Top 10 Benefits of Using Amber Teething Necklaces Ranked

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Baby teething is a difficult time period that every new and old parent has to deal with. If you think the constant inconsolable crying is tough for you, think about the little one whose gums are causing so much pain.

Their crying is not just a whine of discomfort but a literal cry for help. If you find yourself in a similar situation where you have to deal with a whining baby with a half-grown tooth, you have come to the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will get into baby teething and how Amber necklaces can help make the teething process easier for your child and, by proxy, also for you.

What Is Amber?

What Is Amber

Amber is a natural substance that is caused by tree resins once they are fossilized. The reason why saber is used as a primary substance for a child’s teething necklace is because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Amber is known to release a harmless acid called succinic acid. These acids have anti-inflammatory properties, and when released on the skin through contact, it helps relieve pain for babies due to swollen teething gums. The best amber to help babies with their teething problem most is baltic amber. 

How To Know If The Necklace Is Real

For the amber necklace to work on the inflammation, it has to be the real deal. Unfortunately, many have been exploiting the needs of teething babies by selling non-amber, amber necklaces. As a parent, you should be worried. In order to understand whether it is, you can do three things:

  • You can burn it and see whether the burned material exudes an earthy pine smell.
  • If you rather not burn a necklace or bead, you place the amber necklace in salt water. If it floats, it is the real deal.
  • The easiest way, however, would be to rub the necklace on your palm; if it exudes an earthy pine smell, it is real.

Top Benefits Of Amber Necklaces For Teething

Top Benefits Of Amber Necklaces For Teething

Here are the top benefits you should consider before getting your baby an amber necklace.

1. They Are Natural

Rather than subjecting the child to artificial pain relief, you can always consider natural pain relief. The chemical composition of amber extracted from nature itself will not cause any harmful reactions upon contact.

2. Non-Invasive Solution

Yes, a pain relief injection might help, but why choose an invasive method of teething relief when something non-invasive is out there?

3. Irritated Gums

The gums of a child are not only swollen but they are also irritated from the teething process. Then anti-inflammatory properties of amber can help soothe that.

4. Free Of Toxins

When the baby is teething, its immune system is just growing. This means they shouldn’t be subjected to teething toys with silicon which are known to catch dirt. Something non-toxic, like amber, is the correct choice.

5. Improved Sleep

The discomfort of teething can lead to sleepless nights. However, the reduction of inflammation can cause less discomfort, especially at night. This means your baby can finally have a good night’s sleep (…and so can you).

6. Anti-Anxiety

Now, there isn’t much proof to this statement, but many parents have voiced their goodwill. Saying that amber necklaces have reduced anxiousness among babies. This is most probably because of amber’s soothing properties on the skin.

7. Tactile Sensation

The touchy sensation of amber around the neck or the hand and even the ankles can be soothing. This provides a distraction for the baby, helping them come out of their fussiness.

8. Great For Acesserorization

Babies do not need accessories, but in many traditions, they tie things around the neck, hands, and waist. Mostly things made of noble metal as they are non-toxic. Amber necklaces can act as one such accessory.

9. Alternative to Chewing on Objects 

Babies often have the instinct to chew on objects to relieve teething discomfort. An amber teething necklace can serve as a safer alternative to chewing on potentially unsafe items.

10. Cultural and Traditional Significance

Amber teething necklaces have a long history in various cultures and are considered a traditional remedy. Many parents appreciate the cultural significance and choose them as a symbolic accessory for their babies.

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