birds. they will also eat eggs and carrion.

A baby gopher snake’s diet consists mostly of insects and other small invertebrates. They will also eat the occasional small vertebrate, such as a lizard or mouse. Baby snakes typically eat more frequently than adults, as they are growing and need more food to support their growth.

Gopher Snake Eats 1 Large Baby Gopher *WARNING* Graphic Live Feed

Can Baby Gopher Snakes Eat Crickets?

As far as baby snakes go, gopher snakes are relatively easy to care for. They’re one of the most popular pet snakes in North America and are known for being docile and hardy. Gopher snakes typically eat rodents like mice and rats, but can also eat other small animals like lizards, birds, and bats.

Their diet is mostly carnivorous, but they will occasionally consume small amounts of vegetation. When it comes to feeding baby gopher snakes, crickets are a great option. Crickets are a type of invertebrate that is high in protein and fat, which is perfect for growing baby snakes.

Gopher snake babies typically eat 3-5 crickets per week. It’s important to dust the crickets with calcium powder before feeding them to your snake to help prevent metabolic bone disease.

What Do Baby Gopher Snakes Eat?

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How Often Do You Feed a Baby Gopher Snake?

Assuming you’re referring to a captive gopher snake, they should be fed every 5 to 7 days. A baby gopher snake will usually eat pinky mice or small lizards. As they grow older, you can give them larger prey items such as adult mice or rats.

If you’re feeding your gopher snake live prey, make sure that the prey item is no bigger than the widest part of the snake’s body. It’s also important to monitor your snake after it eats to make sure that it doesn’t regurgitate its meal.

What Do Pet Gopher Snakes Eat?

Gopher snakes are found in a variety of habitats throughout North and Central America. They typically eat small mammals, such as rats, mice, and voles. However, they will also eat birds, lizards, and other snakes.

In captivity, they can be fed a diet of frozen/thawed mice or rats.

Do Baby Gopher Snakes Bite?

Yes, baby gopher snakes can bite. They have sharp teeth that they use to help them eat their prey. If a human or animal tries to pick up a baby gopher snake, the snake may try to bite as a way to defend itself.

However, baby gopher snakes are not venomous and their bites are not harmful to humans.

How Often Do Gopher Snakes Eat?

Gopher snakes, like all other snakes, are carnivores. They primarily eat small mammals such as voles, mice, and shrews. However, they will also consume lizards, birds, and eggs.

Gopher snakes typically eat once every 7 to 10 days; however, they may go for longer periods without food if prey is scarce.


Gopher snakes are a type of rat snake that is found in North America. They are non-venomous and typically grow to be about 3-5 feet long. Baby gopher snakes will eat small mammals, such as mice and voles, as well as reptiles, amphibians, and birds.

As they get older and larger, they will also eat rabbits and ground squirrels.

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