The Epidemic Of Smartphone Addiction – Tricks To Keep Your Child Away From Technology

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It is a real task to get those phones out of their hands!

They might not remember the sums you taught them the afternoon before, but when typing the tablet password they saw once, they are all little Einstein.

Some will go to any lengths to get the phone back, getting creative with their tactics.

As parents raising kids in the 21st century, these scenarios are familiar. If you are collectively looking for a solution that can put an end to this problem, then you have reached the right place.

Well, there is no antidote that can make a child recoil from their tablets, but there are pretty entertaining distractions that can keep them busy in their free time.

Working Towards Prevention

Acknowledging this reality, many of us parents have come to the realization that it is impossible to keep the kid totally away from the screen!

However, there are tricks that adults can use, and upon speaking to a few parents here, we are bringing you some of their genius ideas.

1. Stimulation Comes From Other Things Too

When I asked Cynthia, a mom of two, about how she keeps her kids away from the screen during evening free time, she had one answer ready!

“Other mental stimulation like outdoor games and adventures,” she said.

Kids have restless minds, always looking for new things to explore. So, rather than constricting their world of exploration to a small screen, why not expand it?

Taking them out and socializing with other kids as a routine is one such way to stimulate the mind and body. When they start having fun with other like-minded beings, the excitement of meeting friends will keep them away from reaching out for the tablet.

If your child is uncomfortable in loud crowds and is not the physical sports kind, then find the best online book clubs for kids to help them make friends within like-minded circles

2. Bring The Virtual To Reality


That question was quite expected.

For this, you have to make a list of content your kid is consuming. Then try to find alternatives.

For example, some kids like to listen to ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and watch cartoon video production simultaneously. You can build them a small library of well-illustrated books that not only have text but beautifully crafted and colored pictures to accompany it.

It is not the tablet that is attractive, but rather the characters in the stories they see on Youtube, the scenes, and the colors.

With modern illustrations of children’s literature, which pay heavy attention to high-definition animation and colors, you can bring the screen version to printed books.

3. Finding Healthy Balances

It is ridiculous to shame parents who expose their children to screens.

Afterall, we are not living in the Victorian era. It is natural for kids to find the allure in screen time.

However, rather than strictly limiting it, the trick here is to find a healthy balance between the two. 

Rather than watching too many youtube videos or scrolling through social media (which is even worse), why not encourage them to read an illustrated ebook on the tablet?

Or, switch the general music collection to an audiobook of children’s literature. A taste of the new world with the age-old excitement of storytelling!

4. Have Bonding Time

It is monotony that makes every person pick up the phone.

We do that too, so who are we to blame our little ones?

This is why finding activities within the family is important. Many parents do this by incorporating family time into the mix.

An hour to bond with the kids through different fun activities. These could be game nights, family movie nights, taking outdoor walks and biking adventures, or having chill book sessions in the house under a cozy reading nook.

Anything and everything your children will enjoy more than getting their eyes fixated on a small screen. You can take votes on the matter. Then even coming up with the idea will become a fun activity.

Easy Distractions But Not The Healthiest One!

Mobile phones are becoming a universally known child pacifier. Although it is making things easier, like any pacifier, it is not healthy with too much exposure.

Here are some of the unhealthy consequences of too much digital exposure for a child below the age of seven.

  • Addiction to a highly stimulating device.
  • Depletion of attention span.
  • Irritability without the device.
  • Sleep disturbances due to late-night UV light exposure.
  • Lack of social development.

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