How to Keep Baby Cool in Stroller?

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March 9, 2021 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Do you know that babies are more vulnerable to heat than older children and adults? Therefore, protecting them from the sun on hot summer days and keeping them cool is very vital. Throwing a cover over your babies’ stroller when you are outside is not a secure way of keeping your baby cool.

According to experts, even a thin muslin blanket can accelerate the temperatures inside a stroller and put your baby at risk. It is good to ensure you get a fully shaded stroller as babies sweat less, they can’t tell when they feel too hot and their body’s ability to regulate temperature is less efficient.

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When the stroller gets uncomfortably hot, it puts your baby at risk of dehydration, heat-related illnesses like heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Signs to prolonged exposure to extreme heat include vomiting, faintness, intense thirst, quick breathing, and restlessness. Also, exposure to excessive heat can worsen an existing illness.

To avoid all these risks to your baby, you can keep your baby cool when strolling by following these tips.

Keep your Baby Fully Shaded

Baby strollers come with canopies that provide shade. However, not all strollers come with a fully effective canopy that will keep your baby cool. Always ensure that you select a baby stroller that is fully shaded to provide enough shade.

Here is a recommended 3 in 1 baby stroller that features all necessary things need to ensure baby safety.

If your stroller does not cover your baby fully, you can buy a universal canopy extender that offers full coverage when your baby is out in the sun.

Alternatively, you can DIY a breathable muslin blanket by clipping it on the stroller to provide more coverage. Most canopy covers are made with very lightweight material that allows enough air to get to your child.

Use a Stroller Umbrella

When there is no wind and the temperatures are hot, a better idea to keep your baby cool is by folding the canopy away or detaching it and attach a stroller umbrella instead. An umbrella will not block nay air circulation and it will still protect your baby from harmful sun rays.

Vent the Stroller

Most baby stroller brands have a detachable back panel. When you remove the back panel or the mesh window situated at the seat top, you will reveal a mesh layer that will prevent your baby from sweating.

This feature allows greater ventilation and circulation of air throughout the summer days. Check if your stroller has one and make good use of it.

Clip-on a Stroller Fan

You can circulate air with a stroller fan by attaching it to the stroller. The stroller fans are battery operated and they will bring a cool breeze to your baby on a hot summer day. For a better experience for your baby, you may check to get a comfortable stroller.

The best thing with a stroller fan is that apart from circulating air, it captivates your baby’s mind, as they will love the noise and watch its movement thus the baby will gaze at it while you take your walk. Also, stroller fans can be used indoors to keep the baby cool during daytime naps.

Light Clothing

Dressing your baby in light loose-fitting clothes when you are going out will help them stay cool. Babies can’t regulate their body temperatures effectively and thus they tend to conserve more heat which leads to overheating and heat rashes.

Don’t be tempted to underdress your baby because it can lead to sunburn and heatstroke. Lightweight loose clothes that cover their arms and legs are good to go out in the sun.

choose cotton clothes while going out because they are breathable and they will wick moisture away from the baby’s skin and help them lose the excess heat. Also, select lighter colors as they will reflect light than darker colors.

Get a Stroller Seat Liner

A seat liner made with breathable fabric has absorbent cushioning that will absorb moisture when your baby gets sweaty and prevent them from getting too hot. Ensure that the liner is easy to remove and machine washable for easy maintenance.

Also, it is good to ensure that the bassinet has enough room for the baby to wiggle around when riding in strollers. If the baby is too squeezed in the seat, they are likely to sweat more and get overheated.

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Keep your Baby Hydrated

When spending time outdoors during summer days, keep your baby hydrated by giving them more fluids than usual. Babies too need extra hydration in the heat.

Whether its breast milk, formula, or water if they have reached the age of taking water, giving them enough fluids will prevent dehydration which is rampant when the temperature rises which can be dangerous.

You don’t have to stay indoors every other day when it’s summer and you can enjoy a walk downtown with your baby.

Many strollers have a sunshade and these are some of the tips you can utilize to ensure that your baby stays cool in a stroller, and they are not under the risk of dehydration and heat-related illnesses.

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