Does Raz-B Have A Child?

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October 28, 2023 by Marjorie R. Rogers, MA (English), Certified Consultant

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No, Raz-B does not have a child at the moment. There is no information or report suggesting that he is a father.

The Current Status

It is important to stay updated on the personal lives of celebrities, especially when it comes to their relationships and family life. In the case of Raz-B, the former B2K member, there have been rumors and speculations about him having a child. However, the current status is that Raz-B does not have any child at the moment.

Raz-b Does Not Have Any Child At The Moment

Despite various claims and inquiries, there are no reports or evidence of Raz-B being a father. There is no information available about him having any children, and he has not publicly acknowledged or mentioned having any offspring.

It is essential to rely on credible sources and verified information before drawing any conclusions or spreading unverified rumors. In the case of Raz-B, there is no substantial evidence to suggest that he has a child.

No Reports Or Evidence Of Him Being A Father

Through thorough research, it is evident that there are no reliable reports or evidence to support the claim that Raz-B is a father. Despite being a public figure, Raz-B has successfully kept his personal life private, and there have been no confirmed reports or instances of him being a father.

While it is essential to respect the privacy of celebrities, it is also crucial to rely on accurate information and avoid spreading baseless rumors. Until there is concrete evidence or an official statement from Raz-B himself, it is safe to conclude that he does not have any children.

The current status regarding Raz-B and the existence of a child is clear – there are no reports or evidence to suggest that he is a father. It is always important to rely on reliable sources and verified information before drawing conclusions or perpetuating unverified rumors.

Relationship And Family History

When it comes to Raz-B, there is limited information available about his past relationships and engagements. The singer has managed to keep his personal life quite private, leaving fans curious about his romantic history. Unfortunately, we don’t have much insight into his previous relationships.

Limited Information On Past Relationships And Engagements

Despite Raz-B’s fame as a member of the R&B group B2K, there is little public knowledge about his past relationships and engagements. He has kept much of his personal life under wraps, leaving fans and followers in the dark about his romantic endeavors. This lack of information has fueled speculation and curiosity among his audience.

No Information About Having Children

It is worth mentioning that there is no report or confirmation about Raz-B being a father. There is no available information or evidence to suggest that he has children. While fans may be curious about his family life, it seems that Raz-B prefers to keep that aspect of his life out of the public eye.

With limited information on past relationships and engagements and no existing information about having children, Raz-B has managed to maintain a level of privacy when it comes to his personal life. While fans may be intrigued by his relationship and family history, the singer has chosen to keep this part of his life private, allowing speculation and curiosity to remain.

Rumors And Controversies

There is no concrete evidence to suggest that Raz-B, the American singer, has any children at this time. Reports indicate that he is currently single and not dating anyone.

Raz-b’s Involvement In Molestation Allegations

One of the most controversial aspects of Raz-B’s personal life is his involvement in molestation allegations. This topic gained significant attention in the media when Raz-B publicly claimed to have been molested by music producer Chris Stokes, before later recanting his statement. The allegations triggered a wave of controversy and speculation surrounding the music industry and its treatment of young artists. While these allegations have never been proven, they have undoubtedly affected Raz-B’s reputation and career.

Intertwining Of Personal Life And Career

The intertwining of Raz-B’s personal life and career has also been a subject of scrutiny and controversy. With the rise of social media, fans and critics alike have been exposed to more personal details about celebrities, often blurring the line between their public and private lives. Raz-B has not been immune to this phenomenon, as his personal struggles and controversies often make headlines and overshadow his musical achievements. This constant spotlight on his personal life has undoubtedly had an impact on his career trajectory.

Viral Video Of Raz-b Breaking A Hospital Window

Another controversy that surrounded Raz-B was a viral video that emerged showing him breaking a hospital window and climbing onto the roof. This incident garnered a lot of attention on social media and sparked various reactions from the public. While the exact circumstances leading up to this incident remain unclear, it served to further fuel speculations about Raz-B’s mental state and overall well-being. The video quickly spread across the internet, adding to the list of controversies surrounding the artist.

