From Startup to Success: A Mom’s Guide to Online Business Growth

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August 1, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

Business in the modern age has become extremely competitive but at the same time has provided business owners, especially women the opportunity to start and grow their businesses exponentially. 

There was a time when women were not allowed to vote, be part of the decision-making workforce, or even have an influential standing as successful business owners. However, things are quickly starting to change in the digital era that is consistently empowering everyone with the will to grow their business regardless of gender, race, and circumstances. 

For instance, the recent shift in corporate policymaking and DEI compliance policies are constantly empowering women as successful business leaders and executives. NGOs and women empowerment groups across the US are constantly motivating moms and homemakers to join the workforce or start a business to reach the potential they always aspired for. 

The business landscape, nevertheless, is a whole other ball game where you have to tread carefully and at the same time take calculated risks to build a solid brand identity. Despite massive efforts to empower women in every societal sphere, women’s business ownership in America is only about 22.2% in comparison to men who own about 63.2% while joint ownership stands at 14.5%. So, to bridge this gap and for most aspiring moms to reach the finish line, digital marketing is the best bet for lasting and sustainable business growth.

Some Fundamentals Before Starting Your Online Journey:

Now, digital marketing is a gigantic landscape with multiple platforms to engage your primary audience. The key thing here for most businesses is to start small through Google Online Listings, where you can easily establish your first online presence within a few good hours. The next steps, however, are a bit complex and require the fortitude to think five years ahead to effectively plan and execute your online growth plan. However, the first step towards this is shortlisting the platforms where you want to promote your service or products. A good strategy is to select only those platforms that hold a large chunk of your target audience. 

Finally, before moving on to the full list of the platforms and strategies you can explore, here is a pro tip to make the best out of your business growth journey while building your online presence. An essential prerequisite to this step is a lightning-fast and dependable internet connection. So, for the best experience, Xfinity Internet is a great option that not only provides customizable plans as per your business needs and requirements but also provides dedicated WIFI hotspots across 41 states in the US. For more queries and questions, you can reach their customer representatives at Xfinity’s phone number 24/7.

So, without further wait. Let’s explore two of the most fundamental platforms that can help your business grow while understanding their dynamics and strategies:


Websites are a great step toward building your online presence and attracting potential consumers to your products and services. It is also a great way to know your consumer and establish long-term trust. However, building and getting it ranked on Google is not an easy task. It requires basic knowledge of on-page/off-page SEO techniques as well as some backend development. Nevertheless, you can always hire a professional to develop, maintain, and promote your website. 

Still, if you have a limited amount of resources and want to minimize your burn and spending at the early stage of the business, I would recommend developing and maintaining the website on your own by learning a few basics. Firstly, make sure your website’s backend (the technical side) is solid, these qualities mainly include responsiveness, page speed, easy navigation, good design, mobile optimization, and good domain authority. Secondly, make sure that the front end of the website (the part people actually see) contains quality content and that content is optimized for search, so your page can rank on the Google search engine. 

Still confusing? Let’s suppose that you are a seller of Java beans coffee on the internet and you have successfully developed your website but still are not receiving any customers. So, what are you doing wrong? For a successful website to work you first need to assess what keywords people use while searching for coffee and niche coffee products and further tailor your website’s content around those specific keywords to rank successfully on Google. So as this example illustrates, building a preliminary understanding of SEO optimization is key, if you want your customers to find you.

Social Media

Social media is another great way to promote your brand, products, and services as well as share your journey and success stories with your audience. It is a great way to build a community around your brand where by answering all the questions and concerns of your audience you can increase your brand loyalty. 

The total social media presence across all major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ is 4.2 billion. So, it is a huge market to capture and capitalize on. But how do you go about it? 

The very first thing regarding this is to humanize the social outlook of your brand so you can connect to people. Secondly, you have to establish your brand as a leader in its field or sphere of specialization. These simple steps can help you in multiple ways to increase your web traffic and audience engagement, ultimately generating both consistent leads and sales.

The only risks of using social media are getting negative feedback by making exaggerating and misleading claims. So, I would suggest to avoid that. 

Wrapping Up

If you want to become the next Arianna Huffington, Cher-Wang, Sara Blakely, Sheryl Sandberg, and Melanie Perkins then just try to apply these simple principles and steps intelligently for your next big win.

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