Tips for Preparing Toddlers for a New Baby

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March 21, 2021 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

If you’re pregnant or thinking about expanding your family and your children will certainly be close in age, you might – like me – have actually looked online for ideas on preparing toddlers for a new baby.

With a little one in your home as well as one more baby en route, your world is about to shake up. It’s going to be a significant change in the family dynamic, and also, your firstborn may be overwhelmed and unsure of just how this new baby will certainly affect him.

Here we mention a few pro tips for preparing toddlers for a newborn baby:

Tell Your Toddler

It is essential to prepare your toddlers for what’s happening with your pregnancy, specifically given that he or she will certainly start to detect the physical cues you are displaying, such as being more exhausted, really feeling nauseated, as well as a growing belly.

If your child is over the age of three, make sure to break the news early. We advise having this discussion around the end of the very first trimester. If the child is under 3, it’s finest to wait until the third trimester to share the news.

Children that young don’t have a great grasp of time passing and also might not completely comprehend the waiting procedure before a baby gets here.

Include Your Child In the Pregnancy

Ensure your little one really feels throughout the pregnancy and all the baby festivities. Take your toddler with you to doctor appointments, as well as let him hear his new bro or sister’s heartbeat.

Show him ultrasound images as well as let him really feel the baby kick. The more involved your child remains in his little brother or sister’s life, the more fired up he’ll be to enter the role of big brother.

Be Prepared For Any Reaction

Some children will be delighted, while others will be angry and dismayed. No issue how your child takes the news of a brand-new brother or sister, be certain to comfort him that you and your partner love him unconditionally, and also that will certainly never change.

Instead of peppering him with concerns or statements, please wait until your child comes to you asking inquiries and address them as straight as possible.

Planning for Outings With Toddler and Baby

Method walking to and from the cars and truck holding hands-on getaways. As long as possible, establish a hands-off routine for obtaining toddlers in and out the door.

It’s practical to tie the baby’s arrival right into a season or holiday your toddler can recognize, such as “the baby will be here by summer when we all go to the pool,” or “your little sibling or sister will be below by Xmas!”

Don’t oversell the new baby

While you want to stress all the fantastic aspects of having a brand-new little bro or sibling, older children additionally need to recognize things that will be tough. Be as certain as is appropriate for your child. You might tell them that babies are a lot of work.

They can not do points on their own. You know, they can not feed themselves. They need someone to alter their diapers. They may be up in the evening. They weep. It can be loud. It can be irritating.

Comfort your older child that you will certainly do whatever you can to keep the baby silent and satisfied and on a regular sleep schedule as quickly as possible and also that you are going to make time to spend with her.

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