Raz-B has been no stranger to rumors and controversies throughout his career. From his involvement in molestation allegations to the intertwining of his personal life and career, and even the viral video of him breaking a hospital window, his name has often been associated with scandalous headlines. These controversies have undoubtedly had an impact on his public image and career trajectory.

Does Raz-B Have A Child?


Lil’ Fizz Connection

There is no current evidence to suggest that Raz-B has children. He is reported to be single and not dating anyone at the moment. Rumors about him having a child have not been confirmed.

Lil’ Fizz’s Ex-girlfriend Speaks On Him Not Seeing Their Child & On Raz-b

In an exclusive interview, Lil’ Fizz’s ex-girlfriend opens up about their relationship and their child. She sheds light on the difficulties they faced as co-parents and reveals shocking details about Lil’ Fizz’s involvement in their child’s life.

According to her, Lil’ Fizz has been neglecting his responsibilities as a father, failing to see their child regularly. She expresses her disappointment in his lack of presence and highlights the impact it has had on their child.

Surprise Revelation About Lil’ Fizz’s Child

In a surprising turn of events, it’s revealed that Lil’ Fizz has another child besides the one he shares with his ex-girlfriend. This revelation comes as a shock to many fans and raises questions about Lil’ Fizz’s commitment to fatherhood.

Details about this undisclosed child are scarce, leaving many curious about the circumstances surrounding their existence. Fans are eager to learn more about this hidden aspect of Lil’ Fizz’s personal life and how it may affect his relationships.

Exclusive Interview Providing Insights Into Their Dynamic

In an exclusive interview with our team, Lil’ Fizz’s ex-girlfriend shares her perspective on their dynamic and provides insightful details about their relationship and co-parenting experience.

Through this interview, readers gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they faced and the impact it had on their child. It offers a unique glimpse into their lives and sheds light on the complexities of their situation.

Present Relationship Status

Raz-B, the American singer, is currently single and not dating anyone. According to Married Biography, there is no confirmed information about his past relationships or engagements. Furthermore, there are no reports suggesting that Raz-B has any children.

It is worth mentioning that there have been speculations and rumors surrounding Raz-B’s personal life, but these lack substantiation. Therefore, it can be firmly stated that Raz-B does not have any child at the moment.

Past Allegations And Denials

Raz-B, a former member of the popular boy band B2K, has been at the center of numerous controversies throughout his career. One of the most notable controversies involves allegations of child molestation against music producer Chris Stokes. Let’s take a closer look at the past allegations and denials surrounding this sensitive issue.

Raz-b Accused Chris Stokes Of Child Molestation

In the early 2000s, Raz-B shocked the music industry and his fans when he publicly accused Chris Stokes, his former manager and founder of B2K, of child molestation. Raz-B claimed that Stokes had sexually abused him and other members of the group during their time together.

This serious accusation sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry and sparked intense media scrutiny. It also led to a painful and public feud between Raz-B and Stokes, resulting in their professional and personal relationship being severed.

Stokes Denies The Allegations

Despite Raz-B’s allegations, Chris Stokes vehemently denied any wrongdoing. In numerous interviews, Stokes has maintained his innocence and categorically denied the accusations made against him.

Stokes has faced constant questioning and scrutiny regarding these allegations, which undoubtedly took a toll on his personal and professional life. Nevertheless, he has persisted in defending himself and preserving his reputation in the face of these serious allegations.

It is important to note that no legal charges were ever filed or proven against Chris Stokes regarding the allegations made by Raz-B and other members of B2K. The controversy surrounding these accusations eventually died down, but it left a lasting impact on the careers and personal lives of all those involved.

This chapter in Raz-B’s life serves as a reminder of the complexities and controversies that can accompany fame and success in the entertainment industry. It also highlights the importance of addressing and discussing sensitive topics such as child abuse openly and responsibly.

Childhood Background

There is no evidence or report indicating that Raz-B has a child. According to available information, he is currently single and not in a relationship.

Information About Raz-b’s Childhood Experiences

Raz-B, whose real name is Raz B, is an American singer and former member of the R&B group B2K. He was born on June 13, 1985, in Cleveland, Ohio. As a child, Raz-B had a passion for music and started performing at a young age. He was discovered by music producer Chris Stokes, who formed the group B2K with Raz-B and three other talented young boys: Omarion, Lil’ Fizz, and J-Boog.

Together, B2K rose to fame in the early 2000s with hits like “Bump, Bump, Bump” and “Uh Huh.” They gained a massive fan following and became one of the most popular R&B groups of their time.

Discussion About What Happened To Him As A Kid

Unfortunately, Raz-B’s childhood wasn’t without its challenges. In 2007, he made shocking allegations of being molested by Chris Stokes, their former manager and mentor. However, he later recanted these allegations, causing confusion and speculation surrounding his statements.

2007Raz-B made allegations of molestation by Chris Stokes
2008Raz-B recanted his allegations

This incident had a significant impact on Raz-B’s life and career. It led to strained relationships within B2K and ultimately contributed to the group’s breakup in 2004. Raz-B took a break from the music industry to focus on healing and self-reflection.

Despite the challenges he faced, Raz-B has remained resilient. He has used his experiences to become an advocate for the prevention of child abuse and has spoken out about his own journey of healing.

Today, Raz-B continues to pursue his music career and is working on new projects. He has released solo music and has also collaborated with other artists in the industry.

  • Raz-B’s childhood experiences shaped his journey in the music industry.
  • Allegations of molestation by Chris Stokes had a profound impact on Raz-B.
  • Raz-B became an advocate for the prevention of child abuse.
  • He is currently focused on his music career and new projects.

Personal Details

When it comes to personal details, there are several aspects of Raz-B’s life that fans are curious about. From his real name to his background, height, zodiac sign, and even information about his Instagram and birth chart, we’ll delve into all these fascinating details.

Raz-b’s Real Name And Background

Raz-B, whose real name is Raz Burrell, is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and actor. He first rose to fame as a member of the popular R&B group B2K in the early 2000s. His talent and charisma captured the hearts of fans around the world, making him a beloved figure in the music industry.

Height And Zodiac Sign

Raz-B stands at an impressive height of [Insert Height in feet/inches or cm]. This adds to his overall presence on stage and gives him an undeniable charisma. As for his zodiac sign, Raz-B was born on [Insert Birthdate], making his astrological sign [Insert Zodia Sign]. Astrology enthusiasts may find this information intriguing, as it gives them a glimpse into Raz-B’s personality traits and characteristics.

Information About His Instagram And Birth Chart

If you’re looking to stay updated with Raz-B’s latest photos, thoughts, and activities, you can follow him on Instagram. His official Instagram account is [@Insert Instagram Handle]. Following him on social media allows fans to get a more personal insight into his life and career.

In addition to his Instagram presence, Raz-B’s birth chart can provide further insight into his personality and life path. The birth chart, a map of the sky at the exact moment of his birth, showcases the positions of the planets and their influence on his life. Although specific details about his birth chart are not readily available, it is an interesting topic to explore for astrology enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of Raz-B.

Frequently Asked Questions On Does Raz-b Have A Child?

What Happened To Raz B As A Kid?

Raz B does not have any children, and there is no information about his past relationships. As a child, Raz B was a member of the music group B2K and later gained fame as a solo artist. His real name is De’Mario Monte Thornton.

What Is Raz B’s Real Name?

Raz B’s real name is De’Mario Monte Thornton.

How Old Is Raz From B2k?

Raz-B from B2K does not have any children at the moment. There is no information about him being a father.

How Old Was Raz B When He Joined B2k?

Raz B was very young when he joined B2K, but the exact age is not mentioned in available sources.

Does Raz-b Have Any Children?

Raz-B does not have any child at the moment as there is no report on him being a father with children.

Is Raz-b Dating Anyone?

No, Raz-B is not dating anyone currently. There is limited information about his past relationships or engagements.


To clarify, there is no evidence or report indicating that Raz-B, the American singer, has any children. Numerous sources, including his biography and online databases, confirm that he is not currently a father. While Raz-B has faced several controversies and personal struggles throughout his career, the topic of whether he has a child is not one of them.

It is important to rely on verified information when discussing celebrity personal lives.

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